>>COSTA: Coming up on
High School Quiz Show
this week we have Lincoln-Sudbury Regional
High School… (cheers and applause) Taking on Andover High School. (cheers and applause) And that’s next
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toHigh School Quiz Show.I’m Billy Costa, your host. Back in November,
as many as 130 high school teams throughout Massachusetts
competed at our Super Sunday qualifying event to earn
one of 16 spots in this year’s competition. So the goal now is to become the nextHigh School Quiz Show
state champion. And today’s match-up
has Andover High School taking on Lincoln-Sudbury
Regional High School. And on the Andover team we have Reetahan, Ayan, Frank, and Alex. With alternates on the sidelines
Ajay and Lily, and coaches
Alan Hibino and Krista Hibino. Nice round of applause
for that team. (cheers and applause) And representing Lincoln-Sudbury we have Andrew, Dana,
Megan, and Isabel. With alternates Vincent and Dan. And coach Desiree Buttern and
assistant coach Nick St. George. (cheers and applause) All right, so the competition
has four rounds: a toss-up, a head-to-head round,
a category round, and the lightning round. And we’ll start
with the toss-up round. All answers are worth
ten points, and this is the only round
with no point deductions for any wrong answers. So if teams are ready,
I know I am, I say let’s go. What state is home
to the Kennedy Space Center, the hub of the nation’s
human space flight program? Yes, Reetahan.>>Florida.
>>COSTA: Yes. In September 2015, what
automaker was rocked by scandal for installing illegal software
that enabled it to cheat on emissions tests? Yes, Megan.>>Volkswagen.
>>COSTA: Yes. The proton, the neutron, and
the electron make up the atom. Which of these subatomic
particles has the smallest mass? Yes, Andrew.>>Electron.
>>COSTA: Yes. Former NBA star and Sherlock
Holmes fan Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has written a new novel
about what older brother of the famed detective? Yes, Isabel.>>Mycroft Holmes.>>COSTA: That is correct. Okay, take a look at
your screens in front of you, you will see a picture. In 2015,
NASA researchers confirmed that seasonal dark streaks,
seen here, are evidence of flowing water
on which planet? Yes, Megan?>>Mars.
>>COSTA: Yes. To help address concerns
that the Earth’s rotation is slowing down,
what was added to clocks on the last day of June 2015? Yes, Reetahan?
>>A second.>>COSTA:
Yes, a leap second or second. The phrase “the primrose path,”
meaning a life of ease and pleasure
that leads to destruction, was coined by what character best known
as Hamlet’s sweetheart? Yes, Isabel.>>Ophelia.
>>COSTA: That is correct. A sprain happens when you
stretch or tear what tough, fibrous tissue that connects
bones to other bones? Yes, Andrew.
>>A tendon.>>COSTA: No, Andover
do you want to try, Frank?>>A ligament.
>>COSTA: A ligament is correct. Again, take a look at
your screens in front of you. The next question is coming up
right now.>>Hello, I’m Sandra Naddaff,
Dean of Harvard Summer School. Here’s my question:
in a graduating class, the student with the highest
rank is the valedictorian. What term refers to the student
with the second-highest rank?>>COSTA: Yes, Isabel.
>>Salutatorian.>>COSTA: That is correct,
and we’ll move on. What despised emperor
found himself blamed for the great fire that ravaged
Rome in 64 A.D.? Andrew.
>>Nero.>>COSTA: Nero is correct. What Swedish word that means
“sandwich table” refers to a buffet of various
hot and cold dishes? Yes?
Yes, that is correct. In the late 1800s,
U.S. Secretary of State John Hay proposed an Open Door Policy,
in which no single nation would have a monopoly on trade
with what country? Yes, Andrew.>>China.
>>COSTA: Correct. Which of the following countries
has the longest coastline? Is it A) Iraq, B) Syria,
or C) Somalia? Yes, Andrew.>>Somalia.
>>COSTA: Correct. Math question:
a trapezoid is a quadrilateral with how many pairs
of parallel sides? Yes, Ayan.>>One.
>>COSTA: Yes. Who assumed the U.S. presidency
upon the assassination of William McKinley? Yes, Andrew.
>>Theodore Roosevelt.>>COSTA: Correct. Named after the Scottish town
where it was discovered, what metal used in color
TV tubes and red fireworks has the chemical symbol Sr? Reetahan.>>Strontium.
