hey welcome back everybody and happy Friday Andy Curtis filling in for Curtis revenants here tonight and you know what Curtis actually left me with a very good forecast Capital City behind me not a cloud to be seen over this lovely town of ours temperatures just is nice 74 degrees currently just a slight wind of 24 miles per hour yeah it’s windy out there today but that’s a small negative on what otherwise is a great day across the state heading up north to the electric city one two three three more clouds in the sky temperatures 71 degrees probably because of those three clouds so again beautiful across Montana except for that wind again right there it’s 23 miles per hour gusts of 36 so it is without a doubt windy across Montana and if you were watching yesterday which of course you were Curtis mentioned that today is not a great day to do any type of burning because of these drier conditions and that wind so please listen to what he has to say because we’ve been very lucky as far as fire wildfires go across the state this summer and personally I would like to keep it that way temperatures across the state are looking great we’re in the 70s 60s it was 80 in Billings earlier today but it’s dropped down a little bit 79 degrees right now 66 up in Kalispell and I’m pointing that out because with those lower temperatures comes some thunderstorms that are moving through at Kalispell area browning a Glacier National Park so if you have any weekend plans and you’re heading up that way tonight to keep that in mind that the weather isn’t the best and it’s also gonna get kind of chilly as we head into the evening and with that rain like I mentioned thunder and lightning not a great sign we’ve been lucky so far as far as wildfire goes so hopefully we’re going to continue that into this weekend a few lightning strikes are being seen across the sky we’re keeping track on that in our lightning tracker right there a little bit closer view of what I was talking about really the only moisture in the state that has any substance to it is up around there in the northwest part but that should be out sometime tomorrow really not that big of a deal where the most of other rain is in the country is out to the east the south east up into the Northeast some pretty severe weather as we speak right now just another reason for us to feel lucky living here in Montana where things are looking great and they’ll continue to look great some tonight and into tomorrow get into Saturday morning and we’re you know I said it once I’m gonna say it a thousand more times this broadcast we’re looking great temperatures are gonna be awesome tomorrow 76 in the capital city is what we’re thinking is gonna be the high and that’s perfect for symphony under the stars at Carroll College Saturday evening temperatures will get a little chilly as we head into Saturday night once the Sun Goes Down so if you’re going to see the concert make sure you bring a light jacket or sweater or both if that’s what you’re into Sunday though take those out of here throw them away it’s gonna be warm it’s gonna be 80 not a cloud in the sky no wind no nothing it’s gonna be a perfect summer day so get out there and soak it up because Monday Tuesday Wednesday the storm clouds are gonna be rolling back in temperatures are gonna be in the 90s it’s not gonna be what I call technically great personally speaking that is temperatures are dropping around the state we’re gonna be in the 40s Glacier National Park is going to be in the 30s tonight but for the most part we’re gonna be dry 40s low 50s so pretty pretty comfortable nights Saturday like I was saying beautiful out there temperatures gonna be in the 60s no rain Sunday even better temperatures in the 80s even more Sun if that was possible but Monday 92 degrees and Tuesday extra big sign 94 degrees with thunderstorms moving through seven-day forecast just to really go into depth of what I was saying beautiful weekend but it’s gonna be hot and rainy as we start the workweek so luckily we’ll be working and not enjoying the outdoors Great Falls similar situation 73 tomorrow a little bit of clouds and then 80 on Sunday just perfect yeah Wow is right maybe and then 90s as we head into the week again with those thunderstorms making a return appearance we always have this weekend I am before this weekend so excited I could backflip will I probably not [Laughter]