Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! Today we are gonna be making a cake that we’ve
never made before! Today we are gonna be making a roll cake! These cakes are super popular right now, there’s
so many pictures of them all over the internet. And, I’m seeing them
at my local bakery, and even at the grocery store, so I thought, this is the perfect
time to do a roll cake. And we’re gonna theme it… Mewwwp! Hearthstone! I’ve been playing this game a lot, it’s
really fun! I can’t wait for it to come out and I thought it would be perfect! So today, we are gonna be making a Hearthstone
Themed Roll Cake! Let’s get started! To make this cake we have to make 2 types
of batter, the 1st is the decoration batter. So, to do this you’re just gonna
need an electric mixer, if you don’t have a KitchenAid, it’s fine, you can just
use a regular hand mixer, or you can use a whisk! The first thing you’re gonna do is take
7 tablespoons of butter, and I’ve left this out so that it’s room temperature, and you’re
just gonna put it in your bowl. Then you’re gonna take 3/4 cup of powdered
sugar, and add it to your bowl. And then mix these two together until it’s
really smooth and combined. Mix it around! Once your mixture is nice and creamy, you’re
gonna take 3 egg whites and add it to the bowl and mix it up! And now you’re gonna add 1 cup of flour
while it’s mixing, just slowly, gradually add it to the bowl so that flour doesn’t
fly up everywhere! Once you’ve got your decoration batter all
mixed together, we’re gonna divide it into 3 bowls and we’re gonna dye
it 3 different colors. The 3 colors are going to be gray, so I’ve
got some black food coloring dye, blue and red! I really like this Americolor brand, because
it has a little squeeze bottle top! And so you can just squeeze in a drop of dye and
it doesn’t get your fingers messy. Oh, easy does it, 1 drop of red! I’m just gonna mix it up. Now we’re gonna dye these batters blue and
gray. Once you’ve got your batter dyed red, blue
and a light gray, we’re just gonna put it in these piping bags. I’m just using
a fancy bag with a number 3 tip at the end, and then I put a little piece of tape
here so that the batter won’t come out of the bottom when we’re putting the batter
in the top. If you don’t have one of these bags, it’s
fine! You can just use a regular plastic bag and then cut the tip. I’m just using
this little tip to be more accurate. So what you do, is you stick your bag in the
cup, pull down the sides, and then just scoop your batter in. Badoop! Push down the batter. And then, I’m just taking these elastic,
they’re actually hair tie bands, and just tying off the top. Ta-dew! Easy-Peasy, now I’m just gonna do
this to the other 2. Now that our decoration batter is completely
ready, we’re gonna make our design. I am using this pan, it is a 15” by 10 cookie
sheet, and then I’ve printed off this template, I made it in photoshop. And
I’ll put a link down below to the PDF version. So you can download this
one and use it if you’d like to. So you don’t have to make your own at home. Remember, when you’re making Roll cakes,
you’ll want the image to be inversed, so when you roll it, it mirrors the image. It’s a little bit confusing, but trust me! OK, so what you’re gonna do is take you
template. And, I’m just gonna put it here at the top of the tray, leaving a little bit
of room at the top, and I’m gonna tape it down with some tape. Then you’re gonna take a piece of parchment
paper, and you’re gonna place it right on top of the design and tape it down. Now you’re gonna take your blue batter and
we’re gonna fill in the designs. Just trace the design on the top of the parchment
paper. Now you’re gonna take your red batter and
you’re gonna fill in all the little hearts, and once you’re done, you’re gonna pop
it in the freezer for about 10 minutes, and then we’ll do the gray batter. Now we are gonna pop this in the freezer again,
and just leave it in there until we are done making our roll cake batter. To make the roll cake batter, it’s a little
bit confusing, but I made it easy because I have 2 separate bowls. Because what you do is you make 2 different mixtures,
and then you fold them in together. So I have a red bowl, and a silver bowl so
that we won’t get confused! The first thing you’re gonna do is take
4 eggs, and you’re gonna crack them all open into here and you’re gonna separate
the egg whites from the egg yolk. And a really cool tip, I’m gonna call it
a Schmidt tip! Uh, he’s my DP of Nerdy Nummies, he’s
behind, he’s behind this camera! Uh, we saw this YouTube video and he showed
me how to separate your egg whites and egg yolks, so let me show you! You’re gonna crack all your eggs in this
bowl, and then, you’re just gonna take a water bottle, press out the air a little
bit… And then, put the top of it on the yolk, and
suck up the yolk! Woop! We got it! We got it! We can let the egg whites drain, perfect! Then put the egg yolk over here. Boop! Now, now that… Pssshhhhhhh! Now that we’ve got our egg yolks and our
egg whites separated, we are gonna make our egg white mixture. So in the red bowl we are going to pour or
