Hello everyone, welcome to Happy Bellyfish Channel – I’m Srikant – and I’m Anastasia – And together we make your life tastier with spices and cooking easier than you had
imagined now is an apple season and you can find apples of all colors, shapes and
sizes – You are the apple of my eyes, but I can’t grate you! and this is an apple we can do something with no, not like that, that’s
what everybody does now you can do many things with apples re-write the laws of gravity, when it falls on your head or you can use them as a weapon but if you are a little bit
tired of eating them just like that we came up as a very simple and quick
recipe for delicious, warm and comforting apple dessert Apple halwa, but you can
call it apple pudding P-U-DING-DING-I-N-GING-GING OK, it’s not as silly as that, but it’s much easier to cook than it sounds let’s get cooking
then! so for this recipe you’ll need four apples I have taken apples that are
slightly sour some fennel seeds some fresh cardamom that we’ll grind some
jaggery or raw sugar some almonds that I have roasted and grated dry coconut so we’ll cut the apple into two you can try to de-seed them as much as
possible the remaining comes out when you grate make sure you don’t end up adding seeds to the recipe so start grating the apples and you will see that the skin separates out and you can discard the
skin you don’t really have to cook with the skin, that would be kind of very
chewy. Now that we are done with the grating of apples we will put them aside
and we’ll grind the fresh cardamom we’ll add it to a mortar and pestle and just
apply some force and the skin will separate it out. Take the skin out, you
don’t have to throw it you can actually use it in tea. And keep grinding the
seeds and get a fine powder out of it so the difference between a ground
cardamom that you will often buy in a shop and the cardamom that you grind
yourself is the difference in aroma it’s so fresh and so strong that you
cannot even compare it with the ground spice that you already buy. So make sure
you grind your own spices now I’m adding some coconut oil to a pan.
You can use any oil that doesn’t have a very strong aroma, don’t add olive oil
and cook apple in them you can add fennel seeds I’m adding about two teaspoons and we’ll allow it to cook for some time some people don’t like fennel
if you don’t then you don’t have to add it but the kind of twist it adds to the
recipe is quite interesting. You can reduce it or you may not add it at all We always cook with spices, we try to make things interesting and easy if you like our videos then like us on YouTube and subscribe and leave your comments
below if you want us to make something for you and it’s time to add the apple so this thing, the cooking, will last
about maybe 10 to 15 minutes depending on how much heat you are using. You have
to cook it on high heat and the volume will lessen to about half. And when it’s
caramelized, you will see it is very dry and you make sure you don’t burn
it Now it’s time to add jaggery or raw sugar according to your taste,
depends on how sweet you like it mix it well, make sure you don’t have
lumps of sugar or jaggery in the apple halwa you can also let us know what’s
your favorite apple recipe and what would you do if you have a ton of apple
at home and you are really tired of eating them and at the end we’ll add some freshly ground cardamom. And believe me it’s so
nice you will start noticing the difference between a freshly ground
cardamom and the powdered cardamom that you buy in the market will chop the
roasted almonds here and this we’ll use for some deco almonds go the best with
happen when you roast them, but you can also add any nut of your choice, but make
sure you roast them a little bit it should not taste kind of raw with cooked
apple you can use a cookie cutter if you like you can be very creative here, use
your imagination you can be very creative with garnishing
and decoration. I am adding coconut and roasted almonds. You can add pistachio, or cashew nut, or any nut of your choice – So look what I did with the apple, I
made it into a star! – looks like a pudding – P-U-DING-DING-I-N-GING-GING – it is
so delicious, it tastes like an apple candy with caramel on top unbelievable
that it was so easy to prepare now it’s going to be my favorite dessert ever! if
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