NATALIE: I’m so excited! Hi, Rachel! RACHEL: Hello, Natalie. NATALIE: It’s so wonderful having you here. RACHEL: It’s so great to be here. Thank you guys so much for having me. NATALIE: Of course, it’s a pleasure. So now you’re known as the Bakerita. RACHEL: Yes. NATALIE: And you’ve been creating these really
amazing, healthy recipes since you were a teenager. So what got you started in this? RACHEL: Yeah, so my site actually started
making all the things with regular flour and sugar, and um, as I was doing it, my sister
and my dad both went gluten-free and I discovered I was having some issues with dairy. So eventually, my site became recipes for
all gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free baked goods. NATALIE: Amazing! RACHEL: Yeah. NATALIE: ‘Cause my mom, um, she’s not Celiac,
but she does have a gluten allergy, and she can’t have dairy, and so for so long, it was
so hard to find tasty recipes. RACHEL: Exactly. NATALIE: That still give you that sweet fulfillment
without messing up your stomach. RACHEL: Exactly. The goal of my recipes is that it’s always
gonna, like, be as good as the original thing that you’re imagining because I don’t want
people to be like, “Oh, it’s good for being gluten-free.” NATALIE: Right. Oh, that’s – RACHEL: That’s the worst. You want people to eat it and not know that
it’s gluten-free. NATALIE: No, this is delicious. Period! RACHEL: Exactly. NATALIE: All right, and so you have some exciting
news. RACHEL: Yes! NATALIE: You have a cookbook, The Bakerita,
coming out in 2020. RACHEL: Yes. Yes, it’s coming out in March of 2020. It’s going to be over 100 recipes that are
all gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. NATALIE: Okay well I have to buy it for my
mom obviously. RACHEL: Yes! NATALIE: But this is amazing! Congratulations! RACHEL: Thank you so much. I appreciate it. NATALIE: All right, so the September ingredient
of the month in our community forum is sweet potatoes. And Rachel here was kind enough to rework
one of her existing recipes to include sweet potato. So I want to get down to the good stuff. RACHEL: Oh, yes. NATALIE: Let’s get baking. RACHEL: Yes. NATALIE: What are we doing here? I’m so excited! RACHEL: Yeah, so we’re gonna be making these
chocolate chunk sweet potato blondies. They are so good, and I’m excited that we
had to work with sweet potato this month because it’s such a good replacement for pumpkin. NATALIE: Ooh, yes! RACHEL: And it adds a little bit of extra
sweetness. You don’t have to use much sugar, which is
awesome. And it’s so delicious, and it has sort of
those pumpkin flavors, but a little bit different. NATALIE: Yeah! All right, so what’s first? RACHEL: Yeah, so let’s get going. Okay, so we’re gonna start with our wet ingredients. So if you wouldn’t mind handing me the almond
butter and one of these spatulas. NATALIE: One of these guys? RACHEL: Yeah, that’s perfect. And we can scrape that in there. NATALIE: And then we are gonna put this recipe
on the community forum, so everyone gets to check it out and try it themselves. RACHEL: For sure. And then we’re also gonna add to this bowl
the coconut oil that’s on the back. NATALIE: This guy right here? RACHEL: Yep, exactly. NATALIE: Okay, do we just pour this whole
thing in? RACHEL: Yeah. NATALIE: Pre-measured, ready to go. RACHEL: Just go for it. Yeah. NATALIE: All right, so we’ve got almond butter
and coconut oil. RACHEL: Yes, half a cup of almond butter,
quarter cup of coconut oil. And then we’re gonna add in the coconut sugar
right there. NATALIE: Is this this guy? RACHEL: Yep. Perfect. NATALIE: Ooh, coconut sugar. RACHEL: Yes! It’s one of my favorites. It’s a lower glycemic sweetener, um, and it’s
really delicious. It adds a sort of caramel-y flavor to things. NATALIE: Oh, I love caramel-y. RACHEL: And it’s really yummy. NATALIE: Sold! RACHEL: So we’re just gonna dump that – dump
