Hi, my name is Ritu and welcome to my channel
IndulgentFuel. You ask, how is chocolate mousse good for
you? Doesn’t it contain copious amounts of sugar, egg yolks, and heavy cream?
Yes, typically it does. But not the recipe that I’m sharing with you.
Mine contains chocolate and raspberries, and a secret ingredient – an avocado!
You will be surprised at how you will not be able to taste this, but it just makes things
creamy and amazing. Let’s get started.
The ingredients you will need are really simple and most likely you will have these on hand.
You will need one avocado – you will want it to be ripe and soft.
Four ounces of dark chocolate. I’m using 83%, but feel free to use any that you like. You
can also substitute with chocolate chips. Two tablespoons of raspberry preserve. Get
the kind that’s reduced sugar, you really don’t need all that extra sugar.
Two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder. About a quarter teaspoon of salt. I know,
this is a sweet recipe, but salt really enhances this recipe, so trust me on this and use it!
About a quarter cup of milk of your choice. And a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
The milk – again I have to mention, you may use a little more or a little less, depending
on how much moisture your jelly and your avocado have.
So let’s get started. Next, I’m just going to take the dark chocolate
and microwave it for 45 seconds, then I will check on it and give it another 30 seconds,
just until it is melted. Keep an eye on it, because it burns pretty
easily. So I microwaved my chocolate for about 45
seconds, took it out, and it needed another 20, so a little over a minute.
I stirred it, and it is all melted. Let’s get started – we need to work quickly
with it, because we don’t want it to harden again.
OK, I’m back, and this time with an apron, because I’m very clumsy and I don’t want any
chocolate on my light colored shirt. Put the avocado – slice it just like that.
I’m going to put it into my blender. Let’s use a spoon and just like that, it goes
into the blender. See avocados are not just for guac!
And then, I’m going to go ahead and add one, and two, leveled tablespoons of the unsweetened
cocoa powder. And then I’m going to add two leveled tablespoons
of the raspberry preserve. The vanilla extra.
Oh, let’s not forget the salt! And finally, the chocolate!
The chocolate! The melted chocolate!
Mmmm! Look at that!
So I blended up the mousse and put it in the fridge, and it’s been a couple of hours. I’m
going to take it out and show you what it looks like.
Doesn’t that look nice? I topped it with a few chocolate chips, but
by all means, if you have raspberries, use that. I did not have any on hand, so I just
used chocolate chips. Let’s taste it! And see how it’s moussey? It’s not heavy.
If you looked at, you would never think it’s not a real chocolate mousse.
Mmmm. Mmmm!
Oh my god you guys! This might just be the best chocolate mousse
I’ve ever had, healthy or not. Forget everything else. Forget the fact that
this is good for you. Forget the fact that this is an indulgent
fuel. This is just amazing on its own.
Go make this. Surprise your valentine, make it for yourself.
This makes three normal-people portions, two foodie portion, or one Ritu portion.
I have about the same amount in another flute, which I’m pretty sure I’ll finish before the
end of the day. Go try it out, and let me know what you think
of it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, IndulgentFuel,
if you’d like to see more such recipes. Thanks for watching!