We go anywhere to see stars we love. Happy Together Season 4 Prequel! – Hello. / – It’s good to see you. – Lee Sugeun is here. / – Welcome. – Cho Saeho is our guest. / – Guest? – Yes. / – But I’m on the show every week. – By the way… / – Pardon? (Leave the earth.) – Are you okay? / – Did you say “noisy”? Yes. I can hear you. – “Noisy”? / – Yes. I couldn’t hear you. – That’s over the top. / – Is it? I’m so glad that Sugeun is here with us. You must be busy as you host a lot of shows. That doesn’t matter. I come on the show once a year to see Jaeseok. But you’re Kang Hodong’s man. – Excuse me? / – Why would you… – Don’t say such a thing. / – Right. We’re family. – But… / – You don’t know, do you? Sugeun was a cast member of Happy Together Friends. I was the class president. Jaeseok helped me make my debut in variety shows. – It was Jaeseok. / – He came to me… – I told you before. / – Yes. He said, “I have a good opportunity.” I said, “Go.” Then he joined “Two Days and One Night”. Jaeseok never stops anyone from leaving. “Go.” – You let him go happily. / – “Go.” I don’t tell him anything as he might let me go. I just stay quiet. Go. – I can’t. / – I see. – I’ll leave when spring comes. / – Go. You don’t host any shows – with Sugeun, do you? / – With who? – With you, Jaeseok. / – With me? That’s true. – The two of you… / – It’s true. In fact, – I have something to say. / – You do? Go ahead and tell him what you have to say. If I’m to compare your shows to a farm, your farm is completely organic. It’s organic? You need a harmful insect on your shows. Don’t call yourself that. The viewers will enjoy your shows more. That’s good. Today’s theme for our outfits and everything seem a little too much. Yours looks like a military band uniform. This is something that Kai wore. In fact, EXO members are like our family, right? – Are they our family too? / – Yes. You said Wanna One is our family last week. – They’re our brothers. / – I see. And EXO members are our family. Aren’t brothers family? (The family tree got complicated.) You’re saying weird things. You need a harmful insect just as he said. – Why would you say that? / – Aren’t brothers family? – It’s different. / – There’s a difference – between brother and family. / – It’s different. – You dress up as H.O.T. / – Yes. H.O.T recently reunited and held a concert. – Yes, they did. / – I’m dressed as Kangta of H.O.T. Are you serious? – Yes. / – He looks like a bear. – I’m sweating so much. / – He looks like a bear. Exactly. Be careful. – You can guess who, right? / – It’s obviously… – What’s this? / – No way. – Is it Park Namjung? / – Park Namjung? – I thought of / – He did work with SM Entertainment. Jun Youngrok! – Jun Youngrok? / – “Sparks”. It’s this. – What’s that? / – What’s that? My family, SHINee. (Hyunmoo’s family, SHINee?) SHINee? – I didn’t know. / – Is this how they look? – Yes. / – It’s hard to believe. – I dressed up as Key. / – You did? – Yes. / – Fan mussel? Why would you say that? – Key of SHINee. / – Really? Today, we came with Sugeun to the shrine of K-pop fans. We’re at SM Entertainment office. (The home of K-pop that mesmerized the world) (Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, BoA,) (TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation,) (SHINee, f(x),) (EXO, Red Velvet, NCT) (For the past 30 years, they wrote K-pop history.) (They are still creating a new history.) (The shrine of K-pop) (Happy Together with SM Town) We joined SM Entertainment later than others. – Did you? / – Yes. Do you come here often? – I come here often. / – I see. It was on the second floor of this building that I do my own show, which made you envious. Right. I didn’t know it was in this building. This building has practice rooms, a cafe, everything. As you can see, – global fans come here. / – They visit this place. In fact, I came here… I think it was two or three years ago. I came here almost every day for three or four months. I came here for the practice room. – To dance with EXO. / – That’s right. Therefore, this place is familiar to me. (The place is familiar to Jaeseok.) This way. I don’t think Sugeun know this place well. – You don’t, right? / – I’ve never come here. Sugeun, you don’t know much about this place. I didn’t know there was a place like this. This is where I used to practice dancing. – Really? Here? / – Here? – I practiced here. / – There’s a golden door. This is the golden door to the practice room. They’re practicing here. NCT. – NCT. / – Hello. (NCT 127, the youngest group in SM Entertainment) (They show off their unique charms) (with a perfectly synchronized group dance.) (Their first song to top a chart on a public network) (First place, “Regular”) They’re all like my little brothers. – Is that true? / – Yes. It’s not because… (Who else is here?) – Baekhyun. / – Oh, my. Director. Hi, Baekhyun. Hello, Director. – It’s been a while. / – Hi, Sehun. Have you been well? (All of their albums sold over a million copies.) (They constantly break their own records.) (Baekhyun and Sehun of EXO) (Let’s see their dance with our own eyes.) Come on! That’s great. (They overwhelm everyone with their charms.) (The most unique and powerful group dance) (They outdo themselves.) – That was incredible. / – The chart-topping EXO! – That was amazing. / – Let’s see NCT dance. They’re amazing. My goodness. (I’m tired.) I’m so tired. – It was amazing. / – Your song – was ranked top already. / – Yes. – Right? / – Yes. It was ranked top yesterday right after its release. Chanyeol posted about it on social media. – Chanyeol posted it. / – Oh, right. Chanyeol wanted to brag about it. They filled the absence of the other members. Since we’re here, shall we see BoA’s dance? – BoA? / – Me? Yes. You released a new song not long ago. – This is unexpected. / – Can’t you show us? (The first generation K-pop singer) (with 19 years’ experience) (She’s back with “Woman”.) (The return of the queen of K-pop, BoA) – That’s right. / – I know that dance. (She fills up the stage by herself.) My goodness. This is the dance move I saw. (Here comes the highlight.) (BoA is coming.) (The addictive dance move) (Blushing) (Director BoA is angry.) You play video games… (Their labor relation is always peaceful.) Did you want to say something, Taeyong? (The youngest member reveals every secret.) Some of my senior singers… (Key, the almighty key to gossip) Do you want me to leave the agency? – You crossed the line. / – I asked where. (The stories behind how they joined the agency) The top three companies I knew… (Taeyong dreamed of working at a TV station.) I knocked on the door and said, “Please let me in.” (Between desperation) (and honesty…) (Have you been speaking casually to him ever since?) You’re unbelievable. (BoA writes English with her hips?) – She… That’s not it. / – What are you saying? (He’s overloaded with too many lines.) (Saeho has a hard time.) – What are you doing? / – Turn off the light. (He challenges her regardless of his status.) (An organic talk full of harmful insects) That’s good. (SM Entertainment special will make you laugh.) We’ll begin our SM Entertainment special now. BoA has never been on Happy Together before. – No. It’s my first time. / – My goodness. – Is that true? / – Yes. – It’s my first time. / – Not even once? – She doesn’t appear on TV shows often. / – I don’t. That’s true, but… I only watched it on TV. It’s weird to be here. I heard you decided to come on the show mainly because of Sugeun. Really? Why? I really like Sugeun. I haven’t seen many people like him who looks the same in front or from behind. – Like a phone number? / – Like a phone number? The phone number… We all know that. I saw the ad many times. The phone number has repeating numbers. I think he deserves to say that line. He is consistent. – It’s true. / – He’s also sensitive. – You worked with him on “Food Diary”. / – Yes. – Seo Janghoon too. / – It was a great show. You were grateful towards Sugeun back then. He’s completely different from Janghoon. – How is that? / – On “Food Diary”, I was in charge of cooking. – He always said he liked my food. / – “It’s good.” He said, “BoA, it’s good. Thank you for this.” He complimented me even when it wasn’t good. He cheered me up, but Janghoon was like… (How did the rigid Janghoon react?) “It’s not so good.” That’s why he’s single. You should’ve taken his spoon away from him. He doesn’t know anything about a woman’s feelings. You should’ve taken his spoon away from him. – How was BoA’s food? / – That’s funny. Her gangdoenjang was amazing. I was surprised. I almost bowed to her like I would my grandma. It was her first time making gangdoenjang, but it reminded me of a traditional dish. – She’s good at cooking. / – Did Janghoon – hate that too? / – No. Even Janghoon – liked it. / – I see. Janghoon doesn’t usually eat a lot of rice, but he ate several bowls of rice that day. – We all ate two bowls. / – I bet it was too salty. He’s just not good at showing his emotions. – Hyunmoo. / – That’s all. This is why we can’t be friends. I’m trying to be your friend. He’s so cheeky. You eat more rice when the side dish is salty. Jaehyun of NCT met his idol when he joined this agency. – Did he? / – He met his idol? Actually, I really like watching variety shows. And Sugeun is my favorite among all entertainers. You’re also Sugeun’s fan. He’s the mental pillar of SM Entertainment. – That’s amazing. / – There are – compilation videos of / – That’s right. – legendary moments online. / – Compilation of Sugeun. I often watch them with my group members. Visit my house some time. Visit your house? Why are you suddenly inviting him? Jaehyun is also good at celebrity impersonation. Since your idol, Sugeun is here, how about you show