that right in there. NATALIE: Okay. RACHEL: And then we’re gonna whisk it all
together. So if you want to go ahead and whisk it up. NATALIE: I don’t know if I trust my whisking. It’s like a .- this kind of a motion, right? RACHEL: Yup. Perfect. We just want to get it all combined until
it’s nice and smooth. NATALIE: You can see it starts to look caramel-y. RACHEL: Yeah, it starts to come together in
sort of a smooth kind of paste. NATALIE: Yum! RACHEL: It’s so good. NATALIE: I’m excited already. It doesn’t take a lot for me to get – mmmm! Food is my happy place. RACHEL: Right. NATALIE: And I have a massive sweet tooth,
so I think something like this is also so important for me because I’m not supposed
to have a lot of sugar. I’m on, like, a low-inflammatory diet. And having those replacements is amazing. RACHEL: Perfect. NATALIE: How did I do? RACHEL: Perfect! Looks great. So next we’re gonna add our ingredient of
the month, sweet potato. NATALIE: Sweet potato! RACHEL: So I prepped this ahead of time, and
I used a regular sweet potato, and I just peeled it, chopped it into little cubes, and
I microwaved it to steam it and soften it. You could also steam it over boiling water
if you prefer. Um, and then just blend it up. Or if you want to do the cheater version,
you can get a can of sweet potato. It’s usually next to the pumpkin. It can be hard to find. It’s not with the rest of the canned foods,
so it’s usually in the baking aisle next to the canned pumpkin. NATALIE: Sweet potato. RACHEL: So those are your options if you want
to be more labor intensive or if you want to do the shortcut. NATALIE: Love it. RACHEL: So we’re just gonna add that right
in there. NATALIE: Should I take the – RACHEL: Yeah, we can scrape this in. And then if you want to dump in that vanilla
too in that little brown bowl. NATALIE: Ooh, I love, love me some vanilla. RACHEL: Yes. NATALIE: All right. RACHEL: And this recipe is vegan also, and
the sweet potato works really nicely as a way to replace the eggs and act as a binder. NATALIE: A binding agent. RACHEL: Yeah. NATALIE: Wow! Look at you! RACHEL: All right, and we’ll just whisk that
up. NATALIE: I love vanilla so, so much. RACHEL: Me too. It smells so good. NATALIE: Oh my god. I wish – I keep mentioning this somehow on
our shows that I wish we had invented smell-ivision already. Like, how has this not happened yet? RACHEL: I know. NATALIE: ‘Cause I want to share. I’m starting to get that almond butter. RACHEL: Yeah, right? It smells so good. And you can use any other nut butter that
you prefer too instead of the almond butter. Like, cashew butter works well. I just find almond butter to be the most prevalent. It’s pretty easy to find. I just wouldn’t recommend peanut butter because
I don’t think the flavors would go great. NATALIE: There’s also a lot of peanut allergies
and all of those sorts of things. RACHEL: Yeah, exactly, so we’d rather avoid
that. NATALIE: Yes. RACHEL: And then now we just have our dry
ingredients. It’s super quick and easy to put them together. So we’re gonna add our almond flour right
here. You can just dump that in. NATALIE: Whabam! RACHEL: And then we have our pumpkin pie spice
back here. NATALIE: Ooh. RACHEL: And I like using pumpkin pie spice
’cause it just – you have to measure less things and it smells so good. NATALIE: Where do you get this from? RACHEL: Most grocery stores have it. This one is from Trader Joe’s. NATALIE: Trader Joe’s! RACHEL: This time of year you can usually
find it at most places. You can also just measure out some cinnamon
and nutmeg. NATALIE: I can smell the cinnamon in there,
yeah. RACHEL: So it’s just a combination of warm
spices, but if you don’t want to go buy the pumpkin spice mix, you can use the spices
that you have on hand. NATALIE: Trader Joe’s literally has pumpkin
everything during this time of year. RACHEL: Yeah, exactly. NATALIE: So that’s a great place to go find