4 egg whites, bewp! And… 1/4 cup of sugar, just regular sugar. Then you’re gonna add a teaspoon of cream
of tartar. Which is actually not a cream, it is a white
powder and it is found in the spices section at the grocery
store. And now we are gonna beat until you get hard
peaks and it’s about for 5 minutes. And I’ll show you what a hard peak looks
like, it looks like a little… Uh, fluffy mountain! Now our egg white mixture is all done, now we’re
gonna make the egg yolk mixture. So you’re just gonna take your 4 egg yolks,
pour them in the bowl, and then you’re gonna take 1/4 cup of sugar, just regular
sugar. And then you’re just gonna take your electric
beater, it’s OK if these are on there, that’s fine, you can just transfer it into
this bowl. Then you’re just gonna mix it together until it turns into a yellow creamy
paste. Now you got your 2 mixtures all ready, now
what you’re gonna do is fold in your egg whites. You’re gonna take a scoop of
egg whites, with a spatula, and put it into your egg yolk bowl, and then fold
it in. Once you’ve folded in all the egg white
mixture like so, now you’re gonna take 4 tablespoons of butter, and I’ve melted
this in the microwave, but then let it sit so that it’s not hot, it’s
just room temperature. And you’re just gonna pour it in, then you’re gonna
add 3/4 cup of flour. Just put it in. I put 1/2 of it in and then
I’ll fold it and then another 1/2 and then fold. And then you’re done! Once your roll cake batter is all ready, now
you’re just gonna take your sheet out of the freezer and remove the design, the
paper design. Very gentle, bewp! Like so. Now you’re just gonna pour your roll cake
batter on the top and spread it flat. Now you’re just gonna tap your tray down. This will take out all the little air bubbles,
and you’re gonna heat your oven to 375 and you’re gonna bake this cake for
7 minutes, only 7 minutes! Because these cakes bake really, really fast,
so just keep an eye on it, if it starts to turn golden brown at all, take it
out, because they bake fast! Alright, let’s put it in the oven. You take your cake out of the oven and right
away you’re just gonna cut all along the edges, so that your cake comes out
easily. Then what you’re gonna do is take a piece
of parchment paper, put it on top. And, any flat surface, I’m just using a
bigger cookie sheet that I had lying around. Put it on top, then you’re gonna put on
your oven mitts because your pan on the bottom is still hot, and you’re gonna
flip it over. This is gonna be a little bit weird! But we can do it! Ta-da! Oh it looks great! This looks amazing! Now you’re just gonna
remove your piece of parchment paper. Be gentle, take your time. OK, now what you’re gonna do is take 1 last
piece of parchment paper, put it on top. And you’re gonna flip it over once again. And this tray is cool now, so it’s pretty
easy. Bloop! Your designs are on this end, so you’re
gonna roll from the bottom going up towards the design. So you’re gonna start on this end, and then
just roll your cake. Just like that! Da-dew! Isn’t that cute? Looks like a little log! And then you’re just gonna set this aside
and let it cool. And while it’s cooling, in this shape, we’re gonna make some cream
cheese whipped filling. I’m gonna dye it blue so that it will look
like the Hearthstone. And we’re gonna cut some fresh strawberries. I took some whipped cream cheese, and I dyed
it blue with just a drop of food coloring dye. And I just put
it in this plastic baggie, and then I took some fresh strawberries and cut ‘em up,
yum-yum-yum! Ooop! While our cake was cooling, and now we’re
just gonna roll it out. And, take off the parchment paper, nice! Then we’re just gonna take our frosting,
snip the tip. Boop! And then just put frosting, all throughout. I’m leaving some room at the sides and at
the bottom, because when you roll the cake the frosting will all be pushed forward,
that’s OK! Then I’m just gonna take a big spatula,
or you can take a knife, whatever you have, and just smooth it out. Then I’m just gonna
take these fresh strawberries and put them all the way across, in a line, like
this. Dewp! Dewp! Once you’ve got your frosting and your strawberries
in place, now we’re gonna re-roll the cake for the last time! Our rolly-polly cake! Rolly-polly, rolly-polly! Ta-da! Our Hearthstone Roll Cake is all done and
it looks amazing I love it! The little designs are so cute. What I really like is the end, so when you
cut it into slices, it will look like the Hearthstone symbol, look at that! Dee-dee-dee-dee! This was such a cool idea, thanks you guys
for suggesting to do a cool, new, special cake, I really loved making this. If you have any other ideas or any other Nerdy Nummies,
please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do my best to
make it happen! Also, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter,
Tumblr, Instagram, because I will post lots of pictures of this yummy Hearthstone
roll cake! And, I love getting fan baking creation pictures,
so if you have pictures, send them to me, I like to post them there! Alright, thanks you guys, let me know if you
want to see a cool, weird, new cake again. Alright, bye-bye!