hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel today I’m showing you some great healthy no baked desserts that are gonna
be satisfying delicious and satisfy that sweet tooth so let’s go ahead and get
into it the first thing we’re making are these almond butter bars I’m starting
off with almond butter but you can definitely use any kind of nut or seed
butter so if you can’t have nuts I would suggest a sunflower seed butter
tahini or even pumpkin seed butter I’m adding
in some coconut oil as well as some coconut flour and the coconut flour is
really gonna help to bind these bars and make it not as runny as a normal almond
butter or nut butter would be so mix that until it’s nice and smooth and then
I lined a loaf pan with just some parchment paper just to make it easier
to cut them after you can definitely just spray the pan but they will be a
little bit harder to get out with the parchment paper you can kind of just
lift it right up and it’ll be easier to cut so I put that layer in and then I’m
adding in some paleo chocolate you guys have seen me make paleo chocolate many
times before it’s just three tablespoons cacao and two tablespoons of coconut oil
and I’m drizzling that on the top and then I’m gonna make a swirl but what you
can also do if you like more of a chocolate is to create a nice thin
chocolate layer all over the whole top and just spread it evenly on top so it
kind of depends how much chocolate – almond butter you want this whirl is
good but also completing the whole top with a layer of chocolate is delicious
as well you’re gonna put that in the freezer for about an hour and then you
can cut them into your bars or into your bites
I made this into 10 bites for me and then I distort them in the freezer and I
pop them out whenever I want them you got a delicious almond butter coconut
layer and a layer of chocolate they are the perfect treat next up we’re making
chocolate dates now I love dates because they have a very caramel flavor
they’re basically nature’s caramel so if you like caramel you’re gonna love these
I just take the date and I dip it in again the paleo chocolate which is great
because the paleo chocolate doesn’t have any added sugar and with the date you
get a lot of the sweet so you cover that and then I’m adding
some pistachios on the top but you can basically top them with whatever you
like you could do a little drizzle of nut butter you could do coconut goji
berries chia seeds hemp seeds any other kind of nut that you like like an almond
that would be delicious too you can even do sea salt so you get like kind of like
a sea salt caramel as well which is really good especially with the date and
you super quick to make then you will just have these wonderful
chocolate-covered dates either with the sea salt or with nuts and there are a
quick little bite that you could take when you want something sweet so I
really love this recipe and I love that it has a natural caramel flavor without
it being too sweet as well and you also want to store these in the fridge or the
freezer and then we are making these very vanilla cups so this is kind of
like a vanilla fudge with strawberry so I’m taking coconut oil as well as
coconut cream great healthy fats that aren’t gonna be satisfying they help
your gut health because it helps to heal and seal the gut a little bit of vanilla
for flavor stirring that until it is nice and smooth and then I’m taking my
little silicone molds that I got at IKEA but you can get at most kitchen stores
or even on Amazon they’re really inexpensive and they make it easy to
make a whole host of desserts so I would really suggest getting them I’m adding
in a spoonful of our mixture and then I’m going to be placing just one slice
of the strawberry on the top you could do any kind of berry here you could do
brass Barry blueberry blackberry all of them would taste really delicious and
then when you bite into them you can get this like fudgy vanilla with a mix of
strawberry and I really wanted to create a nut-free dessert as well as one that’s
not chocolaty for anyone who just maybe doesn’t like chocolate or you’re not in
the mood for chocolate this is a great healthy dessert for you and once they’re
frozen it only took about 20 minutes to freeze you just pop them out and you
have these wonderfully delicious cups again a perfect nice quick sweet treat
that you can have also really good when we’re getting into the summer months and
we want something maybe that’s a little bit no bake so I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and got some inspiration of where these delicious healthy desserts
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