off your skills in front of him? I won’t be as funny as my senior entertainers, but I prepared something to show you. – I like his attitude. / – Right. I’m ready to laugh. – Go, Jaehyun. / – I hope you like it. (The sentimental song, “Yanghwa BRDG”?) (I was always home alone) (My dad) ♪ Taxi driver ♪ ♪ Taxi driver ♪ – That was good. / – Jaehyun is good. – Next up is Lee Jungjae. / – Please show us. I did his impersonation too many times. I’ll keep it short. – That’s okay. / – He’s so good. – He’s really good at it. / – Yes. “Mr. Physiognomist.” (He transformed into Prince Suyang.) That’s great. – You’re good, Baekhyun. / – He’s really good. “Do I have the face of a king?” (We all trust Baekhyun.) That was amazing. (Proud) (He perfectly imitates every detail.) – My goodness. / – He’s good. I like it. “On my right side” (On my right side…) “and inside of my body…” That’s nice. Imitate Choi Hongman for us. – Me? / – Yes. – He’s good at that. / – “Hi. I’m Choi Hongman.” “I’m happy to be on Happy Together.” “And I’m excited” – “to meet you all.” / – It’s always funny. – It’s hilarious. / – You see… Sugeun can imitate different sounds well. He once fooled Chinese people. Chinese thought Sugeun was a local Chinese. I was at a restaurant with Jung Junha recording “Gourmet Expedition”. I spoke fake Chinese in the restaurant. The staff must’ve been confused. He thought I was Chinese, but he couldn’t understand what I said. – Some speak dialects. / – So he brought another chef from a different area. (The situation became complicated.) China is a big country. – There are many dialects. / – It’s understandable. I spoke fake Chinese for my opening line. (He speaks fake Chinese.) – That’s good. / – However, recently, I lost my interest in Mandarin. – I prefer Cantonese now. / – I see. Cantonese is like bungee jumping. Ready, go. Show us. (He speaks fake Cantonese.) – Cantonese. / – That’s good. I like it. It sounds like Chungcheong dialect. It goes, “No”. It’s funny. He came back with a chef. – It’s hilarious. / – When we ordered food… I spoke fake Chinese like this. Then the waiter left, and someone in a chef uniform came out of the kitchen. (A chef from a different area came to his table.) That’s funny. Junha was so surprised. – It sounds like real Chinese. / – He’s good. They said I imitate the accent well. When BoA was on “Produce One Hundred and One…” Saeho. – “Produce 101”. / – I see. – What was that? / – On “Produce 101” and “K-Pop Star”, she was cool-headed. (She was famous for her cool-headed evaluation.) However, you were off-pitch in general. It’s so boring. If you’d been one of the contestants on “Produce 101”, how well would you have done? I would never sign up for the contest. – That’s right. / – That was the wrong question. You don’t want to do it, but if you had competed, I think you would’ve ranked high. You would’ve been in the top 10. I’m not good at acting cute because of my personality. I would’ve been eliminated early because of that. – Really? / – They show cute acts. – That’s true. / – They should show a lot. You have to make sure you get a solo shot. – Right. / – You have to stand out. You can wink. I don’t have talent when it comes to that. But you did those things pretty well in the early days. Yes. Did I do those things? – Of course. “Atlantis Princess”. / – Yes, exactly. – You did that a lot. / – That was nearly 20 years ago. – I don’t remember. / – It’s been too long. (She used to do cute things.) (Being cute was the easiest at the time.) (It’s time to collect some BoA memes.) Baekhyun and Sehun are here too. – You two are close to Jaeseok, aren’t you? / – We are. He knows well where you practice. Hyunmoo and Sugeun don’t know where their dance practice room is. I was with these two… – You stayed together. / – We stayed together. We practiced dancing there. We did a project called “Dancing King”. I’d heard so much about how good and how diligent he is. People say that all the time. Even when the cameras were off, he kept asking us to teach him. Seeing that, we were really touched. Baekhyun helped me a lot at the time. Some members were very passionate about it. But Sehun laughed at me in the back. He… He laughed at me. – You remember it. / – Yes, I do. – I’m right, aren’t I? / – Was it that bad? – Why did you laugh? / – He was too… (Why did he laugh?) Was he too bad? – I was funny. / – Right. Actually, Jaeseok wasn’t good at… – I’m not good at dancing. / – Right. He had never learned to dance. But he tried really hard. I don’t remember how I danced. I watched that performance. – You were performing abroad. / – We went to Thailand. You must’ve been nervous. You were shining brighter than anyone else. – Was I? / – Yes. – I watched it. / – That made me really emotional. I would’ve cried if this was an audition. I nearly broke into tears. I almost did. I would have hired him right away. Really? He is really passionate. – Of course. / – Sehun has a lot to tell us – About what? / – about that performance. He has to move soon. – Right, I heard. / – But he can’t move because of you. Why can’t you? You told me you were moving. In the middle of a shoot, I told Jaeseok that I was moving. He said, “You didn’t buy a TV yet, did you? I’ll buy you one.” Right. I said that. So I told him that he doesn’t have to, but he kept insisting that he’d buy it for us. – He kept insisting. / – Great. But he hasn’t gotten back to us since. What happened? – My gosh. / – That’s terrible. Why does he do that? What is wrong with him? I empathize with him. About a year ago, we were talking about a game console. He said, “Wait. I will buy you one.” I wanted it so badly. I thought he would buy it the next day. He said, “I will buy you one next week.” After six months, he still didn’t buy it. “I will just buy it myself.” “No, I will buy you one.” I ended up just going to the shop and buying it. – I told you not to. / – Right. Why did you buy it? It had been a year. I had to. – He wanted to make you stop playing games. / – What? Then do you want Sehun to stop watching TV? I was just… “Focus on work.” (It means he should focus on work more.) How long has it been since you moved? I told you I haven’t yet. (He can’t move because he doesn’t have a TV.) He can’t move because of the TV. By the way, I… Why would you make a false promise? He made me a strange man. I offered to buy it for him and he refused. He said he couldn’t accept it. I said no, and he said no back. – So who won? / – My goodness. – This is frustrating. / – Who said no last? Who said no last? – Jaeseok. / – He said no last. He’s right about that. I said no last. (He admits it.) – It’s Jaeseok’s fault. / – I will buy him a TV. – You should take a photo. / – I will send him a TV. Baekhyun, say what you want too. I have a question. Will Sehun choose it? Or will Jaeseok choose it? Sehun should choose it. After he chooses one, I will pay for it. – He will choose it. / – You can buy one first, then ask him to send you the money. – Right. That’s one way. / – Or he can give Sehun a gift certificate. A gift certificate? She’s mediating this very well. (Her business skill is cool.) Her methods are very flexible. – Is there no price limit? / – No. If you give him a gift certificate, he will buy whatever he wants. There is no price limit. He can buy whatever he wants. Then go for the 10,000-dollar 80 inches TV. Since you are promising him to buy him a TV, there’s one that makes you feel like you are watching a performance – on the spot. / – Really? It costs 32,000 dollars. – 32,000 dollars? / – It’s a new technology. – That’s a TV? / – It’s on display. It costs 32,000 dollars? Someone was riding a boat, and I felt like I was in the boat too. You said there was no price limit. – There’s no price limit. / – He’s the national MC. – There is no price limit. / – I can pay that much if it’s for Sehun. – He will be praised for it again. / – Of course. Surely he wouldn’t buy the 32,000-dollar one. I heard Sehun likes to go around while Baekhyun doesn’t. Right. I never leave home. – You are a homebody. / – Really? I love playing games. – You play games. / – Yes. You should do outdoor activities. – You can’t always stay home. / – “Outdoor activities”? Are you his homeroom teacher? I thought we were at a teacher’s office. He sounded like a head teacher. “Outdoor activities”. I would invite him to hang out with me, but he doesn’t want to. He is a homebody. You should suspect him. When you stay home, you get lazy to go out. It’s not easy to stay home alone. – Who… / – Are you raising a suspicion? Yes. I am certain that there is something. It could be a dog or a cat. It’s not like that. I think we can agree with you. It’s boring to be home alone, don’t you agree? – Is there anything you want to add, Taeyong? / – No. – You’ve seen something. Tell us. / – That’s not it. Tell us if you know anything. – I was just imagining. / – What were you imagining? – I just imagined someone being with him. / – Someone? We are talking about pets. Pets. Yes, he loves pets. By the way, Baekhyun really loves playing games. When he goes to Japan, – he brings all of his gaming equipment. / – Really? He got a suitcase just for that. He got a suitcase for it. He takes it and sets it up. Playing the game after a shower – makes him the happiest. / – Really? To play games well, you need good equipment. – Do you carry all the equipment? / – I do. I came out of my house twice in a month. That’s crazy. – Someone must be there. / – You must be very good. – You play games with a woman, don’t you? / – No. (The executive suspects him.) By the way, SM Entertainment has dinner with artists often. – I hear BoA loves drinking. / – Yes. I also heard you write English words with your hips when you are