so today we are making some chocolate
glazed healthy donuts they’re paleo they’re free refined sugar but they
taste so delicious and the glaze on top just really makes them if you’re new to
my channel don’t forget to subscribe to see lots more healthy recipes and let’s
get into what you’re waiting for which is those chocolate glazed donuts so this
is everything you’re going to need in order to create these delicious healthy
chocolate glazed donuts I’m starting off with some coconut oil and to that I am
going to be adding in some maple syrup and then to that I’m going to be adding
in some eggs now I haven’t tried this recipe with
thillix eggs but as long as you leave the fox eggs to really gel probably
about 10-15 minutes I don’t see why they wouldn’t work in this recipe so you’re
going to need three of those go ahead and break up the yolks with a spatula or
a whisk and combine everything until it is nice and smooth and then I’m going to
be adding in just a little bit of vanilla and then stirring that through
so that all of our wet ingredients are combined together we’re gonna add an
apple cider vinegar at last along with some cacao and then some coconut flour
and you can’t sub the coconut flour for another flour it’s very different and
then you’re gonna add in some almond flour along with a pinch of Himalayan
salt and some baking soda which really helps the donuts get that really nice
moist donut texture so fold everything together I love this because it’s really
a one Bowl recipe you need to fold it together to get your nice dough so it’s
gonna be more on the thicker side as you can see as opposed to like pouring it
you want to make sure you have this type of texture so then I’m using a silicone
mold that I got on Amazon but to be honest if you do not have a doughnut
mold you could easily make this into muffins it’s just gonna be a different
shape so if you want the donut shape go ahead and use it don’t Maul if you don’t
have one you can definitely use muffins so once those are done I bake them at
350 for about 15 minutes I let them cool completely and
then I’m topping them with the glaze which guys this glaze is my classic one
and it’s my ride-or-die it’s so delicious it’s a combo of coconut butter
coconut oil and a little bit of cacao so I’m going to dip each of them into that
and of course all the measurements and baking instructions everything will be
down mid scription box below so don’t worry about having to write it down so
I’m gonna dip each of those into it look at the shine look at the glaze I was
really trying hard and not to eat one of them while I filmed this and you have
these wonderfully chocolate glazed donuts they’re so delicious and they’re
filled with great things for you and you’re never gonna know that they’re
healthy alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you want more healthy
desserts I’m gonna leave my playlist right here I’ve made so many throughout
the years there’s so many gems and more delicious recipes that you’re gonna love
right there so go ahead check that out tag me on instagram if you make these
because i love sharing your recreations and i’m gonna go eat one of the donuts
because let’s face it they’re delicious so i hope you guys are all having a
great day and i will see you in my next video bye guys