oh hi everybody Aloha so today we’re going to be trying out some bakery items and desserts from one of the best bakeries [Music] today we went around the island with my sister her husband Brian and my mother we’re a really really good day we got to see a lot of nice places we got to visit a new mall on the Collina side it was very very beautiful and much much better than we expected all the way back I asked my sister if we could stop by Liliha bakery for some baked items because they have the best desserts we’ve got nine items today mm-hmm and I had you pick up some that you you found enticing yeah and I’m gonna show you guys some of my favorites as well from this amazing bakery all right so what should we start with grab our water the guava room okay we’re gonna start the way to grab our old in warmer roll now this one comes in a matcha version as well they used to have a simple jelly roll but this is kind of new for me you must i I hope you like it how is it very fluffy soft cake oh good love @h the globe of Reba really I found a group of flavor I’m gonna I’m just like like cut myself a piece like that so here’s the guava cake and there’s cream on the inside mmm mmm good find good GABA flavor definitely I found the Gulf of flavor this is the Machakos much across on much accros top of the green Machop sprinkles yeah sugar yeah um I think it’s much a powder not a powder with our sugar powdered sugar and some slivered almonds on the top alright so actually there’s a lot this is dangerous this is dangerous here you go wow that’s like macho he’s actually really good much up I what do you think you’re awfully quiet I need more much labor anymore much a flavor is intense so to me this he’s like like you know I can taste the bitterness of the my job um yeah it’s full mom much up for me what do you think you don’t more matcha flavor really I know what I like about it is that it’s not too sweet it’s chronica it’s kind much of pudding yeah yeah yeah dad dick show me that I can match up free that’s good I need more much a braver anymore much of flavor and okay here’s the next one guys which boys what is this one okay the next one cool some donuts croissant doughnut yeah I haven’t tried this either and there’s like like sirens going on it’s just like we’re back home just like we’re back home whoa all right so this is a croissant doughnut that actually looks all right Chris Sund donut donut you know what just take a bout of it let’s just fight it because it’s making a mess but making best well we can’t mess up the Airbnb how is it mmm what’s on new cloth some nice nice – don’t you donate potato to us sometimes it’s like a donut actually it’s actually exactly a croissant doughnut isn’t a cronut it’s different when I’m achromat that’s true that’s true next we have the bread pudding and although I love bread pudding I have never tried this there’s a reason why I haven’t tried many of the products from Liliha bakery it’s because they’re famous for a certain item which we will be discussing at the end of this video it’s a custody flavor the bread I love the sweetness from the raisins I love raisins that’s really good its moist its moist dense and cast out the flavor dessert you know next we have the jello Queen Square in jello cream square I think it’s like a cheesecake Oh like a no-bake cheesecake that’s what I’m assuming but I used to eat this all the time when I was a kid really yeah well not like all the time but I used to eat it why I went to parties and stuff like children’s parties very busy director very very rare yeah so here we have baby doing the vivid red dye come on hmm nice what do you think way thick top Kunene very soft cream cheese cake yeah and at the bottom there’s a moist cake layer the top is like jello the meat the poppy the isn’t that’s right cream sweet cream cheese yeah off the pity machismo the top is definitely jello yes jell-o jell-o I don’t know if this is just a Hawaii thing or it’s like an American thing if you guys know please let us know in the comments that topics yeah a little bit yeah but overall it’s pretty sweet guys this is what leha baked who is famous for this is called the cocoa puffs the cocoa puffs have you guys ever seen anything like it it looks like a cream puff but it’s really not a cream puff it’s something beyond the green powerful way better than a cream puff [Music] before you know what I’m talking about this is amazing I mean I mean you know why Liliha bakery is so famous if you have a bite of this a cup of this yes this is have you tasted anything like it ever I mean this is like I mean the flavors are actually a little bit complex mix of chocolate to flavor and the tostada flavor mm-hmm and your Chantilly cream is kind of buttery hmm and a little bit like salted caramel almost [Music] mmm-hmm oh my god wish we could share this with you guys is so good next we have the blueberry cream square it kind of looks like a variation on that strawberry one that we had was it strawberry the other one uh the journal it was jello it was gentle not strawberry that’s sort of a belly jello what may be the sort of 80 jello okay well I wasn’t in the name of your name is a jell-o square general creme de la creme square okay got it so this is the blueberry cream square I think it’s kind of similar to the strawberry one yeah looks similar the bottom crosses different color and instead of gel you have a blueberry yes component is a similar but it has a distinct blueberry flavor of course the center part of a cream is cream cheese which is very soft cream cheese yes and sweet but not so sweet in I actually like the yellow one better I think the Bluebird one is good too but for some reason I liked the jello one more you want try to double taste yeah I think that has something to do with it and next we have the Napoleon Napoleon I love Napoleon’s I really do the Sun is setting right now so please excuse your really weird lighting the Lighting’s gonna be changing throughout the video nicety thick mm-hmm it is so if – hmm this tastes what is this the cream taste is custom taste is very different really maybe it’s not as eggy or as a regular mustard hmm I thought – it’s like a sweet potato sweet potato really but you know what though this is not my favorite rendition of a Napoleon it’s actually better than the Napoleon at cozy corner yeah much better than that one by the way a cozy corner is a bakery in Japan miss that video and you want to see what the Napoleon a cozy corner tastes like check it out right over there actually we didn’t try the Napoleon we only try the cakes was in trying to pull him I don’t think or did we I don’t remember oh just go and watch that video cuz I remember finally this is the last one we saved this one for last this is the cocoa puffs but this one is a much of Cochabamba it was pitiful the Chantilly cream and instead the chocolate pudding on the top ah on the inside they’re all much much acrimony so I’m guessing that it’s the same much cream as the one that was inside the much croissant that’s why I’m thinking the top ended the feeling is different different no no sweetie tasted very sorry it is inside cream and sweet yeah not salty at all it’s like much of pudding on the inside the the top is like salted my charm I haven’t eaten that salty much every but maybe this is the first time really hmm this is good really but you have like much salt for a tempered Emma just like ah right this is much you’ve got you see it’s a good combination hmm now it’s time to choose our favorite Satoshi which one are you gonna choose Koba the original or the much of that original cocoa puffs the original kokomo well that’s a very good choice because I have to say that’s my favorite one too um but that’s kind of not fair because the cocoa puff is extremely good I mean it’s really difficult to match the deliciousness of the cocoa puffs so the second thing I choose and I’m really really surprised that I’m gonna choose this is the bread pudding I really love the bread pudding I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had it in a long time but that’s good stuff that really is what would you choose for a second favorite the guava Rohan sounds pretty good too I like that at the texture soft authentic steps of the spawns takers job and go Baba Baba yeah it’s good that’s good stuff too so thank you guys for watching this video from Hawaii hope you guys enjoyed seeing all this delicious pastry let us know in the comments which one was your favorite don’t forget to thumbs up this video if you liked it and for more videos like this one don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you want to eat these pastries please come to Hawaii and visit leha bakery once again this video is not sponsored by Liliha bakery but maybe they should be sponsoring this video I’m just kidding thanks for watching bye