you the recipe we’re gonna make today is
called zucchini chocolate cake as you know my son and I we made chocolate cake
the other week but I had one rock zucchini and I thought what a great way
to make a cake and I’m gonna put it in the freezer for some day if I have
company without the ingredients to you and it is zucchini chocolate cake it
calls for 1/4 cup of margarine 1/4 cup of shortening 1/2 cup of vegetable oil 1
and 1/2 cup of sugar 1 a 1 teaspoon of vanilla 1/2 cup of sour milk and that’s
just milk with a little bit of vinegar in it two and a half cups of flour 4
tablespoons of cocoa 2 teaspoons of baking soda 2 cups of shredded zucchini
and 12 ounce chocolate chips so let’s get started so the first thing we’re
gonna do is we’re going to use our wet ingredients for a 1/4 cup of margarine
now I do not use margarine I only bake with butter so we have 1/4 cup of butter
that I’m putting in here 1/4 cup of butter not margarine for me but it does
call for margarine if that’s what you use and 1-point cup of shortening 1/2 cup of vegetable oil I use sunflower
oil and one and a half cups of sugar one egg now we’re gonna go ahead we’re going
to beat this up together to that we’re gonna add one teaspoon of vanilla 1/2
cup of sour milk or tablespoons of cocoa and a half a tablespoon so it’s going to
be eight of these two and a half cups of flour two teaspoons of baking soda I’m
gonna go ahead we’re gonna mix that up so now we’re gonna add the zucchini now
this batter is really thick and that’s because the zucchini does water the
batter down once the zucchini gets hot it calls for two cups of zucchini at the
very end take a look at the batter now the batter isn’t quite as thick anymore
because we added the zucchini to it all right so now all we got to do is pour
these into our cake pans now it’s calls for 1 9 by 13 but I’m gonna do it in 2 8
by 8 that way I can freeze one or give one to one of my children or give them
both to my children I like making my cakes in smaller batches so now all we
have to do is add the chocolate chips now the icing or the icing how we say it
in Pennsylvania Dutch it’s going to be some chocolate chips so all we do is
we’re just going to sprinkle chocolate chips on the top and there we go so that
is the zucchini chocolate cake now we’re going to put it in the oven at 325 for
50 minutes if you’re using a 9 by 13 pan and it’ll be probably about 30 minutes
25 to 30 minutes if you’re using one of these 8 by 8 all right everyone the zucchini cake is
cooling it’s more like a brownie if you make it this way and it be more like
your cake if you make it in the larger pans I thank you guys for watching
today’s video it’s really different for a cheat meal Monday but I had such a
busy weekend I get to see mom and dad and we had the food pantry and that’s
always such a busy day so I wanted to just bring up this video that I did
about two weeks ago and I didn’t get to air it so it gave me just a little time
to get some things accomplished here on the homestead I’ve been doing a lot of
extensive fall cleaning and getting ready for the winter months my mother
always taught me to do spring and fall cleaning and that meant taking
everything down all the curtains washing the walls washing everything it’s a lot
of work I don’t know how my mom did it but I’m so glad to be able to have
everything clean now and get ready for the winter months it’s time to put away
all the summer clothing and get ready for the winter months and the snow
starts falling here in eastern Pennsylvania this is a time where I’m
going to have where I can just take a deep sigh of relief and take a break
from all the hustle and bustle of the spring and summer months all right from field to in the freezer I
have all of these bags and carrots and these are going to go in my vegetable
soup later on this fall I’m going to be canning a lot of vegetable soup and it’s
gonna go for a lot of chicken corn noodle soup so there you go and these
are the carrots I finish