hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel today is super exciting because we’re making some Easter treats for
making peeps we’re making cream eggs and they are so delicious subscribe if
you’re new and let’s just jump right in the first thing we’re making are these
cream eggs which is my twist on your regular Cadbury cream eggs I’m starting
off with a double broiler and I’m adding in some almond milk as well as some
coconut butter and some cacao butter which is different from coconut butter
just from the cacao plant and a little bit of vanilla you’re gonna stir that
until the cacao butter and the coconut butter melt and it becomes nice and
thick so this is what’s gonna make the base of our cream I’m taking about 4
tablespoons out and adding that to a ramekin that I have a little bit of
ground to marken and we’re gonna use this to make the yolk in the middle so
it just adds that nice color without adding any artificial colors I’m using
my egg mold I’m taking a little bit of paleo chocolate which you guys know I
make on my channel all the time it’s just a mixture of coconut oil and cacao
and I leave all the measurements in the description box I’m adding in the cacao
as well as the yolk that I chilled in the fridge so I chilled it for an hour
till it got a bit thicker you put in a little bit of chocolate then you put in
the white part then the yellow part and then a little bit of chocolate more on
top of your mold so you do need an egg mold for this I found these smaller ones
as opposed to the larger ones so if you found a larger one you can make larger
cream eggs or make these ones which are kind of more of a mini egg size so go
ahead and do that to all of them layering your chocolate and then your
cream in the center leave that in the freezer for about an hour just to set
and you have these wonderful cream eggs no artificial colors no weird sweeteners
and they taste delicious then we’re gonna make some marshmallow peeps and
guys I’m so proud of this recipe so we’re using some water along with a cup
full of honey now honey is a natural sweetener so I do like that uses this
versus high fructose corn syrup thinking about marshmallows is that it’s really
hard to do some sugar free without using harmful sugars which are things like
aspartame sucralose and all that kind of stuff you
stay away from so you just whisk the honey and the water together now if you
are vegan you can use maple syrup but it will have a maple leaf taste bring that
to a boil for 10 minutes and then while that is bringing to a boil I’m combining
a little bit of water with some gelatin and gelatin is what is going to make it
kind of a marshmallow texture if you’re vegan you can use agar agar which is a
mushroom plant it’s from but it took a vegan gelatin substitute add in the
honey and then whisk that together until it is nice and smooth then I’m going to
be adding it a little bit of vanilla for flavor and then whisking that with a
hand mixer now you won’t be able to do this by hand so you do need a hand mixer
because you won’t get it nice and fluffy after about five minutes it turns white
like this and I’m adding in a tablespoon of freeze-dried strawberries so that’s
what’s gonna give us the peep color depending on what color you want you
would use the corresponding fruit or if you have beetroot you can use that too
so once you stir it in this is the texture you get once the fruit is all
combined I’m then putting it into my Bunny molds now I couldn’t find a bunny
mold that was the size of the normal peeps oh these are a bit larger you can
always cut them in half when you eat them and I will say through
troubleshooting this that you should probably spray the silicone mat even
though it’s silicone so that the marshmallows pop out easier or coat them
with an arrow root or tapioca starch so that they’re easier to pop out because I
did have a little bit of a struggle popping these out of the mold if you
don’t have a mold you could also just pour it into a sheet pan as I’m showing
you here and then use a cookie cutter so the cookie cutter of a bunny shape and
cookie cut out the marshmallows that way so it’s kind of two options here that I
wanted to give you both are good ways to do it then I just took some leftover
paleo chocolate that I actually had from the cream eggs and I made the two little
eyes on the top of the peeps because that’s like the traditional ones have
and I love the texture of these they came out so bouncy the color isn’t from
harmful red dyes which are so bad for you artificial colors are just probably
one of the worst but especially red die so we have this wonderful pink
you can make them any color you want and they taste delicious and they’re made
with good natural ingredients so I hope you guys enjoyed this video
I will be doing eight mini eggs recipe so make sure to follow on Instagram to
see that and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys