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three different healthy recipes that are just made with a good things for you like healthy fats less processed and
they’re also suitable for people who have like restricted diet they’re all
vegan and gluten free you know I I got you I got something
for everyone, everyone can enjoy my recipes and yeah i’ll see
you again at the end of the the video so our first recipe are these
super yummy salted peanut butter cups and they are vegan and gluten-free so go
ahead and take out 6 tablespoons of chocolate chips and i’m using dairy
free and soy free ones but if you don’t need to you don’t have to go ahead and
measure out six tablespoons then go ahead and a microwave this in 30
second intervals just to melt it them you want to take some of peanut butter
I’m taking 2-3 tablespoons here and we’re also going to end up melting that
down a bit just so it’s a little bit more runny in the microwave as well then
just lay out some cups i’m using a silicone cups here but you can also use
just like those paper baking cups and put a little bit of your melted
chocolate into the bottom of each cup and you only want to put it little bit here then we’re just going a
to a freezer for about 20 minutes until that sets once that’s done setting go ahead and
put a little bit of peanut butter into each of your cups and top it with the
rest of the melted chocolate then I just sprinkling a little bit of sea salt onto
the top of each cup and we’re going to freeze them again and i would say about
two hours just to make sure that they are good and set go ahead and pop these
out of your mold and you will have these super yummy peanut butter cups next up we have this healthy cake
batter dip, because I can’t be the only one who likes eating cake batter before
it’s cooked so you’re gonna need it to start off
with one banana and just mash that up into your bowl the more ripe the better because it will
be more sweet then i’m using a one scoop of vanilla protein powder and that’s
going to give it sweetness and also protein and then I’m putting in 1
tablespoon of stevia and a pinch of salt then of course it is time for some
sprinkles so just put some of those in and it makes up your mixture then we’re
going to add in a 2 tablespoons of peanut butter you can also use almond
butter or any kind of nut butter and then you’re going to mix this all
together until it is all blended and kind of like a cake batter consistency
and then put this regard to the top and you’re good to go and then last but certainly not least
are these pan brownies which I had to try and not be all of them at one time
so we’re starting up again with one smash banana for a little bit of
sweetness and then I’m putting in a 1 cup of peanut butter but like I said you
can summon up butter if you don’t like or can’t have a peanut butter then we’re putting in a one-quarter cup
of maple syrup but to add a little bit of sweetness and then we’re going to put
in a 1 a tablespoon of coconut oil and you’re also going to put in I shot of espresso if you don’t want to
use espresso I would suggest maybe milk or water but I haven’t tried that if you
don’t want to use espresso and then just mix that all up next we’re putting in
some cocoa powder and some baking powder and then you’re going to mix that all up
until it’s all blended and there’s no more lumps then I’m just transferring that into a
greased baking pan and I’m going to bake it at 325 degrees for 15 minutes or
until like the toothpick comes out clean in the center then when you take them
out of the oven guys I know it’s hard but you have to let them cool a bit and
then I’m just topping it with a spoon full of coconut yogurt congrats you made it to the end of the
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