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welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here my name is Alyssa. Today I have got three
delicious summer dessert recipes all of which are no bake, that means they don’t require an oven which for me is like a total win because I don’t wanna turn on the oven when it’s boiling out. So today we are gonna be
making three delicious recipes like I said. All of them are vegan and all of them are already up on the blog. So if you’re interested in
making them or trying them you can find the links down
in the description box below and the three recipes that we’re making are vegan dark chocolate
almond butter cups, so they’re like Reese’s but healthier. We’re also gonna make some
no-bake key lime pie bars and then we’re finishing off with some cherry pie energy bites. All of them are so
delicious, super healthy, and I can’t wait for you to make them. So without further ado,
let’s go ahead and dive in. We’re gonna start by making the dark chocolate
almond butter cups. And to begin we have
to melt some chocolate. So you’re just gonna
add your dark chocolate. You can use chocolate chips, you could use a chocolate
bar into a double boiler. This helps prevent the
chocolate from burning. If you’ve never used
a double boiler before you just have a pot with
a little bit of water and then a heat-proof bowl on top of that and it helps to melt the chocolate. Once the chocolate is melted
you can add in your coconut oil and again just stir that together until the coconut oil is melted as well. Then you will just remove
the chocolate from the heat. We’re gonna start building
the almond butter cups. So the first step is to fill
your little muffin liners with a little bit of chocolate. I use about I would say half a teaspoon and you’re just gonna fill each liner and then you will pop your
baking sheet into the freezer and let the chocolate solidify. It takes about 15 minutes or so. Once the chocolate is solidified you can start adding your almond butter on top of that hard chocolate. So the center almond butter is gonna be about half a
teaspoon of almond butter. I really like to use creamy but you could use crunchy if you wanted. And then on top of that
you will do another layer of the melted chocolate. So you’re essentially just
building like a little sandwich. And then I like to finish things off with some flaked Maldon sea salt. Totally optional, I just personally love the
salt and chocolate combination. If you’re not a fan you
can just not do that and then you’ll just pop
these back in the freezer for another probably at least an hour. I like to really make sure
that they’re nice and firm but once they are solid you can just take them out
of the freezer and enjoy. Unwrap them like you would a little regular peanut butter cup and these are such a fun
little healthy treat. And just one final tip is that you are gonna wanna
keep these in the fridge or the freezer. Because they have coconut oil they tend to melt at room temperature and if you don’t eat them
quickly they also tend to melt. So I would just recommend
keeping them in your fridge or your freezer. Otherwise, you guys are gonna love them. The second recipe is our vegan
no-bake key lime pie bars. We’re gonna start with our cashews. You’re just gonna add your
cashews into a bowl or whatever, top it with hot water, and let those soak for about 35 to an hour ish. Then we will make the crust. The base is going to be rolled oats. To that you’re also
gonna add in some pecans and some dates, blend that up until you get a nice sandy
texture in your food processor and then you’re gonna
add in some coconut oil. And this is what’s gonna help hold everything together in the freezer because the coconut oil solidifies and it helps the crust
stay nice and intact. When you’re done with your crust it should kinda stick
together in between your hands so you can just pinch it
to get that nice texture. So that’s the base of the crust. Then we are gonna make the filling. I made the filling in a food processor. I actually recommend doing it in a blender because you can get it a lot smoother. So pick your poison here but you aren’t gonna get
quick the same texture in the food processor as
you would the blender. But essentially you’re just
gonna add your soaked cashews into the blender, top
that with some lime zest as well as coconut oil,
lime juice, maple syrup, and a little vanilla. Blend it up until smooth and creamy. You might wanna add a
splash of almond milk if it gets too thick in the blender just kind of to help
everything get nice and smooth but it’s gonna be the texture
of like a very thick cream. So once you’re ready
to assemble everything we’re gonna now move onto that step. To assemble this you’re gonna have a
parchment-lined baking pan. I like to use an eight by eight pan, that fits everything perfectly. You’ll transfer the crust
ingredients into the pan first then use your hands to
firmly press it down. Make sure you get into the corners so that you’re really getting the crust as even as possible and really,
really, really push hard, this is key. The harder you push the
more compact it gets and that means that it will
stick together when it’s frozen. So once you’ve got your crust there you can just pour the filling
right on top of the crust and we’re going to just use a spatula to kind of smooth it out and make sure that it’s all evenly spread
out through the whole pan. And I like to finish it off with just a little extra lime zest because it looks really
pretty but that’s optional, you don’t have to do that. And then you’ll pop
these bars in the freezer and let them solidify. It’s gonna take at least a few hours. Preferably you do this overnight and you’ll have better texture that way and you’ll make sure that
they’re actually frozen. When you are ready to serve let them come to room temperature for like five to 10 minutes just so they soften up a little bit. Then you can remove them from
the pan and you can slice them into your little key lime pie squares. And just like the almond butter cups, these need to be kept in the freezer for them to keep their texture. These are kind of gonna be
like a frozen cheesecake bar but they’re so delicious, tons of flavor, and I know you guys are gonna love ’em. Our final recipe is gonna be
our cherry pie energy bites. We are going to start by
soaking our dried cherries. This just helps them
soften up a little bit and helps us blend it more easily. So soak them in hot water
for like 10 to 15 minutes just to let them soften a little and then we’ll move on to the base. We’re gonna add in some raw cashews. And then I actually just like
blend my raw cashews first so that I get the right texture. So just blend them up
in your food processor until they turn into
like a nice sandy texture and then we will add in the
drained and soaked cherries as well as some dates,
pop the lid back on, process that again until
it becomes a sandy texture and then you can just remove the lid and we’re gonna add in some quinoa flakes and the quinoa flakes are gonna
add a little bit of protein and they’re also gonna help
everything stick together without having to add a lot of extra nuts. You can also use oats if
you don’t use quinoa flakes. And again just process it together until everything is combined. The final step is to add
in some flaked coconut and you’re just gonna
pulse that to combine to get the coconut nice
and mixed into that dough. Once you have everything done and you’re ready to roll them
out you’re just gonna take about a golf ball-sized piece
of the dough into your hands and then kind of squish it
firmly in between each hand and then roll it into a little ball. And then you can just repeat until you’ve used all of the
dough and the final step, which is optional but also delicious is to roll them in some shredded coconut. So I just use a shallow dish, I add some shredded coconut into the dish, and then I just press
the ball into the coconut to kind of get everything
coated and pretty and it kind of makes them look like those little snowball treats. I don’t know if you guys
know what I’m talking about but it kinda makes them look like candy and it adds a little nice crunch and I personally love coconut which is why I like to do this. But again, you don’t have to
do it if you don’t want to. And just like the other two I recommend keeping these
in the fridge or freezer for a longer shelf life
but also better texture. And these do taste like cherry pie. So if you’re a cherry pie fan you’re gonna love these
little energy bites. (upbeat light rock music) And there you have it my friends. I hope you enjoyed our
no-bake vegan treats today. If you do end up making them I would love to know
which one you try first. Come back to this video,
let me know in the comments. I know you guys are gonna love all three and what I think is
fabulous about each of them is that they all play like
a different role, right? So the chocolate one is
great for after dinner to keep in your freezer. I have a stash of these
on hand at all times. The key lime pie ones are
a little bit more like fun and fiesta-ish, like kinda flavory and then the cherry
pie energy bites double as a really healthy snack
that you can bring with you on the go. So as always, the recipes
are already up on the blog like I mentioned. You could find them all down
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