drunk. – With my hips? / – Yes. – With her hips? / – She writes English? – With my hips? What is he saying? / – When drunk… (His brain got overloaded.) Read the script properly. – Darling. / – Hey. What are you doing? How can she write English words with her hips? Is it like writing your name with your hips? That can’t be it. – Read the script, will you? / – I read it. She speaks English. Do you speak in English when you are drunk? – We need a witness. / – She speaks English a lot. Have you heard it, Sugeun? When we were shooting “Food Diary”, – there was a foreigner. / – Right. We went for drinks, and at some point, they started talking in English. When I listened carefully, it sounded like she was badmouthing Janghoon. – Really? / – Am I right? Was he right? Were there a lot of F-words? Did she mention basketball? – Basketball. / – Janghoon. Three-point shot. Does the Chairman join you when you drink? – Mr. Lee Sooman. / – He’s there sometimes. There is something he always says. – What is it? / – What is that? “You are special people.” “You are special.” – That’s great. / – Yes. Isn’t that what you wanted to say? It’s something else. – You… / – You should’ve said it. I couldn’t think of the right word. Can’t he talk for himself? I couldn’t think of the right word. – I came here as a megaphone. / – Seems so. He can’t remember the word. – Why did you write English words… / – He got it now. – What is it? / – “This is the beginning of EXO.” He keeps saying that. “This is the beginning of EXO.” That must put a lot of pressure on you. They’ve been working for a long time. We’ve been working hard, but he… I want to get that compliment too. I always give it to you. He always tells me. “You are really boring.” – Jaeseok says that? / – Jaeseok says that. – Jaeseok… / – I… – I always tell him that. / – “This is the end.” “This is the end.” – “Today is the end.” / – “The end.” (It’s not a beginning.) “You should stop whatever you are doing.” I always tell Saeho, “Don’t do whatever you want to do.” “Today is the end.” – “There is no tomorrow.” / – When our shoot ends early in the morning on a Saturday, he says I should mess up the rest of the day. So I go home and just lie down. I do that. He tells me those. I am very frank to him. When Sugeun was struggling… You talked about this on Happy Together. I heard you regretted talking about it. When I saw Hyunmoo, he was so happy. “Finally, the world knows about” “the fact that I lend you money.” He said he was finally glad he lend me money. He said it on Happy Together – before he said it on another show. / – He said it. – But no one cared. / – Nobody cared. Nobody was surprised. This is what happened. It was because you didn’t mention the amount. People responded to the amount. – I felt so bad at the time. / – Why didn’t you say it? – How could I say it myself? / – Why didn’t you say it? You never say anything. I suddenly received money from him. That’s not easy to do. – Hyunmoo has a warm heart. / – He looks great now. After that, so many people keep asking me for money. – Saeho. / – Yes. Tell everyone a good story about me. It’s not a heartwarming story. You just paid back the money I lent you. – Hey. / – He… – He lent money. / – Last week, someone he knew was getting married. He had to give congratulatory money. But he didn’t have any cash. He told me to pay for it. – That happens. / – He said he’d pay me and he did. Is that a heartwarming story? You just ran an errand. – Is it? / – People don’t pay back. Right. What about you, Baekhyun and Sehun? If someone asks you to lend him money, can you lend him the money like Hyunmoo did? I would send the money right away. Does the amount matter? I don’t care about the amount. – Really? / – We need to know this. How about you, Sehun? I am the same. You hesitated for a while. (You are busted.) I know Sehun. Right. Does the amount matter? – No. / – Really? How about you, Taeyong and Jaehyun? (What do Taeyong and Jaehyun do?) – We still don’t… / – We… We don’t have money to lend. (They are pitiful.) – We will work harder. / – We will earn more. You don’t have money to lend. – You have to earn money to lend it. / – They can’t. If you can borrow money, how much will you borrow? – Say it. / – How much do you want? – How much to borrow? / – Yes. There is a person who would lend you money. (He becomes conscious.) Enough to buy a TV. Enough to buy a TV. 30,000 dollars? Since when did TV start costing 30,000 dollars? (Starting today, TV costs 30,000 dollars.) It’s like a fixed price system. – 30,000 dollars. / – It’s a good one. While doing the opening, – Someone is here. / – someone came. He is the gossip boy of Cheongdam-dong. Key of SHINee. – Hello. / – Welcome. – He’s relaxed. / – Hello. – He’s relaxed. / – Hello. I will take control of all the gossips. Do you know a few? By the way, I’m not interested in who is going out – with who. / – I see. I’m more into things like album sales. You’re more interested in that. There are different categories of gossip. – There are categories. / – There are. “When are they releasing the album?” – Gossip like that. / – They are important. We will edit this part. Tell us one gossip. – The hottest gossip. / – Yes. There are some older generation artists who still haven’t left the agency. Do you want me to leave? That’s what it sounded like. If this was a smaller company, they would be a board member by now. – “Growl” built this. / – Right. (“Growl” gave them this nest.) – Okay? / – This building? – “Growl” built this. / – Is the procedure… I built that building at 521 Apgujeong-dong. Right, she did. She built the building at 521 Apgujeong-dong. – “Ring Ding Dong”. / – There is that too. We built four elevators. – Four elevators. / – That’s amazing. – You are very precise. / – All right. BoA built the building at 521 Apgujeong-dong. “Ring Ding Dong” built four elevators. “Growl” built this building. How about NCT? – We are working on it. / – We did about this much. This much? This is a dollar. It’s only a dollar. They are very humble. They are humble. BoA. – I have to talk. / – Wait. – What is it? / – Why does the flow – get cut whenever you talk? / – I didn’t mean to. It’s about time to change the subject. Your talk is precise like your bangs. It’s cut perfectly. – Right. / – Like a slate. – It’s like a slate. / – Yes. He talks so well. It’s time to change our subject. Let’s talk about how you got into the agency. There is a fun anecdote about BoA joining SM. I heard Sehun’s story is just as fun. When they were joining the agency… Are you doing a play? Are you in a play? The question is too long. Hey. I need it to be shorter. You have to say it in one breath. I thought you were doing a play. – What are you doing? / – It was like a play. My head hurts. Just don’t say anything. Just do your job. – I will do my job. / – Right. Anyway, I heard something fun happened – Right. / – when you entered SM with the casting director. – What happened? / – What happened? – What happened? / – What happened? (What happened with the casting director?) I was in elementary school then. I was eating tteokbokki. Some ladies shouted and ran towards me. – In elementary school? / – Yes. – Ladies? / – Yes. Ladies came to an elementary school kid? – And they even shouted? / – Were they your age? – No. / – Were they little girls? – The ladies? / – The ladies. – They were adults. / – Yes. I didn’t know what was going on. They gave me their business cards and asked for my mom’s number. – That’s amazing. / – I didn’t have a phone. I told them that my mom said not to give my number to a stranger. Of course you shouldn’t. That’s precisely what I said. Then I went home. They followed me for five minutes straight. So I gave them my mom’s phone number and left. So they talked to my mom and we got in touch. And you got into SM. You didn’t listen to your mom, then. Right. (Embarrassed) She was desperate not to miss him. Baekhyun, how did you enter SM? I joined SM really late. – I joined when I was 20. / – Really? I went to a college to audition for a position. I was warming up with a score in hand, when someone suddenly tapped my shoulder. I looked at the person, and they asked, “Don’t you want to become a celebrity?” But honestly, since middle school, many people get picked up in front of the school. – Really? / – You got picked up. I was asked many times. If someone tapped my shoulder, I’m getting beaten. (Follow me.) The business cards I received were about loans. – “Lower your eyes.” / – “Lower your eyes.” Nothing good ever came when someone tapped my shoulder. Whenever someone cast me in middle school, they asked me to pay 3,000 dollars to train. There are a lot of scammers. You should watch out for those people. When that person tapped my shoulder and asked if I wanted to become a celebrity, I asked, “Which agency are you from?” That’s daring. He had been through a lot of people like that. “Which agency is it this time?” I asked which agency she was from. She said I didn’t have to know and asked for my number. I thought, “She’s bold.” So I gave her my number. She sounded confident. “Okay. You got my attention.” – Okay. / – Okay. That night, someone called and said he was calling from SM Entertainment. Why would SM Entertainment call me? I thought it was another scam. Coincidentally, I was on my computer. So I searched for SM Entertainment’s address and asked him. I kept asking him questions. – You wanted to check. / – You are very smart. I went to the audition and sang in front of TVXQ. (That’s how he became a trainee at 20.) – It was destiny. / – How about you, Key? They at least had the luxury of being able to suspect the casting director. I knocked on the door of the agency and begged, “Please let me go