Hi, my name is Ritu and welcome to my channel,
Indulgent Fuel. Today we’re making banana boats! This is such a simple recipe, I almost find
it funny to make it into a video, but this is my go-to snack when 11am hunger strikes
between breakfast and lunch. Delicious, healthy, and there’s so simple you just need a few
things, which you most likely already have on hand. – A nut butter of your choice, I’m using almond
butter, just make sure you don’t have any added salt in the nut butter that you buy.
– A banana – About a teaspoon of sliced, toasted almonds
– And some dark chocolate, for a little something extra Let’s get started. First things first, take your banana, and
cut off the ends. Then make a small incision, right like that. Once you have that marked,
just split your banana into two halves, and the assembling I’ll show you how to do it
on the plate. All you do is just put your nut butter on
the banana, just spread it. I like a nice thick layer on it. And I’m using almonds because
that way if you’re serving it to someone else, they know what to expect, it has almond butter
and is topped with almonds. And then, sprinkle some almonds just like that. And you know
what? My daughter loves this, very kid friendly recipe. I’m going to take my dark chocolate and grate
it right over this. That really wasn’t very much chocolate at all, about half of a square. And that’s it, that’s our banana boat. So
simple and easy! Please tell me you think eating this beats
eating a plain banana! Who wants to eat a banana, a plain banana,
like a little monkey! No! This is so much better! Mmmmm! So creamy and chocolatey and nutty! I’m bananas
for this banana boat. If you like recipes like this, don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel, and leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this. I will see
you soon, thanks for watching!