it. RACHEL: Totally. And then we’re gonna add in our baking soda
and our salt. NATALIE: Baking soda. RACHEL: Yep. NATALIE: And just a really tiny amount of
salt. RACHEL: Little bit of salt. Just a pinch essentially. Get that in there. A little stuck. NATALIE: You can do it! Oh, there we go. RACHEL: Perfect, and then I usually like switching
from the whisk to a spatula like this just when it’s the dry ingredients so it’s a little
less messy. NATALIE: We have some comments coming in. RACHEL: Oh yeah. NATALIE: So Taneisha Larson says, “Well, I’ve
just found my daughter – I just found my daughter and my treat for the weekend.” RACHEL: Oh, yes! NATALIE: If you guys make this, please send
us photos. Let us know what you think. Amanda Leau says, “Who would’ve known you
can make brownies with sweet potatoes?” RACHEL: Right? NATALIE: And people are loving that this is
like a great fall dessert option. RACHEL: Totally. NATALIE: So good. RACHEL: It’s so fun. I’ve been making these. I made these a couple times this week, and
everyone in my family and friends have been obsessed with them. And everyone’s so surprised that they have
sweet potato. NATALIE: I know! RACHEL: You would never guess. NATALIE: Just sneak it in there! RACHEL: Right? Um, okay so our batter’s ready, and now we’re
moving onto chocolate, which is my favorite part. NATALIE: Which is also my favorite part. RACHEL: So let’s grab that – NATALIE: I’m gonna move this together because
I know myself. RACHEL: Good idea. NATALIE: It feels like a bad idea. RACHEL: I’m gonna put this on my scale because
we’re gonna weigh out the amount of chocolate that we’re gonna be using. So I’ll just have this prepped over here. NATALIE: So that’s why it’s not cut yet. We’re weighing it out individually. RACHEL: Yeah. Exactly. You can totally use chocolate chips if you
prefer. I prefer to use chocolate chunks because they
don’t have any waxes added to them. A lot of times, chocolate chips will have
stabilizing waxes that keep that chip shape. But it also prevents them from melting into,
like, gooey pockets, and that’s always my favorite part of anything with chocolate in
it. NATALIE: I love gooey pockets. RACHEL: Exactly! NATALIE: You speak to my soul, girl. RACHEL: So we are just gonna chop this up. NATALIE: This is a thick block of chocolate. RACHEL: This is a big block of chocolate. NATALIE: Yum! Oh my god, and is this, like, dark chocolate? What percentage? RACHEL: Yeah, I like using dark chocolate. I believe this is, like, 72%. NATALIE: So it’s a high dark chocolate. RACHEL: Something around there. Yeah. If you prefer a lighter chocolate, that totally
works too. If you want to go darker, that also works. NATALIE: Personal preference. RACHEL: Usually the darker the chocolate,
the meltier it gets. So sometimes if you go too high, like, over
80%, it can just be kind fo a mess. NATALIE: Is it runny? RACHEL: Yeah. NATALIE: Becomes like a lava cake by mistake? RACHEL: Yeah, exactly. So I usually prefer to do somewhere between,
like, 60 and 72 percent. NATALIE: Okay. I like chocolate so much. RACHEL: It’s the best thing ever. So I just kind of roughly chop it like that,
and it has big chunks and it has shards, and it will – NATALIE: Which is the fun part because then
you never know what you’re gonna get with each bite! RACHEL: You get, like, little shards of chocolate
in every bite and then you’ll get a big chunk. So let’s just move this over here carefully. NATALIE: Oh my god, I’m so excited. Don’t worry. Any piece left behind will get eaten by me. RACHEL: And then we’re gonna go for about
half a cup, which is three ounces so I’m just weighing it out. NATALIE: I’m assuming you know – oh, I was
gonna say I don’t know how to eyeball that. So Stacy Ann Ratliff asked, “What kind of
chocolate do you use? Does it have sugar?” So we’re using that 72% dark chocolate. RACHEL: Yeah, so this one that we’re using
