Hi, this is Caroline from WDBNK. Two things that go really really well together are strawberries and stinging nettles. And
today we are having an ice cream. So for this we cook the strawberries with a bit of coconut oil. If you cook strawberries they get sweeter. I put in some maple syrup, some vanilla and lemon juice. In the blender put two cans of coconut milk, and your strawberries. If you blend, don’t blend too much because we want to keep a bit of chunks from the strawberry. And if you’re lucky you have
a nice ice cream machine. I’ve got this 20 years ago from my grandmother. And if not that’s not a problem just put it overnight in a freezer and then blend it
again. Keep that much now in the blender and I mix it with some
stinging nettles. I blended a small strainer of stinging nettles and I will
add it to the ice cream.