in!” “I will really do my best.” You were desperate. I never got picked up by anyone in front of my school. There has to be people like him too. – He’s humane. / – He is. How did you join SM, Taeyong? I got picked up in the second year of high school. – That’s crazy. / – They don’t say which agency they represent. I didn’t know about the agencies then. They really don’t tell you. They said it was one of the three major companies. The only major companies I knew were MBC, KBS and SBS. – So… / – That’s why. – That’s nice. / – Right. That was a good one. That’s what normal people would think. I thought it was one of those companies. – So… / – Open recruitment? – After that… / – Was it an open recruitment? They kept coming back to meet me and bought me toast. I thought they had to be good people, so I went. It was my first time ever to go to Apgujeong-dong. I found my way there and sang the national anthem because I didn’t know any other song. You weren’t training to be a singer. You didn’t even know SM Entertainment. I joined with the national anthem and popping dance. How did you join SM Entertainment? I was on cleaning duty and had to stay behind. As I was leaving the school, I ran into the casting directors – in front of the school. / – I think… They are always in front of schools. Perhaps they hear rumors and go to that school. They hear rumors. They wouldn’t go to a school for no reason. Sometimes, they just wait for no reason. – In front of any schools? / – They just wait. If there are rumors, there is a huge chance the person is already taken. We try to find unpolished gemstones. You visit randomly to not be biased. How did you get picked up, BoA? – In my times… / – She said, “In my times”. – Is it BoA time? / – It’s BoA time. – Is it BoA time? / – “In my times”. Please make it sound nice. It was in the late 1990s. (Welcome to the 1990s.) I had a chance to dance at a dance competition. After that, I received cards from a lot of agencies. SM was the agency that booked the audition first. (SM called her first.) At the time, – there’s nothing like video-sharing websites. / – No. – Then how… / – I thought it was a scam too. Right. That’s understandable. They told me to come, so I went. I was only an elementary school student. So I was very suspicious. Mr. Lee was there. – Really? / – Yes. When I saw him, I said, “It’s Lee Sooman.” Is that when you started talking casually to him? No. That’s crazy. (The rookie was talking casually to the CEO.) She’s been doing it for a long time, then. (Were they like friends even 20 years ago?) I was so fascinated. That’s how I auditioned. (The Star of Asia was born.) – I think they exude certain energies. / – I think so. It’s fascinating. I heard Key defined his position at SM in one word. What is it? Mr. Steady. (Mr. Steady?) – Mr. Steady? / – Mr. Steady? That doesn’t sound like Key at all. – That’s a little weird. / – I agree. It’s been a while since I’ve heard that. People may think I like to act in a silly way and make people laugh, but I’m not one to take center stage – and seek attention. / – You’re not? You do, though, – at the Halloween party. / – Well, that’s… – You even won first place. / – You won. Yes, I won first place this year. – It was amazing. / – His photo shocked me. You trended online because of it. – It shocked me too. / – Actually, he’s the one who started the trend – of costumes at parties on Halloween. / – Yes, I know. Our group was the first to attend the party in costume. Mr. Lee saw it and said we should all dress up. The party got bigger every year, and that prompted me to take on a stronger look. I wanted to win first place so badly, but the others came in great costumes too, so it made me want the prize even more. I lost to Chanyeol last year. Did Chanyeol win last year? – Yes, as Iron Man. / – That’s right. – He came in the suit. / – Really? – Where did he get it? / – I’m curious too. He said it costs 20,000 dollars. – What? / – 20,000 dollars? 20,000 dollars? He ordered a costume from overseas again, – but it got held up at Customs. / – What a relief. – It’s such a relief. / – He wanted to attend the party, but he got upset by the delay. What costume did he order? A Deadpool costume. (Chanyeol prepared a Deadpool costume.) – That would’ve been cool. / – You might’ve lost. I was extremely lucky this year. He once dressed up as the character of a fast-food joint and received a gift card – for doing so. / – Right. You look a lot like the character. I was the model during that time, but I never received anything. – I received this much. / – Really? – Really? / – It was to thank me for promoting the brand and – its image. / – Of course. However, I lost to Luna that year – who did “Mad Max”. / – Luna? That’s when I learned I had to dress up as a trending character. This year, I wanted to do things properly, so I asked the makeup team of “Comedy Big League”. The makeup artist who helped me is the one who works on Park Narae’s segment. – She’s good. / – I hired her to do my makeup. That’s amazing. And thankfully, I won this year. The prize for first place is worth the trouble. – What is it? / – Isn’t it a plane ticket? – A trip to the Maldives. / – A trip to the Maldives? Round-trip business class ticket… – And accommodation. / – That’s right. – It’s a four-day trip. / – Who was dressed as a mummy? – That was Baekhyun. / – Baekhyun? Yes, this year. We kept asking everyone who he was. Nobody knew it was him! You shouldn’t cover your face. Nobody recognized him. I didn’t even make it on the ranking. – Really? / – It was of good quality. – It was. / – It took a lot of effort. Who’s this? – Me. / – It’s BoA. (BoA in a cheetah print.) Were you dressed as Harisu? – BoA wore it in her music video. / – That’s right. You get what I mean, right? I wore the outfit from my music video and dressed up as a cheetah from head to toe. Did you win a prize? No, I didn’t make the ranking either. When I attended the party, she was dressed as a nun. She sat in a corner in her nun’s robe and kept chugging down drinks. – She went… / – You did that again? – Yes, with my beads. / – Oh, dear. It was quite memorable. Didn’t you say you wanted to see something? Hyunmoo hasn’t danced to any of our songs – since “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer”. / – Right. – You should keep it up. / – It has been a while. He’s dressed like a member of SHINee today. Key, his outfit today was inspired by you. Anyone can tell he’s dressed as SHINee. This is blinding. What’s with all the effort? This is how you normally dress on stage. – The backward steps. / – One… (He teaches Hyunmoo the basic steps.) One… (Heave-ho!) – That’s good. / – Three and four. (Excited) (K-pop suddenly becomes a taryeong.) – That was good. / – You’re the best! – Wasn’t that great? / – You’re the best! – Again. / – He can be a K-pop star. (He was born to be a dancer.) Isn’t that amazing? Key’s like a well-oiled robot while Hyunmoo’s like a rusty one. – Let’s do this. / – We’ll see it. – Cue music. / – To the right first. Five, six, seven, eight. (Wow!) (Are they dancing in perfect unison?) (They do their best.) (Bowing and bowing) (Laughing) (Elaborate versus floundering) (Hyunmoo goes off the rails.) What’s next? My gosh. (Is he Cristiano Ronaldo?) (Hyunmoo pushes Key out and takes center stage.) Nice. (He’s in a trance.) (The dancing ends with a collision.) – That was great. / – He’s good. That was amazing! Key was great too. (The dance that shocked everyone) – Like this. / – Well done. You proved that you’re a dance machine. – With the right editing, it’ll look cool. / – Really? (I’m not sure about that.) Jaeseok, you’re dressed as Kai today. – That’s right. / – Why don’t you learn some moves from “Tempo” – with EXO? / – Unlike the old days, I’ve been picking things up faster. Let’s learn some moves from “Tempo”. Baekhyun could teach me. Jaeseok has a great physique. – His proportions… / – Even among idol singers, he can hold his own. (I agree.) (A physique that even SM Entertainment wants) He can hold his own. Please welcome the cheerleader! (He’s not the captain of a cheerleading squad.) It goes like this. – Like this. / – Oh, I get it. (He scans the choreography.) Partner me up with someone capable too. (He feels bad.) All right. Don’t mind me and just dance to the song. Okay. (Director BoA is watching.) Three, four. Nice! (Gradually, he loses his step.) Nice! A little bit more. (He ends it with a cool move, though.) (Jaeseok’s the best!) Why did you keep touching your butt? – Did he? / – Why did you grab your butt? – Did I do that? / – Yes, you did. You were doing this. Yes, he did this. (I like my tempo to be sticky.) BoA was the first to start a career in Japan. We have more of a system these days and many artists are loved all over the world, however, BoA went to Japan when none of it existed. – That’s right. / – You paved your own way. There are a few things I am jealous of my juniors. When they go to Japan, they have cars and even a manager ready. – Didn’t you have any? / – I didn’t. I didn’t have enough members on my staff. I’d get off the plane and make it around Tokyo myself. – Alone? / – Yes. On what? The subway called Skyliner. I’d take that by myself. A taxi would be too expensive. I couldn’t even dream of it. I took the bus – as well as the subway. / – She went to Japan even though she wasn’t given much help. From what I hear, Japanese people thought you were Japanese. Artists nowadays have interpreters to help them. Does an interpreter translate for you? Well, our manager… Wait, on stage? – That and… / – While you’re in Japan. – Yes, during interviews. / – Did you see him? He suddenly leaned forward. What was that for? She went through a lot of troubles. The