Healthy Dessert Recipes – Banana Berry Ice
Cream. Hi you guys its Laura here from Today I’m going to show you one of my favorite
desserts, it’s super super easy to make and it tastes just like ice cream, but there’s
no ice cream and there’s no sugar involved, it’s just made with fruit and some raw cacao
and a little teeny drop of Stevia, just if you want a little added sweetness. You can
also use honey if you want to but like to use just the fruit and then raw cacao and
the Stevia. So what you’re going to do is take your Vitamix or your blender. I find
it’s really easy to make in a Vitamix because you can control the speed really easily and
I do everything with my Vitamix. What you want to do is to take a frozen banana. I freeze
my bananas individually. I peel them and then I freeze them on a cutting board so that they
don’t all stick together. So you want to break the banana up into like three pieces or four
pieces and put that in the Vitamix. Then I take some berries. You can use blueberries,
but I have some strawberries here. They don’t have to be frozen. The banana NEEDS to be
frozen for this to work. The other fruit can be frozen, but it doesn’t have to be. These
are not frozen strawberries, these are just fresh strawberries. Throw them in and then
take your raw cacao powder. This is RAW cacao. I bought this on Amazon. But they also have
it at Whole Foods and places like that. You just like a rounded teaspoon of the raw cacao.
And then take one or two little scoops of Stevia, depending on how sweet you like it.
Now the processing of this is what’s really important because what you want to do if you’re
using your Vitamix is start it on slow. If you start this too fast, it’s going to fly
everywhere and make a huge mess. So start it on 1 and variable and then just turn this
on and let it do its thing. It’s just going to kind of churn around and then you can see
it jumping around in the Vitamix. My niece says it’s like making popcorn! Then you want
to start turning it up as you start seeing it blend. You want to turn it up….and then
it’s just going to start to blend and you can scrape down the sides a little bit as
you start to make it. Now when it gets stuck and it stops you want to turn off your Vitamix
and you can see it’s really creamy in there. So no you want to give it a bit of a stir
with your spoon just to kind of get it back down to the blade a bit. And then let it process
some more. And now the second time you can turn it up faster. You’ll see how it works
as you’re processing it….WHIRRR….and then suddenly like nothing is going to happen because
it gets air underneath it so nothing will happen. So you might have to stir it up just
one last time, and then….let it process once more….WHIRRRRR…..and that’s it! It
takes just a few minutes to do, and then you have a rich, creamy dessert, like ice cream.
It’s soooooo good! It’s really good with blueberries too, they’re both amazing. Give it a try and
let me know what you think. It’s sooooo good!