so first off we are making these
delicious snicker bites you’re going to need almond butter dates and some dairy
free sugar free chocolate chips so I’m starting by just taking my date and
slicing it down the middle these are pitted dates and just by cutting them we
have a little bit more room to stuff them with the almond butter now I’m
using almond butter because it is lower on the glycemic index than peanut butter
but also it’s less inflammatory than peanut butter so I’m putting that in the
center of the date and I’m gonna drizzle on the chocolate afterwards so just melt
it either in the microwave or on a double broiler and drizzle it on the top
now I have made full snicker bars the full chocolate bar so I’m gonna link
that on the screen now if you haven’t seen that video because they are so
delicious too but these are the perfect little bite when you want a little
something sweet they’re so delicious they’ve got the almond butter the dates
which have a natural caramel flavor and then the little drizzle of chocolate
next up we’re making mint cups which is kind of like a spin on your Thin Mint
I’m using coconut butter the same kind of chocolate chips as well as some
peppermint extract just melt your coconut butter again either on a double
boiler or the microwave till it’s nice and runny and then I’m adding in just a
little bit of peppermint extract a little bit does go a long way especially
with mint and stirring that into the coconut butter then I’m taking my
silicone mold that I got at IKEA but you can get on Amazon they’re really
inexpensive and I find they come and use a lot in
the kitchen and then I’m put about a teaspoon on the bottom of each and mrs.
butts gonna create our bottom layer of our cups now I am layering the cups as
opposed to making them like a stuffed cup like an almond butter cup but you
can do whichever wire you prefer I just like the layers but they taste honestly
so good they taste just like a thin mint I kind of ate one right before filming
this video and it was so delicious so take your coconut butter and put that on
the layer on top and then you’re going to be taking your chocolate and putting
one more layer or one more you can definitely just do two layers if
you want just one chocolate layer and one coconut butter layer but I had a
little bit of the chocolate left over so I’m just putting a dollop over the top
of that and kind of swirling it to make it look pretty and then after that you
just have to put these into the freezer and wait for them to set you do want to
set them for a little bit longer than you did the dates so these took about 25
minutes to fully harden but once they harden they’re good to go you can just
pop them right out of the molds which makes it super easy I store them in the
freezer and then you just take one out whenever you want something a little
minty a little sweet they’re also perfect for the summer time because
again it’s mint and they are so delicious and then we are making this
quick peaches and cream dessert so it is barbecue season for summertime and this
is something great and easy you can do with fruit so just take your fruit and
place it on to the barbecue I just have a pan because I live in a condo but I’m
thinking if you have a barbecue this is be delicious I’m putting a spoonful of
coconut yogurt which is just a dairy-free yogurt over the top and
sprinkling that with a little bit of walnuts but you could do any kind of nut
that you like but the warm peach along with the creamy yogurt and then a little
bit of nuts for crunch is so delicious and you can definitely change up the
fruit to whatever you like whether it be nectarines watermelon or whatever so I
hope you guys enjoyed this video and these quick delicious treats
I’m gonna leave my healthy dessert playlist on the screen and I’ll see you
guys next time