Japanese thought she was Japanese – back in the day. / – The whole experience – was tough for me. / – With the language too? I had to do interviews by myself. – Without an interpreter? / – Yes. How did you do it then? – Could you communicate? / – My manager helped me with a few words. As I was young back then, I found myself being able to memorize the words. So I was able to learn Japanese the hard way. But then, I hear my junior artists have interpreters for interviews. – Things are better now. / – I was so jealous. Our Japanese doesn’t get better, though. – Really? / – Due to the interpreter. We’d pick things up more if we were in difficult situations too. Nevertheless, we’re grateful. (We’re grateful.) That was an abrupt ending. Why did you suddenly bow? (He’s just grateful to BoA.) I hear that due to this language barrier, you were almost detained at a bank. Many are surprised that I still can’t read Chinese characters even though I speak Japanese. – That’s understandable. / – Of course. I went to an ATM in Japan, but everything was in Chinese characters, so I couldn’t read it. I tried pressing everything, – but nothing changed. / – It can be tricky. I spent hours there not knowing what to do. The machines these days have a Korean option too. – Really? That’s amazing. / – There’s a Korean mode. She ended up spending two hours there. – Really? / – I see. I wasn’t able to get my money. Were you there to withdraw money? – Yes. / – A withdrawal. – But I couldn’t. / – I see. It can be frustrating at times. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to share a house at such a young age. From what I hear, Sehun used to cry a lot. Sehun cried a lot? Sehun debuted at the young age of 18. – Yes, 18. / – He was 18 at the time. We all lived together while we were training the year before that. Anyway, during our early stages, we held a family meeting once a week to talk about what we did well and criticize those who didn’t do the dishes. – While living together? / – Yes. We also talked about how we present ourselves at broadcasting stations. What exactly did you talk about in terms of outside behavior? – Well… / – Mostly manners. Also, about not greeting other properly. – That’s right. / – Our attitude. Yes, our attitudes. – You kept each other in check. / – Yes, we used to. Anyway, Sehun got called out all the time. – I wonder why. / – I knew it. Did he talk too much? It’s not just that. At the house, he’d eat cereal and – not clean the milk afterward. / – After eating? Anyway, we mentioned a few of his habits. I guess the nitpicking made him a little angry. – What happened? / – He showed tears – and said to us, / – What did he say? “Before I go to bed, I always make sure” “to pray for you all.” – I see. / – Right. “Why are you all ganging up on me?” What were we to do when he’s the only one making mistakes? We should hear from Sehun too. Why did you show tears back then? I tend to cry when I receive unfair treatment. Not when I’m angry, but when I think it’s unfair. You were wrong to not put the cereal back. The others did it too. (Busted!) However… – You’re right! / – They didn’t clean up, but only you were called out. I had something to say as well, but they all ganged up on me. – Of course it’s unfair. / – I was the youngest, so I couldn’t call the others out. – I see. / – He’s a kind soul. I suppressed my anger with tears. It’s a beautiful ending, though. Sehun was adorable when – he said he prayed for us before bed. / – I agree. Things would’ve been different for my group. If one complains, others will too, and the train of complaints will never end. (The never-ending train of madness) Everything felt desperate to us since we were trainees. – Everything seemed unfair. / – You were tired too. If I complain about another member, that member would do everything he could to find a flaw of mine. A member once said that I even walk funny. – You walk funny? / – That’s what he said. – That’s going too far. / – I know. – I was speechless. / – It’s unreasonable. Let’s say I told you not to bend your wrist the wrong way. You answered by saying that my walk is funny. It’s quite childish. – Isn’t it? / – You had good intentions, but it turned into an emotional argument. – So we decided to not have any meetings. / – I see. It’ll keep us awake when we barely sleep as it is. The meeting was to comfort and help each other grow, but it went the other way. It only started arguments. – It became that way for us too. / – It’s normal. We’ve also started to skip the meetings. Good for you. I’ll say this out of experience. When we are on hiatus, we see more of each other since we’re not allowed to go out much. Some days, you hate even seeing the others walk. You have a funny walk after all. Sometimes, I hate seeing how they eat. You all understand, right? It’s the same for long-term couples. – They even hate seeing the other breath. / – Exactly. – That’s a bit serious. / – But it happens. There’s a reason why I decided to live alone. I was watching TV one day when Minho came out from his room. Are you mentioning names now? (Finally, he mentions the member by name.) Minho came walking out of his room, and I suddenly wanted to smack the back of his head. – Minho’s head? / – Out of the blue. – What did he do? / – Nothing. – He didn’t even do anything. / – That’s when I knew I had to leave the house, so I’ve been doing so ever since. – You figured… / – I knew that… – You couldn’t take it anymore. / – At that rate, we could end up doing something – that would seriously… / – Hurt your relationship? That’s what I thought. So the person you mentioned earlier was Minho. (Laughing) Sugeun, didn’t you also live with Kim Byungman? It sure seems different. It’s not like they’re trainees. They probably just shared a house. – We… / – Just as housemates. Exactly. Six of us lived together. Many used to do so. We lived with another family of four. It was a rooftop house, but the only access was through the main house. It was in Daebang-dong. We had to tip-toe upstairs when someone was sleeping. The six of us would quietly climb up the stairs. So your house was attached to the main house. Many comedians used to live together back in the day. We’d get an apartment and split the rent. Saeho would know even though he’s from a wealthy family. My family may be well-off, – but I… / – You what? I had quite a rough time too, but after word got out that my family was well-off, I couldn’t say anything to contradict that. You shouldn’t make any excuses, then. It would’ve been better if you hadn’t said this. Well… (Really?) Saeho used to live with Nam Changhee. We didn’t have enough money, so we spent six months living in motels. Don’t you need quite some money for that? Motels are 50 dollars a night. He paid a daily rent instead. – Right? / – Let’s say that we filmed a show in Ilsan. Instead of going back to Seoul, we’d stay in Ilsan to save money. Anyway, we earned enough for a deposit and moved into a house together. I’m sure there are many benefits to living together. But what was most difficult about it? When you’re living together, your different habits clash. Changhee cleans up right on the spot while I let it stack and clean up later. At first, being the kind man he is, he’d clean up even after me. So I naturally thought that he liked to clean up around the house. He didn’t one day, so I asked why he wasn’t cleaning up. “Why am I the one who always has to clean?” “Why haven’t you ever offered to clean the house?” Then he’d get sick of me and leave the house. If he doesn’t come home until two in the morning, I’d give him a call. – Out of worry? / – Of course. I’d ask where he is. – Does he pick up? / – Yes. At first, he doesn’t. He doesn’t pick up when I first call him, but he does at two when he’s drunk. I’d apologize and he’d come back home. Living apart actually brought us closer. – Us, too. / – It’s not because you hate each other. – Your lifestyles might not match. / – Yes, exactly. That’s how you end up getting into arguments. – How is it for NCT? / – It must be difficult. There are a lot of members in your group. – It must be harder. / – How is it? I can relate to what they mentioned about their groups. However, it’s different for us since we have members of various countries. – You’re a multicultural family. / – That’s right. We talked a lot amongst ourselves too. I think I was in high school at the time. While talking to Taeyong, I suddenly burst into tears. I told him what was bothering me, and that became a turning point for us. – Right. / – Of course. Breaking into tears while talking tends to bring you closer. So the tears have been passed down. From Sehun to Jaehyun. We might’ve not moved out had someone cried, but no one showed any tears. NCT 127. What does the name of the group mean? Let me tell you about NCT. In an N number of cities and in an N number of countries, we are a group that is able to perform an N number of genres. – Meanwhile, 127 means… / – What does it mean? It’s the longitude of Seoul. – The longitude? / – The longitude of Seoul. – 127 degrees. / – Yes. I see. – There’s also NCT U. / – That’s right. U stands for United. It means that all members of NCT – can unite. / – I see. NCT U is a group that performs a variety of genres. I find the concept a little confusing. Of course. BoA, what do you think – of this system? / – What do you think – about NCT’s sub-units? / – NCT 127 and NCT U. – I find it difficult too. / – It is hard. We debuted three years ago, but we’re still explaining the concept everywhere we go. No one seems to understand it. What do C and T stand for? Solo artists are easier. Look at BoA for example. BoA-U could be a sub-unit. Wait, I quite like that. – I agree. / – BoA-U. BoA