Hi Guys, I’m cat thanks for tuning in to my
channel today I want to show you how to make this exquisite creature right here ahhhh, check that out, beautiful right? This is actually created out of three recipes that are in my new ebook, Put Out the Fire! Diet & Wellness Guide. we’re using the Amaze-Balls recipe as our unbaked raw crust we’re using the Happy Healthy Chocolate Mousse for our filling and the Raw Ganache and Spread to drizzle over the top Now, desserts like this really get me excited because I’m a former pastry chef and now I’m a wellness foods chef so it kinda brings together everything that I love in the world of food and cool thing about this dessert is that it is truly 100 percent good for you seriously. Good. For. You. we are using really simple, pure, whole food ingredients like nuts and seeds, raw cacao powder, coconut oil. and, let me tell you something about cacao in case you’re not familiar cacao powder is just ground up, raw chocolate before it’s been processed, before it’s been turned into candy bars with lots of icky ingredients so when you hear about chocolate being good for you this is what we’re talking about, the raw, pure cacao cacao has the highest antioxidant rating of any known food on the planet So that’s a big like “hell yeah!” for us chocolate lovers, because it means it’s so good for you there’s a few reasons why I love this desert
aside from the fact that is really beautiful and decadent and delicious and
nutritious it’s really convenient too, because you keep in
the freezer so you can make it in advance of a party
to have it on hand, you can make it to enjoy during the holidays but make it before the holidays get all crazy
crazy, or you could just keep it in your freezer to enjoy a week or two or five assuming that you don’t eat it all in one day… yeah. okay… so, if you don’t have the book Put Out the Fire! Diet & Wellness Guide, you can order it right here there’s also going to be a link below in the description but I’m also going to put the recipe and ingredients in the description below if you don’t have the book if you do have the book already
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