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welcome it to a new video today we’re making some delicious healthy cookie
bars that make the perfect treat for when you want a little healthy dessert
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let’s get into it so this is everything that you are going to need in order to
make these cookie bars so they’re paleo they’re vegan and they’re grain free I’m
starting off with almond flour which is lots of fiber and fats along with some
flax and then coconut oil which is a great medium chain triglyceride baking
powder and a touch of maple syrup just for a little bit of sweetness so then
I’m gonna add in vanilla for a little bit of flavor as well and then almond
butter which helps to bind all this together now you can switch out the
almond butter for any kind of nut or seed butter that you have so sunflower
seed butter peanut butter cashew butter anything like that will work so go ahead
and add that in and then we’re just going to mix it all together so what I
like about this is that it’s a quick easy cookie bar recipe that you can make
in One Bowl so I’m going to leave all the measurements for everything down in
the description box below – I’m going to add in some almond milk which just helps
with the consistency because we don’t want dry cookie bars we want a nice
moist cookie bar that’s gonna feel decadent but because of the almonds and
the almond butter on all those nice healthy fats they’re gonna help keep you
full and satisfied so you know when you have a dessert and you still want more
because of the healthy fats and the stabilisation of your blood sugar you’re
not gonna get that kind of cravings which is perfect so mix that all
together I’m adding in coconut and I saved a bit of the coconut to put on top
and then I’m also adding in some walnuts if you don’t like walnuts you can do
almonds you can do peanuts or if you don’t like nuts in your cookies you can
totally leave this out as well but yeah I did save some of the coconut just to
put on top to make it pretty but again if you don’t care about that you can
definitely add in all of the coconut I’m gonna put that in it to my pan that I
lined with some parchment paper you can also grease it
I’ve just been falling in love with parchment paper baking because you just
kind of take it right out and it’s easy to cut and then you toss it away and
parchment paper doesn’t have the same risks associated with it as aluminum
foil so go ahead and push that down and as you can see it is quite like a cookie
type dough so it’s a bit thicker than let’s say if you make a cake dough
so press that in and I am using a nine by nine pan but you can use whatever pan
you have you just might have to adjust the baking time so press that in until
it’s on to all the sides and you get a nice even layer and it also depends on
how thick you want your cookie to so this one will give you about a half an
inch sized cookie bars which i think is perfect I’m gonna add in the rest of the
coconut just on top if you don’t like coconut you can definitely leave this
out because I do feel like people are either Pro coconut or anti coconut and
then I’m putting on just a few dairy free chocolate chunks on the top so by
not putting them in the inside and just on the top we’re kind of making it a
little bit more healthy and they were also sugar-free – so you’re gonna bake
that at 350 for about 20 minutes and then you can go ahead and slice these up
into bars or in two bites depending on how large you want it now I slice this
into nine because guys when I have a cookie bar I want to have a legit cookie
bar but you guys can see it’s full of nuts you get that cookie flavor a little
bit of melted chocolate it makes the perfect treat and they freeze really
well too so that’s what I do with a lot of my baked goods if I can’t finish them
I just put them in the freezer because the fridge will dry them out so if
you’re eating them within the next couple days go ahead and keep them
outside of the fridge I’m your pantry or on your countertop but more than that
you definitely want to freeze them and then you can just let them thaw for a
few minutes or microwave it for about 30 seconds and you get a warm gooey cookie