or BoA-U – or BoA 127. / – Right. – BoA-U can work in Chungcheong Province. / – Exactly. BoA 127 means she hopes to stay active until she’s 127. – Right. / – That’s BoA 127 and also BoA-U. (I love BoA 127.) During the break, I met Sehun in the restroom. I was surprised to hear him say that he’s having trouble being entertaining, so I told him he’s doing fine. I also reassured him that I’d buy him a TV and to choose a model he likes. He didn’t want me to buy him one, though. He wanted to keep telling this story over and over again on shows. The story’s over once you buy it. Exactly, and that’s why he said he didn’t want me to buy him one. – It’s a win-win. / – Yes, for us both. – You save money. / – And he has an anecdote to tell. So will you buy him the TV? – Will you not buy it? / – He doesn’t want one. Now I understand why you openly said it. – You look relieved. / – I feel great. I’m sure many already know this, but Sugeun also dreamed of becoming a singer. Right. He even entered a singing competition. I was shocked to actually hear this. The songwriter who helped his team with their performance was… It was Yu Huiyeol. – Was it really Huiyeol? / – Huiyeol? Did he really write the song you sang? Yes. We are still awkward around each other. (Are they awkward around each other?) – Why? / – He thinks I became a comedian because of him. I think I couldn’t be a singer because of him. Our thoughts differ. When you talked to Yu Huiyeol about the song, he told you not to worry. He was working with two teams. The other team was a woman. Whenever she called him, she heard the piano. He worked hard on her song. That’s why she heard the piano. Whenever I called him, I heard the wind. I couldn’t hear his voice. “Where are you?” He was at Jeju Island. In the end, – that woman won the Grand Award. / – Oh, my. He put all of his energy into her song. – You know what it’s like, right? / – Of course I do. My team’s song was based on Yook Gaksoo’s. They said we would succeed Yook Gaksoo because we were funny men with different heights. However, we didn’t do well. Here comes the song. Here comes the song. (His looks are shocking.) That’s a shock. Why are you singing like that? That was the atmosphere of the 1990s. Why do you sound so sly? – Did you inhale helium? / – What? (His voice sounds both sly and melodious.) Did you inhale helium? Where are you staring at? I didn’t know where to keep my eyes. – How old were you? / – Pardon? I was 21 or 22 years old. – This is crazy. / – I was wearing nice pants. (The atmosphere suddenly changes.) My goodness. (Let’s dance!) The dance doesn’t go well with the song. (Fascinated) You were incredible. – Can you turn it off? / – I am sorry, but it’s like a foreigner’s talent show. (It’s like a foreigner’s talent show.) It’s like that talent show we see every holiday. – “Yo, yo” was hilarious. / – I know. – “Yo, yo.” / – It was offbeat. Being a solo artist can be lonely – in some ways, BoA. / – Yes. You take an active part in a social club. Son Hyunjoo. I have heard of the Shy Social Club. Son Hyunjoo, Ma Dongseok, Go Changsuk, Yoo Haijin, Jang Hyuk and Kim Suna. Minho of SHINee is a member as well. (It’s a long-standing social club.) The members who attend most frequently are Changsuk and Hyunjoo. I attend frequently as well. The member who attends most infrequently – is Dongseok. / – He is busy. He shoots movies like a daily drama. That’s right. That’s the perfect description. He shoots movies like a daily drama. I heard that you are the manager. I ended up in that position somehow. – You are ambitious. / – She is a younger member. You make people pay up. Some people transfer money while some make a lump sum payment. Who makes lump sum payment? – Son Hyunjoo, right? / – The older members. – The older members. / – Yes. I am thankful for that. They are the generations that use cash. They are used to paying in cash over money transfer. Hyunjoo doesn’t know how to transfer money or use internet banking. That’s right. He goes to the bank to transfer money. He doesn’t trust the internet. He doesn’t trust the internet. Many people have to see the employee at the bank. Ding-dong. Then they get the ticket. They don’t trust the ATM either. They get the ticket and wait for their turn. Are there any benefits to being the manager? – Is your fee waived? / – Most of the times… No, I pay my fee. – Do you pay your fee? / – Yes. I pay my fee, but I can run off with the money anytime. On a serious note, managing the money gives weight to my voice. – Of course. / – The power goes to those with money. – That’s right. / – That’s right. Baekhyun, you are close to Lee Joongi. – Yes. / – I had a drink with him. – They were in a drama. / – That’s right. He even came to EXO’s concert. He invited me to his house, but I couldn’t go because of my schedule. During the shoot of the drama, he continued to act even when the camera was on me. (Joongi was considerate of his partner.) I was very scared of my first crying scene. – “What if I can’t cry?” / – It can be hard. Since he acted with me, my tears fell freely. He let you learn. Yes. Joonggi’s action touched me. Sehun, you are close to Seungri of BigBang. (He suddenly talks about Seungri.) I figured it out. He cut off the flow of the conversation. – What? / – I figured out – what your problem is. / – What’s my problem? Their tones are conversational, but your tone sounds like it was taken out of a translation device. He is a translation device. – The thing is… / – Most people would go, “I heard you are close to Seungri.” He goes, “You are close to Seungri.” (He cuts off the flow.) It was only recently that I began to ask questions. I am more used to answering them. – Please be understanding. / – Please understand. He is more used to answering questions. I began to ask questions 18 years after my debut. The first MC to be like a translation device. I will get better with time. Try it again. (She becomes a trainer.) (BoA is watching.) I will put myself at ease. (He is nervous.) – Why are you shaking your hand? / – It’s comfortable. You keep shaking your arm. You’re not in a musical. It’s sudden, (He begins a monologue.) but I have a question. Don’t say that. – Should I keep it simple? / – Don’t say that. Sehun, you are… – Sehun. / – Sehun. – Sehun. / – My goodness. What are you doing? (A translation device for the script) I am close to Nam Changhee. Who are you close with? (He suddenly makes a confession.) I think his outfit is the problem. Is my outfit the problem? Is it because everyone is focused on me? What do you think is the problem? – Ask like you would ask a friend. / – A friend? Sehun. Are you close to Seungri of BigBang? Are you finding a friend on “Love on the Air”? I shouldn’t have met BoA. (Her criticism wounds him.) I will improve my ways thanks to BoA. – BoA got his character perfectly. / – That’s right. It will help Saeho. – It’s his charm. / – That’s right. BoA is a good trainer. She is a judge. – That’s right. / – Okay. Seungri of BigBang… (Sehun bursts out laughing.) – You said Seungri’s name so many times. / – Seriously. We saw Seungri’s picture so many times. Unfortunately, I can’t get this right. I heard that you are close to Seungri of BigBang. Are you good friends? Yes. We met at a gathering and built up a friendship. I see. Both he and I are the youngest members, so we can relate to each other. The youngest member’s position – never changes. / – It never changes. (Part 2 will begin in a minute.) Do you have soju and snacks when you meet? Seungri likes soju as well. When he is at his workroom, I visit him with soju and snacks. We listen to music as we drink soju with snacks. They are expert drinkers. Only expert drinkers do that. – Sehun drinks a lot. / – He can hold his liquor. Are you well-connected? (It’s a sudden question.) (A translation device for the script) Why does he ask a question that way? What was that? The translation device broke down. – Actually, / – What was that? I planned to see my friends after this. Now I want to see my mom instead. (I miss my mom.) – I was so taken aback. / – I am sorry. It’s time for the next segment. Treats are always welcome. Treats from Friends. – I am hungry. / – You must be hungry. – I am hungry. / – You must be hungry. You get hungry quickly – when you chatter. / – That’s right. A lot of people sent videos, but it won’t be fun to eat without a challenge. If you figure out what your friend thinks about you, you will get to taste a treat. Your pronunciation was off. I thought you said “Sushi”. My pronunciation was off. He talks as if he is being chased. I am serious. He talks as if he is being chased. (He has a chase by himself.) Too many people are watching him – that he became harried. / – Saeho. Ever since I got this, time flies so quickly. – You aren’t being chased. / – Seriously. Your friends sent videos. Will we be divided into teams? – That’s right. / – This side is Team Yu. – That’s good. / – This side is Team Jun. All right. Let’s do this! The first video is for BoA. – It’s from Drunk Man. / – Drunk Man. Hello, I am Son Hyunjoo. (Son Hyunjoo is a member of the Shy Social Club.) My goodness. (It’s nice to meet you.) BoA and I go way back. Without BoA, Shy Social Club wouldn’t exist. You need people like her in a club. We can’t use a penny without BoA. – She has all the power. / – When she goes to Japan or other countries for a concert, I feel a bit nervous. That doesn’t mean I am suspicious of her. The fees have piled up since we haven’t been able to meet for a while. So I’m even more nervous. (He is satisfied with his joke.) He is talking about money for a long time. Let’s hear the question. – Get this right. / – You need to get it right to eat. How would I describe