right now does have sugar, but there are brands that don’t have sugar. They’re sweetened with Stevia if you want
something that’s completely sugar free. And then there’s also some companies that
will make coconut sugar-sweetened chocolate. So the kind of sugar that we used before,
which is an unrefined sugar. So a lot of times that’s what I’ll use at
home while I’m baking is the coconut sugar-sweetened chocolate. NATALIE: So totally customizable. RACHEL: Yeah. NATALIE: Shelly Foresberg says, “I need to
make those blondies today! It’s raining here, and those sound perfect.” RACHEL: Perfect rainy weather treat. NATALIE: I mean, this really is the perfect
rainy weather treat. So we’re gonna post this again. We’ll post the recipe in the community, so
everyone can make it with us. We’re getting a lot of yums coming in. RACHEL: Oh, good. My favorite word. NATALIE: We have, “Great tip on the chocolate. Thank you.” RACHEL: Yes. NATALIE: And Carol Say says, “Vegan! Yeah, I’m gonna make this weekend.” RACHEL: Awesome. All right, if you would hand me that spoon
and we’ll just stir the chocolate in. NATALIE: Oh my god, that’s good chocolate. That’s good chocolate! RACHEL: And there we have the batter all mixed
together. So it’s pretty thick. It’s almost like a cookie dough. NATALIE: Yeah! RACHEL: You might even be able to make them
as cookies. I haven’t tried that yet, but it would probably
work. NATALIE: Ooh. All right. So we’re done with the chocolate? RACHEL: Yeah, we’re done with the chocolate,
and now we’re just gonna line this pan. And I have a little parchment paper trick
that makes lining the pan way easier. NATALIE: Okay. RACHEL: So we just need one sheet of this. NATALIE: We came prepared. RACHEL: Yes. And if you wouldn’t mind handing me those
scissors over there also. NATALIE: Sure, I’m a great assistant. RACHEL: So we’re using a square pan today. So I’m gonna cut the parchment paper into
a square. If you wanted to double the recipe and make
a bigger batch, you could also use, like, a standard 9×13 pan and use the whole sheet
of parchment paper, and this little trick to line it works for that too. You would just leave the parchment sheet as
sized. So I just cut it like that to be the shape
of the pan. And then we’re just gonna go around to each
of these corners and cut in about – I don’t know – six inches or so. NATALIE: I am fascinated right now. I’ve never seen this before. RACHEL: It makes it so much easier to line. You don’t get, like, those weird crinkly edges,
and it helps pull it out at the end way easier. So you’ll see how after making these slits,
it will nestle into the pan. NATALIE: So you do every corner. RACHEL: Yes, so we do every corner and then
the corners will kind of – we’ll use this and tuck it into the pan, and the corners
kind of fold in over each other. NATALIE: Oh my god! RACHEL: So it’s perfectly lined. NATALIE: Rachel! RACHEL: So slipping out a little bit on the
bottom, but this is like my favorite, favorite parchment paper trick. NATALIE: It’s brilliant because then you can
literally just – RACHEL: Exactly. You just pull out the corners and that’s all. NATALIE: This is why you do this and I don’t. And this is why I’m learning. RACHEL: Many years of being frustrated with
sliding pans and – NATALIE: You get inventive! RACHEL: Yep. So we’re just gonna grease this so we don’t
have any sticking. NATALIE: And so why do we still grease it
with the parchment paper? So it doesn’t stick to the paper? RACHEL: Technically you don’t have to. I just find it a little bit easier to remove. I forgot one of the times testing this recipe,
and it wasn’t that big of a deal. But sometimes the chocolate can stick to the
bottom after it’s baked. NATALIE: And what kind of spray did we use
to prep? RACHEL: This is avocado oil spray. Usually my favorite is avocado oil or coconut
oil are both pretty good. Just don’t use, like, a baking spray because