>>COSTA: Yes. What valley on the west bank
of the Nile was the main burying place
of royals of the Egyptian New Kingdom,
including Tutankhamen? Yes, Andrew.
>>Luxor Valley.>>COSTA: No, Andover,
you want to try it? Yes, Reetahan.
>>Valley of the Kings.>>COSTA:
Valley of the Kings is correct. Just 15 minutes
and three seconds into the 2015
Women’s World Cup final, what U.S. midfielder
scored three goals, setting a World Cup record
for fastest hat trick? Yes, Frank.
>>Carli Lloyd.>>COSTA: That is correct. A planet with a perfectly
circular orbit is scientifically defined as
having which of the following: A) zero eccentricity, B) zero
index, or C) zero momentum? Yes, Andrew?
>>A.>>COSTA: A is correct,
zero eccentricity. In September 2015, what country
faced mounting criticism after a stampede killed
more than 700 Muslim pilgrims near the holy city of Mecca? Yes, Andrew.
>>Saudi Arabia.>>COSTA: Correct. Because it dissolves
ionic and polar substances, what substance is known
as the universal solvent? Yes, Reetahan?
>>Water.>>COSTA: Correct. Math question: For a given angle
in a right triangle, what trigonometric function
equals sine over cosine, or opposite side
over adjacent side? Yes, Isabel.>>Tangent.
>>COSTA: Correct. In 1673, French explorers
Marquette and Jolliet became the first Europeans
to chart what river? Yes, Ayan.
>>The St. Lawrence.>>COSTA: No, Lincoln-Sudbury
you want to try it? Yes, Andrew.>>The Mississippi.>>COSTA:
The Mississippi is correct. What story by Daniel Keyes is
about a mentally challenged man whose IQ is tripled
as the result of an experimental operation? Yes, Isabel.>>Flowers for Algernon.
>>COSTA: Yes. A landmark in the history
of animation, what short film from 1928
starring Mickey Mouse was the first Disney cartoon
with synchronized sound? Yes, Megan.>>Steamboat Willie.
>>COSTA: That is correct. (bell rings) Oh, and there’s the bell
that ends the round. We’ll take a look at the score
right now. Andover High School
with a total score of 90 points. Lincoln-Sudbury right now
total score 160 points. Let’s hear it for both teams,
guys. (cheers and applause) Okay, the head-to-head round
is next. First, we’ll take a quick break,
just a few minutes to get to know the players
a little bit better. I have a question, and each
of you will answer the question in his or her own way. We’re going to start
with Andover High School. And Reetahan with you,
we’ll start with the question: in your opinion, what is
the most underrated food and what is the most
overrated food?>>For underrated
I’d probably say Craisins, I find them fun to eat. And for overrated
I’d go with grapefruit because I find it really bitter.>>COSTA: Okay, Ayan.>>For underrated,
blood oranges, they have an aftertaste
and it’s like really good.>>COSTA:
Okay, all right.>>And for overrated,
peanut butter, it’s just gooey. (laughter) Not good.>>COSTA:
How about you, Frank?>>For underrated,
I’d say the avocado, because it’s very versatile. And for overrated,
I’d say the pineapple because it’s a little too sweet.>>COSTA: Okay, and Alex?>>For underrated
I would probably say tofu because you can kind of do
anything that you want with it, and overrated I would say blood
orange just because… (laughter) it’s kind of just a fancy
orange, nothing to it.>>COSTA: In my opinion,
tofu overrated, but then again, this is not my game,
this is your game. (laughter) Lincoln-Sudbury,
how about you, Andrew?>>For underrated I’d say
ice cream with sprinkles, the sprinkles
are very important. They really bring out
the excitement in ice cream.>>COSTA: And texture.>>Yes, and for overrated
I’d say watermelon. It’s a cool fruit, but
it’s really just 97% water.>>COSTA:
Yeah, yeah, no big deal. Dana?>>I would say the
most underrated food is butter because our coach Buttern
is very lovely and buttery. So the most overrated food
is probably Snickers.>>COSTA: Is Snickers
an advertiser by any… I’m just kidding. (laughter) How about you, Megan?>>For underrated,
I would say vanilla ice cream. I mean people say it’s plain,
but, you know, it’s the unsung hero
of desserts. And then for overrated,
I’m sorry, Andrew, I have to say ice cream
with sprinkles. I mean sprinkles just ruin
the ice cream. (laughter)>>COSTA:
And wrapping it up with Isabel.>>For the most underrated food,
sorry, Megan, I’d have to say ice cream with sprinkles
because you know it just adds to an already great dessert,
it just makes it even better. And for overrated I’d say bacon because people act
like it’s some sort of god, and it’s not really that great. I’ve tried it multiple times,
just can’t get into it.>>COSTA:
And that settles it, after the show we’re all having
ice cream with sprinkles. All right, so we’re going to go
head-to-head, and the way it works
is one member from each team will come forward
and go head-to-head. So Andover,
who’s it going to be? Ayan. And Lincoln-Sudbury? Andrew. All right, Ayan, Andrew,
come on down, we’re going head-to-head
right now. (cheers and applause) Okay, so we’re going
head-to-head right now. I’ve got Andrew from
Lincoln-Sudbury to my left, and I’ve got Ayan from Andover
High School to my right. Guys, why don’t you shake hands
before we start things off. And as a reminder in this round, you get ten points
for correct answers, incorrect answers are going
to cost you ten points. And by the way,
you can buzz in at any time. The clock is now set
at 90 seconds, good luck. In 2015, a 7.8-magnitude
earthquake devastated what country
with a capital city…>>Nepal.