BoA in one sentence? This is my answer. BoA is… (BoA is…) That’s my answer. (BoA is…) – Why is it so long? / – How many letters? How are we supposed to get it right? – It’s so long. / – I can’t believe him. As everyone knows, BoA not only sings but also dances and acts. She is a celebrity – with many talents. / – It’s so long. Although she is small… – Do we need to press it? / – Yes. I had no idea. Is Hyunjoo still talking? Although she is small, she fills the stage. She can sing alone without a guest for over an hour. It shows that she is a true professional. The answer has 10 Korean letters. Hyunmoo. “An entertainer with many talents”. – 10 letters. / – Incorrect. “Star among stars, flower among flowers”. He must have said something like that. – “BoA is a person…” / – I got it. “A small giant who exceeds Kim Soochul”. (BoA is a small giant who exceeds Kim Soochul.) Come to your senses. That’s ridiculous. – I have no idea. / – “Invincible”? “BoA is a person who can’t be…” “BoA is a person who can’t be…” “You are a person” “who can’t be denied.” “You are like Lucifer.” (Let’s sing a song by SHINee.) It came out automatically. It must be something an old man would say. “A person who can’t be ignored”. – He said it at the start. / – “She can’t be ignored.” I hope he didn’t say that I am untrustworthy. “A person who can’t be trusted”. – Is this a hearing? / – Is that incorrect? “A person who will run away”. – No! / – Hold on. “Who can’t be blank with one word”. – “With one word”. / – What’s the answer? “With one word”. “Who can’t be denied with one word”. “Who can’t be defined with one word”. (BoA is a person who can’t be defined with one word.) – That must be correct. / – That must be correct. “With one word”. (He is close.) – “With one word”. / – I am close! “With one word”. “Who can’t be described with one word”. (BoA is a person) (who can’t be described with one word.) Correct! (Team Yu gets a treat!) Saeho. (Their reactions are divided.) – We did it. / – We did it. My goodness. He did a good job as a translation device. – Only we get to eat. / – That’s right. How would I describe BoA in one sentence? How could I do that when there are so many facets of her? This is my answer. BoA is a person who can’t be described with one word. She hasn’t eaten well to prepare for her album. That’s why I want to send her ramyeon with meat, vegetables and seafood. It’s a treat I recommend. I want to make it for her, but I don’t think I will be able to do it. We will make it in your stead. Okay. I don’t want to use the fee from the club. Happy Together should take care of it. We will use the production fee. Please do that much. BoA, since it’s nearing December, we should plan for a year-end party. Let’s plan for a nice year-end party. We can use the club fee. (Let’s use the club fee.) Good luck, BoA. – What is that? / – What is that? – What is that? / – What is that? – Is it seafood ramyeon? / – What is that? – Why is there a steak? / – What is that? – I love ramyeon the most. / – The steak is huge. – The steak is huge. / – This ramyeon is special. Gosh, there is more meat. There is chicken. That’s the white meat. Shrimp is the seafood. My goodness. – It looks delicious. / – Look at this meat. How much did this cost? It’s more than ramyeon. (How is the luxurious ramyeon?) How much did this cost? It’s more than ramyeon. – It’s delicious. / – BoA, how is it? – It’s tasty. / – Really? – It tastes expensive. / – My goodness. It’s good. It’s delicious. (Desperate) Really? Gosh, I can smell the shrimp. Go ahead. The soup has the taste of shrimp. – Really? / – The meat is good. I can’t believe I am eating ramyeon with steak. This is… (He fills his mouth.) It’s like red snow crab ramyeon… I can describe the taste. You have heard of red snow crab ramyeon. It’s like red snow crab ramyeon with chicken and steak. Key is a gourmet. We got this treat thanks to Saeho. – My goodness. / – Sehun. – Can we… / – Peel the shrimp for me. – Can you peel it for me? / – Peel it yourself! You should help me eat comfortably. I understand if they don’t want to do it. Do you see how depressed they look right now? I will peel it for you. No. You are going to lick your finger. – He looks so sad. / – Don’t lick your finger. (He looks like he lost everything in the world.) (Eating) (I desperately want a bite.) The taste is unique. I can smell the shrimp. – Steak and ramyeon don’t match, right? / – They do. – It’s so tasty. / – Isn’t it too tough? – It’s like crab meat. / – It’s not tough at all. – It goes well. / – It goes well. Look at this steak go into my mouth! (Annoying) Who desperately wants a bite? Raise your hand. – Taeyong. / – He was the first. Shall we give Taeyong a bite? You were just asking, right? – Yes. / – I knew it. You won’t ask him to show a specialty? – I was just asking. / – What is your problem? Look at his facial expression! Taeyong, do you have a specialty? I can dance. Can you show us? You will stir up dust when we are eating. For goodness’ sake. Can’t you just let NCT dance? Taeyong, you know that I love you, right? Show us your dance. Taeyong is ready. Can we play any song? – Yes. / – Okay. Freestyle. Let’s get it, Taeyong! He is good. (If it means I can get a bite of ramyeon,) (I will put my joints to work and dance.) (Spinning) (BoA is satisfied.) Good job. He did his best not to stir up the dust. He did his best. You can take a single bite. Taeyong is good to his senior singers. Cut the noodles. You ate everything. Drink some soup as well. I have never seen an idol eat that much ramyeon. It’s tasty, right? The soup is… My goodness. Taeyong, did you starve today? He must be hungry. Steak and ramyeon go well together. – How does it taste? / – I can smell the shrimp. It tastes a bit like gamjatang. He should have sent gamjatang. It would have been easier. I know. (Laughing) The main dish will come later. – Are there more treats? / – There are more treats. The main dish will come later. – That’s right. / – This is an appetizer. The next video is for Sugeun. It’s from Crazy One. – What? / – It could be anyone. Did that person send the video? – I only know one Crazy One. / – Who is that? – It could be Jiwon. / – Eun Jiwon? Hello, viewers. I am Ahn Jaehyeon. It’s nice to meet you. (Handsome actor, Ahn Jaehyeon) Ahn Jaehyeon. Gosh, Jaehyeon. He is beautiful. I have worked with Sugeun on “High Society” and “New Journey to the West”. We are good friends on variety shows. I’m surprised that he agreed to the interview. He must be busy with his drama. He is really busy. Let’s hear the question Ahn Jaehyeon prepared. – Okay. / – Here it comes. It’s natural for us – to adjust to him. / – I’m thankful. Sugeun is… It also means it makes people around you happy. It also means reconciliation. Reconciliation? It must be a flower. He always helps others reconcile. He also makes them happy. He’s a wonderful person who delivers happiness. Sugeun is… It’s got to be a flower. – It’s a flower. / – “Freesia.” It’s three letters. Free… You scared me. (You scared me.) By freesia? For a second… – It’s a freesia. / – Baekhyun. – Baekhyun. / – “A peony.” (Lee Sugeun is a peony.) No? “A daisy”? What’s the flower with three letters? – “A lavender”? / – She’s right. Why are we so quiet? Do something. – “Forsythia”? / – Good. – “Dandelion”. / – Right, dandelion. – Give us a photo hint. / – Do we have a photo hint? I can’t tell which flower it is. (They still can’t tell.) What flower has three letters? Isn’t that a whitetop? – What’s a whitetop? / – Is there such a thing? That looks like an egg. Can we have the first letter? – What’s this? / – Let’s eat. – M. / – M? (M, C, flower) “Crazy flower”? “Crazy flower.” I can’t believe Key would try that. “Stupid flower.” It can’t be “anchovy flower”. “Anchovy?” – Baekhyun. / – “Drunken flower.” “Canadian horseweed.” “Canadian horseweed.” (Lee Sugeun is Canadian horseweed.) “Forget-me-not”? “Canadian horseweed.” “Forget-me-not”? (Lee Sugeun is Canadian horseweed.) (Team Jun gets the late-night snack.) (It looks as if they won the World Cup.) (Oh, Canadian horseweed.) It was Canadian horseweed. That was a very hard question. How would we know Canadian horseweed? Doesn’t forget-me-not mean “don’t forget me”? (They’re two different flowers.) – Right? / – Forget-me-not. – Are they different? / – Are they different? Sugeun is Canadian horseweed. I think other people will prepare the main course. Sugeun will be happy to eat this. It’s a traditional Indian dessert called rasgulla. (Boil milk, then add lemon juice and stir.) (When it becomes lumpy, cool it.) (Drain the curdled milk in cheesecloth,) (rinse in cold water and squeeze out water.) (Add starch, roll it round to make cottage cheese.) (Boil cottage cheese in syrup for 20 minutes.) (Keep refrigerated for five to six hours.) (New sweet dessert) (Ahn Jaehyeon’s Sugeun Sugeun Rasgulla) – What is that? / – It’s like a dumpling. – What’s this? / – What’s this? – What’s rasgulla? / – What’s this? – It’s an Indian dessert. / – Is it? It’s made of milk. – Like yogurt? / – Yes. You’re having a dessert? (They just had to pick a dessert.) They’re having a dessert before the meal. Why are you giving it to me? (Dessert sampling on empty stomach) – I really want to try it. / – I wonder what it’s like. – Is it trendy now? / – Yes. It has a unique texture. I don’t like unique food. What does it taste like? (How’s Sugeun Sugeun Rasgulla?) He doesn’t seem to like it. Is it not good? (He tries to look bright.) How is it? (Brittle) He doesn’t seem to like it. Is it not good? How is it? – It’s good. / – Is it? – What’s it like? / – Condensed milk. – Is it too sweet? / – He’s right. (He’s dressed up like an Indian prince.) (The more they chew, the worse they