a lot of times, those have flour added. So if you’re trying to avoid gluten, it’s
– NATALIE: Really? RACHEL: Yeah, a lot of the times, it’s like
a mix of oil and flour because a lot of bakers will sort of use that mix. They’ll make it themselves and wipe it on
the pan ’cause the flour helps it release. But I avoid the prepared sprays like that
because a lot of times, people would not realize that that’s a place where gluten could be
found. NATALIE: I’ve never thought of that! RACHEL: Like, you would never think of that. Yeah, exactly. NATALIE: Okay, good to know. RACHEL: All right, then last but not least,
we’re just gonna put this batter in here. NATALIE: Oh my god, it smells so good. So good! What temperature have we pre-heated the oven
to at this point? RACHEL: 350. NATALIE: 350. RACHEL: Pretty standard. NATALIE: And how long do these take to bake? RACHEL: These take about 20 minutes to bake,
and they’re all good. Yeah. NATALIE: Super easy and oh my god, they look
good. I love the different chunk sizes. It’s also really visually appealing to me. RACHEL: Yes! Totally. And if you want to add even more chocolate
or just for looks, you can sprinkle a little extra chocolate on top to get those big chunks. And it kind of seems like it’s a thin amount
of batter in the pan, but because we added that baking soda – NATALIE: It’s gonna – RACHEL: It’ll rise once they’re being baked. NATALIE: And no one would ever know that there’s
sweet potato in here. RACHEL: Right? I know. It’s magic. NATALIE: It really is. RACHEL: And you get lots of extra vitamins
and nutrients from the sweet potato, so it’s perfect. NATALIE: Yeah, this is how – you’re like,
“Kids! Come have a blondie.” And you’re like, “I’m secretly feeding them
sweet potato!” RACHEL: Exactly. It’s the best thing. All right, and then all we have from here
is to put these into the oven. NATALIE: Let’s do it. RACHEL: Our art of TV magic – we already have
one ready to go. NATALIE: I love it! Oh yes, I’m so excited! RACHEL: So let’s grab this out of here. NATALIE: Yay. RACHEL: So good! NATALIE: Look at that! RACHEL: And you can see – NATALIE: Oh my god! RACHEL: And you can see that with the parchment
paper, you can just lift it out. NATALIE: I mean, look at that! RACHEL: And those chocolate chunks – I garnished
with some of the bigger chocolate chunks, and it just makes it feel so decadent. NATALIE: And now do I get to eat one? RACHEL: Yes! That’s the whole point, right? We can cut some of these fresh. NATALIE: Yes, please. RACHEL: All right. NATALIE: I did promise Cora one. I promised Cora that I would bring some back
for her. RACHEL: We’ll have to bring some back. So the parchment paper makes it super easy
to just lift it out. And then you also have a pretty much clean
pan, which is really nice. NATALIE: So you don’t have to scrub this out
of there. RACHEL: Exactly. NATALIE: Ooh, and look at those edges. RACHEL: Just fold it down, and then we can
grab this knife and I like to cut it into pretty small squares because it can be pretty
rich because of the chocolate. NATALIE: Okay. RACHEL: So my favorite way to cut to make
sure you can pretty even squares is just start by cutting through the center. Then just cut each of those in half. NATALIE: Oh! That makes way more sense. RACHEL: Yeah! Makes life way easier. And, like, you can see the chocolate ’cause
it’s still melty. It, like, sticks to the knife. And then I just do the same thing the other
way. NATALIE: Start at the center. RACHEL: Yep. NATALIE: That’s brilliant. I’ve never started in the center ever, and
it makes way more sense that way because all of my rows wind up being completely uneven. RACHEL: And then comes the blondies, ready
to go. NATALIE: Oh my god. All right. Let’s plate some up. RACHEL: Yes, absolutely! NATALIE: But first – before we even – I’m
not even – I don’t need a plate. RACHEL: Yes. I think I need to have one with you. NATALIE: Cheers! RACHEL: Cheers!