Helena Middle Principle Knight
…For All you available to assist us and provide us with the things necessary to be
a safe school. We cant thank them enough. Today we have with us our great Mayor Mark
Hall. We also have our great council members today,
Mile Jones, Hal Woodman (I am filming so they kinda look my way -aka Hewy), and Laura Joseph
… Thank you very much! We also have our great police Chief Pete Folmar
back there. I want to recognize, for a second, our PTO
President Stacey Franklin for getting everything organize and we appreciate how much our PTO
does for us each year at the school. Thank you, Stacey, and PTO! There would not be a Helena Middle school
without support from Shelby County Schools. We are proud to be part of the system. Our Board members and County Leaders make
us a top priority. This is evident by each school in the County
have an SRO officer. We are thankful to them. We have with us Superintendent Randy Fuller,
our Coordinator Jenni Goolsby, and we have with us Cindy Warner who is Community
Education Public Relations Supervisor. This is a school wide award and I would like
to thank our faculty and staff for all they do to make Helena Middle School as safe school. I want to thank our student body for understanding
the important of our drills and reporting any concerns to our office. We again want to our PTO for the safety badge
this year. Finally, I want to Thank the recipients of
the award today Mrs. Jennifer Cofer (Asst Principal at HMS) and our SRO officer Ken
Lowery. These two are responsible for developing our
safety plan and making sure it is implemented. This award today would not be possible without
their effort. At this time, I would like to introduce Alabama
Attorney General Steve Marshall. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall Speaks:
Thank You, I appreciate… (applause) … come to Montgomery and do something that most people
don’t get a chance to do. I was in Tuscaloosa early this morning they
have a football team there (laughter)., but you did something they did that most folks
do not get a chance to do. You repeated as champions when you get this
award today so give yourself a round of applause. So why am I here, and why do I care. As Attorney General of Alabama, I am considered
the chief law enforcement officer in the State. Which means I am responsible for making sure
those who chose to do bad things to people and those who make decision to harm others,
are held accountable. That is one of the privileges I have to work
with law enforcement to make communities safe. We also have another component we care about. Not just making sure we hold the bad guys
accountable but we do things to prevent crimes before they occur. That is why this Safe School initiative is
so important because we don’t want Alabama to be that story in the news that somebody
comes into a school and who attempts to take violent in their own hands and harms students
and teacher who are simply here trying to learn and do what they are supposed to do. So this initiative is important for us, not
only to send a message that safe school are important, but for us to highlight and reward
those that are doing it really well. Helena Middle School is doing it really, really
well. Thank you to these folks for making it happen. (Applause) We have criteria we use to evaluate the schools. A lot of folks, put in applications to try
to take your award away from you this year but they didn’t get it. Really the three reason why Helena was awarded
this was partially those folks sitting in the bleacher on both sides, and that is the
students of the middle school. You embraced the idea that we are going report
to administrator things we see going wrong. You accepted the idea that we are going to
support one another and to the extend we can stop it we are not going to accept the bulling
of our peers, whether it be in class, online or through social media. You have been willing to embrace the idea
that we got to practice theses drills and put into
place what it is going to take in emergency situation. So, students of this middle school, reward
yourself with a round of applause for what you did to make this happen. (applause)
There is a guy that is standing behind and that is your SRO Ken Lowery. Everybody knows the SRO…right? (agreement from student body)
He could be out working the roads, he could be doing the stuff he went to law enforcement
for, or instead he could embrace the idea that he could be here with you, number one,
to make sure you are safe and he could do things from his standpoint as a law enforcement
officer to embrace the idea that he wants to make sure classes are here are safe for
young person to learn. The other thing I could tell you is that he
loves the people of this school. I just met him for the first time today and
it is not surprising that he works and devotes his career to be in this setting means he
cares about you personally. He wants to do everything he can as a school
resource officer to make sure you are safe. So, Officer Lowery, I want to Thank You for
working in law enforcement and making sure they understand the school safety plan here
and if there was an incident, how they should respond. Most importantly that he is representative
of you of law enforcement and that is to do the right thing every day to make sure you
are safe so let’s give him a round of applause. Although (inaudible) he would defer that to
Mrs. Cofer. She is somebody who has embraced her role
as a leader at this school, to develop this plan, to do the training, to work with faculty,
and most importantly to understand what it means to make sure the school are safe and
you have an opportunity to learn. Mrs Cofer is someone that around this state
is recognized by others as understanding what this means and she is consulted by others
to understand what they can do for their school and most importantly is recognized by her
peers and the attorney general office as somebody who is a leader in that area. Mrs Cofer, Thank you for what you do. (applause)
Now I asked Officer Lowerly to come forward and Mrs Cofer to as well. It gives me a great deal of pride and pleasure
to be able to acknowledge the safety of this school as you are now a two time winner of
the Alabama State School Initiative Award of Excellence for 2016. ( I had to leave at that time so this is the
end HEW)