it’s really important to me that people understand that eating healthier doesn’t mean having to give up all the things that you love and that you want to indulge in you can make healthier versions of those same things and enjoy them just as much at some point in your life you have probably had chocolate cake or cinnamon rolls or cheesecake and you’ve loved them but oftentimes when you buy these things at the store they’re filled with up to 30 ingredients half of which you can’t even pronounce or you don’t know why you’re eating that in the past couple of years I’ve had some pretty serious health issues I’ve been dealing with and one thing I’ve learned is that I can’t always eat the things that I really want to eat or the things that I’m craving so I’m going to show you how to make healthier versions of your favorite classic desserts [Music] so I really love chocolate cake so I took it upon myself to figure out how to make a totally vegan chocolate cake that was just as good or better than any other chocolate cake out there I made seven different cakes before I landed on this one as being good enough to put in a video and every day I would kind of get a response that was like it’s good like it’s vegan right and that wasn’t good enough for me so I just kept coming in and trying it I tried different ingredients I tried different amounts of ingredients what I really wanted to do with this was to reduce the amount of sugar not just make it dairy free or animal product free but to actually reduce the amount of sugar so I think in this entire thing I only use about 1/3 cup of sugar not including the frosting which obviously has powdered sugar but in the cake itself that’s actually very little sugar another thing that I did was replace the regular all-purpose flour that you would use in baking with whole wheat flour because whole wheat flour has more vitamins iron calcium and protein than regular flour does I bought tons of frosting from the store and then put it side-by-side with the frosting I was making until I got them to look exactly the same and taste totally comparable they think the frosting was actually the most difficult part of this recipe because I was trying to emulate a store-bought dark chocolate frosting so I tested it a ton of times and the way I got this to be really creamy and decadent was to use dairy-free dark chocolate and full fat coconut milk and that’s where you get that really rich creaminess from without having to use any butter a really common concern with not using any milk or eggs in baking like this is that the recipe won’t be as like fudgy and gooey as a regular chocolate cake but that’s where the applesauce and the coconut comes in because those are great replacements and give you that same creaminess and moistness that you’re looking for in a chocolate cake I went around the office and I was like feeding it to all the different tasty producers and I did not tell them that it was vegan I didn’t tell them that there was no dairy I just didn’t say anything I was like can you just try this and every single one of them was like oh my god this is an amazing cake like what is this what did you do and I was like it’s what I didn’t do I didn’t put animal products in it and I feel really good about that it’s like my baby like I finally did it and I made this cake that when I fed it to other people they had no idea was vegan it felt like I had carved a mountain it was like you know when the clouds part and the Sun shines down and the angels sing and it’s like this is the chocolate cake of dreams so I’ve always been really interested in taking classic sort of unhealthy dishes and making a healthier version out of them so I was looking online for inspiration and I came across this vegan food blogger I used her recipe from her blog and we called her out in the comments we said it was from her website which was so cool because actually the day that the video went live on good full and on tasty it crashed her website it sent so many people to her blog that it literally shut down the name of that blog is pretty pies which I’m obsessed with you obviously have to figure out a way to replace the cheese and a really popular option when it comes to dairy-free baking or vegan baking is to use cashews and what you usually do with them is soak them overnight because then the next day when you blend them you get a really super creamy consistency but if you don’t have enough time you can also just soak them in boiling water for just a couple of hours and it’ll give you the same super creamy consistency but in less time granted it’s not gonna taste exactly like cheesecake but it’s a really great alternative that still satisfies that craving for cheesecake and then for the crust I use a combination of almonds dates and walnuts the dates really help bind the crust together and the nuts give it a good crunch texture and then of course always a little pinch of salt because it really brings out the flavors and it just makes it super chewy crunchy almost like a granola bar crust using dates gives it that sweetness that you’re looking for but in a fruit so you’re not having to add a bunch of sugar or maple syrup or other things and it just helps bind it together and kind of keep it sticky another great thing about this recipe is that you could actually kind of use any flavors that you want the cool thing with cashews is that they sort of take on whatever flavor you mix into them so on Priti pies she used limes and blueberries and when I tried it I just fell in love with it it was citrusy and bright and fresh but you could also do strawberries cherries any really anything you want it doesn’t also just have to be fruit I just really love fruit and I think the colors are great but the citrus really adds sort of pop and just brightens up all the flavors I think that a dairy-free cheese cake like this is a really fantastic option for any of your lactose intolerant friends or people who are just looking for a lower calorie or lighter version of their favorite desserts so really you can make it for anyone and I definitely went around the office and had all of my other tasty producer friends try it and everybody really loved it normally when I find inspiration for these videos I try to change it up a bit and make it unique and make it something my own but with this one I just thought like how can you improve upon something that’s already perfect I always like to find ways to eat the things that I really love but not feel bad afterwards and that’s kind of where my idea for making a dairy-free cheese cake came from anyone can make it and should make it easy and it’s delicious you won’t regret it I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls I definitely love cinnamon roll I wanted to see if I could make a homemade version that had way fewer ingredients all natural ingredients and see if it could actually taste as good I think my favorite part of the process is when you’re letting the dopes root because that’s the time where you cover it up walk away from it you let it rise and you just get to take a break and think about the delicious cinnamon rolls that you’re going to have in a little bit the inside of a store Bob Simon roll is usually filled with butter and sugar when I look in the ingredients on some of these cinnamon rolls and realize I’m eating things like corn syrup and xanthan gum and poly carbonate 60 I don’t think I even said that right I don’t know what that is yellow five red negative forty if I can make a cinnamon roll that doesn’t have those things in which I can name and pronounce and know what every ingredient is I’m just gonna feel better eating that once you have all those ingredients together you roll out your dough just like you would a regular cinnamon roll and it’s really cool once you actually get to like cut up that log and pull it out and see the cinnamon roll rounds and they look exactly like any other cinnamon roll it’s really satisfying no cinnamon roll is complete without a delicious gooey frosting on top so we opted for light cream cheese vanilla extract almond milk and a little bit of maple syrup to just sweeten it up and it worked beautifully as a frosting we went around the office and made everybody try them to see if they could tell if this was a story about roll or a homemade roll [Music] really tasty like I want that on everything but you didn’t tell us that this was wave with holy flowers just like this it really was and everybody was so surprised when I was like this is whole wheat flour this is almond milk this is like very low sugar it’s apple sauce and everyone was really surprised which always makes me happy 28 ingredients are listed on the store box and minerals that we had and only ten ingredients were in mine and they taste just as good maybe better you should make them yourself and see it’s really important to me that people understand that eating healthier doesn’t mean having to give up all the things that you love and that you want to indulge in you can make healthier versions of those same things and enjoy them just as much you