everyone and welcome it back to my
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recipes and today’s video was a request from Ava Raven or oven however you say
it and we’re gonna be making some healthy desserts that are really quick
and easy to make if you guys have any requests just comment them below and I
may make them in a video so the first one we’re making is skillet cookie guys
this is amazing I’ve been eating it all week and it’s
just is so good so we’re starting off with almond flour it’s high in protein
vitamin E which is a great antioxidant it’s also great for your skin because it
helps collagen production you can use a different type of flour here but to keep
it paleo I’m using an almond one and then you’re just going to add that into
a bowl next up I’m adding in a some baking soda which basically just helps
it rise and helps it become more cakey cookie like some Himalayan salt which
balances your pH and has 84 essential minerals in it it’s a great salt to use
it’s kind of like my staple I’m using some sunflower seed butter as opposed to
a good nut butter you can totally use a nut butter but I’m keeping this nut free
because I feel like a lot of you are not free and then you don’t know how to make
it so you can use sunflower seed butter or any other nut or seed butter I’m
using an egg you can try with a flax egg it should work I haven’t tried it but
you probably can some maple syrup which is a natural sweetener it’s great for
your immune system and it just pays great let’s suppose to be honest it just
tastes great and then I’m adding in a little bit of vanilla for some flavor
along with some coconut oil to help it find which is a medium chain
triglyceride and it’s just gonna help raise the fat content because that way
with the medium chain triglyceride you won’t get hungry is often and you’ll be
satisfied more with this dessert so I’m adding in the dry in to the wet
ingredients and then we’re just going to fold that together until you get any
nice dough and this is just so easy to do it comes together really well and
then you have this cookie cake for all week long I’m adding in some paleo
chocolate chips you can do whatever kind of chocolate chips that are like on the
healthier side just look for ingredients I get my Whole Foods I like lilies I
like enjoy life those are two brands that I like those read the ingredients
and make sure that they are clean I’m putting that into a cast-iron
skillet because we are gonna be putting this in the oven so you can’t just use
any pan it has to be a cast-iron one or one that’s safe for the oven you could
also put this in like a round baking dish like a brownie dish that would work
as well and just press that down and we’re gonna be baking it at 350 degrees
before 15 minutes and if you want to know my cast iron pan is about eight
eight and a half nine inches across so you can even do two smaller ones if you
have a smaller one or if you have a really big one you might need to like
double the recipe if that makes sense so mine is about eight and a half nine
inches just press that down until you get all the sides and it’s completely
even and then once it’s done it looks like this and it’s so delicious it
smells great and you’ll see why it’s green and we’re gonna cut into it now
and I’m going to do a taste test for you guys let’s go ahead and give us a taste mmm was really good it’s not too sweet
my taste like a chocolate chip cookie if you guys are wondering why it’s green I
do use sunflower seed butter it’ll turn a bit green don’t worry that’s
completely natural is just part of the process when sunflower seeds cook but
it’s delicious it’s warm and gooey next up we’re making it some almond butter
cups which is a twist unlike my really favorite ones that I’ve made probably
two years ago now on my channel so I’m using some coconut oil along with some
cacao it’s rich in antioxidant it’s so good for you and it also decreases your
blood pressure it helps with insulin resistance so we’re making our own paleo
chocolate for these instead of using chocolate chips then I’m using almond
butter you can use a cashew butter sunflower seed butter anything you want
and then I’m adding in one tablespoon of coconut flour it kind of just thickens
it a bit and helps everything bind so it’s not completely gooey in the center
and kind of drips out if that makes sense
so adding a tablespoon of that in and then I’m putting in a teaspoon into each
bottom of these little silicone molds I got these at IKEA so I won’t be able to
link them down below because they were super cheap from Ikea but you can
definitely find them online somewhere or at a kitchen store but I find them
easier to pop out as opposed to using a paper liner so I’m adding a teaspoon
into each of those and then I’m gonna go around and probably add a little bit
more then I’m putting in the scoop of peanut
butter or almond butter whatever you use for your mixture about I like a heaping
teaspoon and then I’m covering it with a little bit of the chocolate so about a
couple spoonfuls of the chocolate then you put the almond butter and then you
put a little more chocolate and I’m sprinkling it a little bit of sea salt
because I like the salty sweet and you let them go in the freezer
these almond butter cups are one of my favorite desserts they’re the perfect
thing to have after dinner and they’re just so delicious and lastly we’re
making us some super simple chocolate berries cuz I love these so I’m using
this I’m leftover the paleo chocolate you can use a bit more and just make
more and you just dip the strawberries and then lay them on a baking sheet you
can cover them with whatever you like I can I do a little bit of sea salt or a
little bit of coconut you can do slivered almonds but it’s so easy they
just make the paleo chocolate it takes like two minutes dip some berries let
them set and then you have wonderful chocolate strawberries they don’t have
any added sugar but you get that chocolate feel they’re so good once your
strawberries are done and just keep them in the fridge but they make the perfect
dessert you can just have one after dinner but they’re covered with paleo
chocolate so thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed and if you make any
of these be sure to tag me I love sharing you guys’s creations don’t
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I will see you guys in my next video bye guys