look.) – What’s it like, Jaehyun? / – It tastes like sultteok soaked in water. – It must be terrible. / – It must be terrible. Sultteok isn’t good when it’s soaked in water. Doesn’t it have soup? Try the soup. How is it, Taeyong? – It’s good. / – Is it? The soup is pretty much sugar water. I got it on my finger, and it’s very sticky. – See? / – It’s pretty much sultteok soaked in sugar water. – I know. That’s probably the taste. / – Really? It does taste like sultteok in water, but it’s sweet because of the condensed milk. How is it, Baekhyun? It tastes like bread soaked in water. – I’m really curious. / – That makes it sound worse. Bread soaked in tears is sad. No, that’s not what it’s like. It does taste better than bread soaked in water. Then why are you hesitating? – Pardon? / – Eat it at once. I don’t eat much. – I’m on diet. / – This isn’t good enough – for getting Canadian horseweed right. / – Really? You need something better for such a hard question. I’m sorry, but don’t tell us to try it. – Is this a penalty? / – We will… (Are they carrying out a penalty?) This will be a good dessert. It’s perfect after a heavy meal. A dessert needs to be refreshing. – Taeyong. / – Yes? Why are you nibbling at it? You said you were hungry. (Same Taeyong, but different eating shows) You said you were hungry. I think – we can pass it, right? / – Yes. – Sure. / – I’m not jealous. I’m not jealous at all. Can I give it to Sugeun since I love him so much? Is it okay to eat what they give me? – Just for curiosity. / – In my life… Then we’ll eat for you. – Do you want it all? / – Yes, some for BoA too. They can be this generous? I just want to know what it tastes like. Don’t scoop everything. What are you doing? That’s too much. (Keep some for yourself.) It’s sweet. I’m curious. – It’s condensed milk. / – Let me try. You know condensed milk on shaved ice? – Would you like one? / – It’s condensed milk. (Giggling) Oh, I know what this is. – It’s like bread that’s soaked deeply. / – Yes. – Then squeezed out. / – It’s like a sponge cake. – How is it? / – It’s delicious. If you have had Indian curry or something with strong spice, – and finish up with this, / – Yes. it will remove the bitter taste and refresh your mouth. I know what you mean. You’re very good at explaining. We only had dessert without food. – It’s too sweet. / – Isn’t it good? It’s perfect after that ramyeon. It’s awful for us because it’s too sweet. – Would you like some more? / – It’s too sweet. How many are there in that small bowl? – There are two more. / – Two more? – Did it lay eggs or what? / – There are so many. Thank you. Now, the next one. Let’s watch the next video. This video is from a whiner. – Let’s watch. / – Who’s a whiner? – Who is it? / – I know many whiners. Hello, viewers. I’m Seo Janghoon. It’s Janghoon. – Oh, my. / – He’s a famous whiner. My face is puffy in the morning. I’m sorry. – He looks the same. / – Honestly, I can’t tell the difference. – I can’t tell. / – There’s no difference. Until recently, I raised chickens together with BoA and Taeyong. If he grows his hair a little longer, he would resemble Kim Mousse. BoA used to feel mysterious, but after this experience, I realized she’s very kind and easy-going. – How about Taeyong? / – It was my first time meeting Taeyong. He has many goals, and he tries very hard. I thought he was innocent. Janghoon’s loyal because he never agrees to an interview. He mentioned BoA and Taeyong, but he left me out even though I was also there. (Sugeun was also on the show.) You see him every week. It’s still disappointing. What about you, Taeyong? At first, I was afraid because they’re all older than me. It was nerve-racking. When he talks, I realize later that there was a good meaning behind it. Right. Janghoon always whines, but I realize it was all for good. – He whines, but he does it anyway. / – You’re right. – Like Lee Seojin. / – Lee Seojin too. Here’s the question. Listen carefully. (The quiz starts.) Taeyong is like… Did he say Taeyong? Untainted. (It feels pure and untainted.) It feels pure and… He’s untainted and innocent. “White paper”. I think he’s a wonderful young man – with innocence. / – Taeyong is… (But he has no idea.) He’s not tainted. “Spotless”. “Taeyong is like spring water”. – Is it? / – “Taeyong is like spring water”. Wait. Come on. That’s correct? (He answers at once.) That’s correct? I’m shocked. (Shocked) What? You can’t do this. – I’m shocked. / – Hang on. (He’s so shocked that he’s getting a headache.) The question is leaked, isn’t it? How would he know about “spring water”? I was just trying it. I was going to say “organic”. Well… What is this? It’s up again? This is for the third question. – This is for the third? / – It’s India Special. (Treats from Friends, “In search of Indian Taste”) I have a good feeling about this team today. Taeyong is like spring water. He’s like untainted pure water. I think he’s a wonderful and innocent young man. To feel full, I thought jeon would be good. It’s a good idea when they’re hungry. (Mix shredded potato, rice powder and salt.) (Pour the dough thin and place sliced onion.) (Microwave dumplings and place on top of onion.) (Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top and cook.) (Janghoon’s If You Tried Lee Su Dumpling) What is that? A pizza? – It’s dumpling. / – Dumpling There’s scorched rice underneath. It’s a stone pot dumpling. It’s not just dumplings. There’s no way it tastes bad. – Let me slice it first. / – Dumplings can’t be bad. Cut it here. – Right. / – Chopsticks… This looks like a pizza. It does. Why are you all up? Do you have questions? (Yes, we want to know what it tastes like.) No. (They look like rocks.) (They desperately want to eat.) I’m getting upset for some reason. – Look at this. / – This is pretty strong. Look at this. – It must be cheese. / – It’s cheese. You know baked cheese. Is it like baked cheese? Janghoon’s picky. He won’t eat unless it’s good. Awesome. Cheese and dumpling explain everything. It’s potato. – Is it potato? / – It’s potato. – It’s good. / – It’s potato? Awesome. Cheese and dumpling explain everything. It’s potato. (It’s full of sweet fresh potato taste.) It’s potato? It tastes like Gangwon Province. I thought it’d be cheesy, but it’s not. It’s crispy. Shredded potatoes replaced the dough. (Soft dumpling inside crispy potato) The scariest late-night snack is – one that makes you crave for drinks. / – Right. This calls for the really cold draft beer. It’s perfect for that. – It makes you drink endlessly. / – Again? Stop thinking about drinks. I’m saying it’s that good. We know a really good food is crispy on the outside – and soft inside. / – It’s so good. (Coughing) – That’s what it’s like. / – It’s so good. (What’s he doing?) I think rasgulla powder is still stuck in my throat. That’s eraser waste. I’m sorry. I meant to clean it up. For a second, I thought it was rasgulla on the top. (Agreed) But they were dumplings. – Both are ball-shaped. / – Yes. It tastes even better after the rasgulla. (Laughing) Is this a relative evaluation? Honestly, I was actually reflecting on myself for earlier, but this made me forget. How could you forget from eating this? Don’t you feel guilty? (Laughing) If I felt guilty… Whatever. Let me eat. (Let me just eat.) (He escapes from reality with a late-night snack.) It’s good. – It’s good. / – It’s good. – I know. / – It’s really good. – The mixed texture of onion and potato… / – I know. Onions top of crispy potato jeon prevents it from tasting too greasy. I think it’s good because it’s boiled dumplings. It’s boiled dumplings on top of the fried jeon. I’d like to recommend it to others. Don’t you honestly want to eat it? – I don’t because I don’t want to yield. / – Okay. – I’ll go along with him. / – Really? – Sehun. / – It’s really good. You’re going to regret it if you don’t try this. It’s potato jeon. There are dumplings on top of potato jeon. It seems everyone, including Sehun, is acting proud. Just say stop when I pass if you want it. – It’s good. / – Because… – He looks poor. / – It’s about their pride. They’re fighting themselves. (Glancing) (Are they going to say stop?) – He looks poor. / – It’s about their pride. (Just eat.) (To eat or not to eat. That is the problem.) (There’s only one chance.) (Men are about pride.) – One last round. / – Stop. (He’s no more proud in front of food.) Then why did you say that? (They feel deceived.) You can’t stay proud in front of food. I was going to say it after he passes Sehun. – Isn’t it good? / – Describe it. – It’s good. / – I’ll give you some. Try it. – Try it. We still have a lot. / – It’s good, right? – You should try it. / – They need to try it. – What is this taste? / – I’ve never had it before. – How is it? / – It’s hot. – Isn’t it good? / – Right. (One big bite) Sehun eats so much. You said it hurts your pride. Then why did you act proud? You tremble as you eat. He might eat the plate. (Satisfied) (Click Click Challenge this week) (is SM artists’ dance academy.) (Once they reach a million views,) (donation is made to a charity of their choice.) (Check Click Click Challenge online.) What do you think of today, Sugeun? I enjoyed myself. I get to join you once every year. We should meet more often. It was very nice to be with BoA and my favorite brothers. It was very meaningful. It’s always good to see you. It’s my first time on Happy Together today. I was pretty nervous, but I had a great time. I wonder when Saeho will stop being a translator. She’s going to watch you. – She points it out. / – I’ll watch. – I’ll show you that I can do it. / – Good luck. We’ll come back next week. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. (“Tempo” by EXO) (“Dream Note” by Dream Note)