hey everyone Marcus here today karates behind the camera today say hi today I’m going to show you a recipe from the cookbook and it’s one of my favorites a matter of fact I’m showing you this because I’m craving it so much I ran out the other day and I got to make more as I eat this every day yeah I call it freezer chocolate the reason is it’s made in the freezer it’s a simplest easiest most amazing chocolate you could ever make and it’s so easy and it’s so fast there’s no machinery necessary you know blenders or nothing you just mix in the ball and you’re done here’s the main ingredients it’s 1 cup of cacao powder and I personally like this stuff here the nity bus’ there’s some other brands out there that are kind of more crude and they don’t taste as good there’s a business branding the brand actually makes a difference this one is one of my favorites I suggest to get this one and also a quarter cup of carob powder carob is really it’s a kind of in a chocolate family I use carob because it helps mellow out smooth out the bitterness of the chocolate because pure chocolate is kind of bitter okay then we have a quarter cup of maple syrup which is our favorite sweetener it’s actually better for you than anything else that we found out it’s really high in minerals even though it’s been heated in the process it’s still one of the best most healthiest sweeteners you can get and we’ve gone through all of them and it’s actually good for diabetics to listen don’t go crazy with it next is a quarter cup of cashew butter my favorite brand is art asana this stuff is like liquid silk is so good this is the best cashew butter I’ve ever had one half cup of coconut oil now this is important that it’s in liquid state coconut oil turns like water like like clear water at room temperature which is like 76 degrees if it’s colder in the wintertime it turns into white stuff like this it turns white and hard now this is the difference between healthy oils and unhealthy oils the chocolate you buy in a store it’s hard in a candy bar because it’s hydrogenated that means they’ve done something in the oil that’s unnatural that makes it stay hard at room temperature and even higher than that it’s kind of hard to melt that stuff so if you get that in your body it stays hard in your body this stuff coconut oil this is what it’s like inside your body it’s a clear liquid and so it will never get hard inside you the good fats help get rid of the bad fats in your body this is really good for you farmers actually fed coconut oil to their cows a while ago trying to fatten them up and the cows got really skinny and lean and healthier don’t think that oils or fats make you fat all the time good ones actually help you lose weight if you do it right this chocolate it can actually help you lose weight and makes you feel good and finally we have one teaspoon of vanilla without the alcohol in it okay so that’s it here’s our ingredients this is it we’re ready to go now before we dump it all together in a bowl notice the carob and the cacao or chocolate powder has lumps in it it’s got its lumpy you don’t want those lumps to really get the good experience a beautiful silky smooth chocolate you want to get those lumps out so I get one of these things it’s a sifter I mean you can use a really fine sifter like this but once I got this thing oh it’s so great things is great so you put it in here and then this really fine powder comes out and this is really great also for when you make desserts that have like a nice dusting of something on top this is like way to do it the carob you can see the bumps in there this is a you don’t want that in your chocolate so down okay that was probably the most difficult part of the whole thing here we go maple syrup cashew butter coconut oil and a teaspoon of vanilla all right let the mixing begin okay so here we have our chocolate it’s ready to go you can eat it just the way it is now if you want or if you put it in the freezer it’ll get hard which is kind of the point of this whole video so while the chocolates in its liquid state it’s perfect time to make some chocolate-covered strawberries you just dunk some strawberries in the chocolate like this and you lay them on a plate there you go chocolate-covered strawberries I got to do is put them in the freezer for about 10 minutes and they’re ready to go no longer than 45 if you can’t get organic fruit put them in a bowl of water with some hydrogen peroxide for a minute or two if you’re wondering if hydrogen peroxide actually does neutralize toxins and take and strip things off or this is we we left some of it too long on some of them this one batch of strawberries here it actually stripping the red off the strawberries that’s how powerful this stuff is look at this the red is actually being taken off of the strawberry so yes hydrogen peroxide is very powerful mix it with some water so only for like a minute at the most minute or two we left this for like 10-15 minutes it’s stripping the color off the fruit so anyway if you can’t get organic that’s what this is a little cute little trick you can do to really protect yourself so now we make the marzipan which is basically almonds ground up a coffee grinder and wanted to have cups of that and three tablespoons of maple syrup the almond the traditional color is basically using blanched almonds but you can use whole almonds with the skins it just looks a little dirty here but tastes the same anyway marzipan is great great accompaniment to chocolate so you just mix these two things together and I’m a and you can do by hand but I’m going to use a food processor just to speed things up hey the camera person keeps licking the chocolate and stop it I’m telling you this stuff is so addictive it’s so good stop it stop it won’t be anything left to make a recipe you get some of these paper baking cups and you fill it up with chocolate and then you take some of this marzipan you make a little like about that much like a size of a grape flatten it a little bit and you just plop it in the middle like that let’s make a little tiny one now if you want to make make the marzipan the center of the chocolate-covered thing that where it’s covered on top then you put the ball in there and then you totally cover it with the chocolate so then you have a its chocolate all around with an almond marzipan Center if you use nut butter instead of marzipan you can make your own healthy version of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup if you let it sit for a little while room temperature that you’ll notice the the liquid oil naturally smoothes it out on its own I’ve been making this chocolate for ten years this is my favorite personal chocolate the thing about freezer chocolate is it’s so fast like within one hour you open the fridge it’s ready to go it’s hard there’s no cooking no baking there’s no dairy no nothing bad for you at all in this this is probably one of the healthiest chocolate treats you could ever make if you’re like sugar sensitive or you’re don’t like a lot of sweetness then you can obviously put less maple syrup in the marzipan or the chocolate it’s up to you I love the colors I like the way this this whole thing looks and then you take these and put them in the freezer and while we’re here let’s look at the chocolate-covered strawberries they look great they’re done they’re done it’s only been what like 10 minutes and the chocolates already hard this is ready to go 10 minutes is all you need don’t leave me any longer 45 or the strawberries turn into ice this is perfect okay it’s been 45 minutes let’s see what our little jewels are doing perfect so look at that hard chocolate put a little bit of oil on the plate too so they come off okay don’t leave this in the freezer for more than half an hour where the strawberry is going to go turn into ice which you don’t want so just long enough to make the chocolate get somewhat hard so there you have what I personally make myself and eat every day as a treat this stuff I’ve been making this for years I love it it’s so good and it’s so neat that I you know I grew up eating marzipan as a kid in Germany in the 60s and I now can eat the healthy version of it and the chocolate and it you know you can eat the same foods you’ve eaten your whole life and we’re going to show you how to make healthy versions of it if you want to share this video with your friends send them to freezer chocolate calm and they’ll see the video we’ve got a special website for our favorite recipes this one’s freezer chocolate calm and of course you can get the cookbook at gourmet uncooked book.com stay tuned for more fun amazing super healthy easy simple recipes that could possibly change your life thank you we’re cool