hi it’s Kara and today we’re doing two recipes in one it’s going to be pasta alfredo and ravioli for both the cream sauce for the pasta as well as the filling for the ravioli I’m going to use the same cheese half cashew half pine nuts and um and with that cheese we’re going to add just garlic nutritional yeast and water then I’m going to add the rest of these lovely Italian herbs I have parsley tarragon parsley garlic and parsley sprouts let’s start first by making the pasta the zucchini is going to be our pasta and this watermelon turnip I made into thin slices is going to be our wrapper for the ravioli the zucchini is so much like pasta it’s ridiculous I’m going to show you how you can get it that way in just a minute and the wrapper for the ravioli I’m going to be using watermelon turnip thinly sliced you can use it really any wrapper like any beet or subtle flavor turnip okay so first I’m going to do the pasta I peeled it already and I cut off either side it’s pretty imperative you use a mandolin for the wrappers for the ravioli wrappers because you want them thin I guess you could get away with slicing this then doing the hard way but mandolin is cheap the a great brand for great one cost $65 so I set it to my mandolin on the thinnest it goes and then I’m just swiping it on the mandolin until I get to the seeds you want to flip it over and then start slicing on the other side and being very careful not to cut your hands I just flipped it over to check I still have some ways to go before I get to the seeds and then I flip it and again and get the signs now I lost an attachment on my mandolin so I’m going to have to do the next step by hand but basically I’m just takes I just take all the slices and put them in a pile as evenly as I can and then I slice them lengthwise and to UM Posterous shape size right is it linguini I like it like linguini and then slice and then we’re going to add those to a bowl so that they can marinate and this is how you make the zucchini into pasta like texture add a little salt and just a drizzle of olive oil okay and then gently mix it up in there with your hands and then you want to set it aside and while that’s cooking I’m going to work on our cheese so 1/2 a cup cashews and the pine nuts I got a garlic clove here somewhere boom Oh rosemary I forgot to mention rosemary and add rosemary to a little bit of that nutritionally used in water okay here we go [Music] now our pasta is finished so after just a few minutes inside the salt and a little bit of olive oil you see our pasta is very pliable now just like cooked al dente pasta oh my god it’s so good looks so delicious okay then so to that we’re going to add our white sauce with all this I have a little bit of zucchini water you want to drain that first so you don’t have to runny a pasta I forgot to tell you um cheese okay this looks like you get egg noodles and tastes like it too it’s crazy to that I’m going to start adding the parsley garlic mix it around the inside of the zucchini you can save for a salad later if you use tongs you can make it really fancy Lilly restaurants do I normally avoid using steel to steel contact but okay to this we’re going to I saved the best for last I call this my monosodium glutamate because everything monosodium glutamate goes in supposedly it tastes better and this is my version of monosodium glutamate it’s finely minced garlic parsley olive oil and a little bit of sea salt and gold on top and then I D hydrate it until it’s soft it’s the equivalent to gently sauteed garlic and parsley it’s delicious my goodness and it’s so flavorful oh my gosh um so I just want sprinkle a little bit around because it’s so good you want to get the little bite a little bit in everybody tarragon tarragon is a very important spice in pasta Alfredo so there we go the tarragon got garlic already in there and just for you know some decoration make it pretty you can um add thinly sliced green onions they taste really the go well in it and at the market I got some I was able to find some parsley sprouts so I picked up some of those so beautiful around the dish um may as well add some flowers from my garden and I mean that’s Italian thing that makes it look even better some red pepper flakes just add to it it’s just oh good talk about amazing I got some cheese in a bowl the same cheese that we used for the alfredo and you’re going to add what you typically add to cheese ravioli filling which is garlic parsley a little salt and some cracked pepper delicious my goodness I guess it doesn’t get much to blow system.this okay and to that take a dollop of cheese put it on your paper thin wrapper as thin as you can slice it on your mandolin and then cover it with another rapper and repeat the process this is a fun yellow Chioggia be right here they taste good with ravioli as well red beet is good also this is watermelon turnip I’m using it’s excellent all these beets are have a rather subtle flavor which is what I go for when I’m trying to find the perfect ravioli wrap because I don’t want it to take I don’t want it to be too bitter and take over the ravioli now that we have our dollop of cream on each wrapper I’m going to cover them you want them thin so that they’re pliable if you have them a little too thick they will soften up in the dehydrator but I like to get them real thin from the start and you don’t want to press in the center because you don’t want to press that the filling you don’t want it to is out so I just gently press on the sides and I need two out of two wrappers okay so afterward I just take little brush with a little olive oil gently brush each top and that so that the the top of the ravioli doesn’t dry out keeps it nice and soft just like a real ravioli wrapper would be now we’re going to take this to the dehydrator and pop it in for anywhere between two and six hours or even more if you want a crunchy one we put my temperature up to a hundred and eighteen or three hours one keeping so our raviolis are ready and I’m just going to plate them now now my cheese came out a little then I highly suggest you make the cheese come out thicker if you follow my recipe below you will have thicker cheese I just added a little bit too much water I’m showing how this can be a meal an actual meal okay very filling indeed now we’re going to make play pretty and this is basil shadow basil from the sprout guy at the farmers market love my sprout guy amazing crepe type flower pansy now that’s the time so here we are – awesome Italian dishes ravioli and pasta they look like the real stuff they taste even better because it’s pure clean ingredients and it doesn’t leave you with a gut bomb afterward it actually helps your body do what your body needs to do and on that note I wish you all the best of health and have a wonderful rest of the day [Music]