>>COSTA: Yes. What Roman emperor ordered
the building of a massive wall across northern Britain?>>Hadrian.
>>COSTA: Yes. In 2015, what country surpassed
Canada as the largest trading partner
of the United States?>>China.>>COSTA: Yes. What leading poet of the
19th century was known as the “Belle of Amherst”? (buzzer) Emily Dickinson. And how many right angles
are in a regular pentagon?>>Zero.
>>COSTA: Yes. Latin for “cloud,”
what huge cloud of dust and gas is called
“the birthplace of stars”?>>Nebula.
>>COSTA: Yes. Bourbon Street is in
the French Quarter neighborhood of what U.S. city?>>New Orleans.
>>COSTA: Yes. In 2015 fans, were shocked
when Zayn Malik suddenly quit…>>One Direction.
>>COSTA: One Direction. In 1927, who made the first
nonstop solo flight…>>Charles Limbaugh.
>>COSTA: Yes. What country is home
to 21 of the 25 most venomous snakes
in the world?>>Brazil.>>COSTA: No, Australia. In humans, color vision
is associated with what photo-receptors
in the retina?>>Rods and cones.>>COSTA: No, just cones. What is the fourth book of Stephanie Meyer’s
series? (buzzer)Breaking Dawn.What is the chemical symbol
for potassium?>>K.
>>COSTA: Yes. Henry the VII was the first king
of what English royal dynasty? (bell rings) Oh, and there’s the bell,
you didn’t get it. Take a look at the score
at the end of round two: Andover, total score 120 points. Lincoln-Sudbury right now,
200 points. Let’s make some noise
for both teams, this is a good competition
right here. (cheers and applause) All right,
next up is the category round. Before we get started, we do
have a quick correction to make. The judges have determined
that Lincoln-Sudbury’s answer to the first nonstop
solo flight question “Limbaugh” was incorrect. The correct answer was Lindbergh
so the corrected score now is Andover 120 points,
Lincoln-Sudbury 180 points. And now we move on
to the category round with the following categories:
Hot Rocks, Take It to the Bridge,
Dress Code, Echo Chamber, May I Have a Word?,
and Ted Talks. Now each category
has five questions with increasing point values,
and by the way teams, you can confer
with your teammates. But once you buzz in, you’re
no longer allowed to confer. We’re going to have
to get your answer. Andover, you’ve got
some ground to make up, you get to choose
the first category. I’ve got them in front of me,
what’s it going to be?>>Ted Talks for ten.>>COSTA: Ted Talks. These are questions
about famous men named Ted. And for ten points: “The work goes on,
the cause endures, the hope still lives,
and the dream shall never die.” Who said this in his concession
speech to Jimmy Carter at the 1980 Democratic
National Convention? Yes, Andrew.>>Ted Kennedy.
>>COSTA: Ted Kennedy is right. So Lincoln-Sudbury,
you’ve got the board, category?>>Hot Rocks.>>COSTA:
Hot Rocks, new category, questions about volcanoes. And for ten points:
when a volcano erupts, the resulting explosion
shoots magma out into the atmosphere
or onto the Earth’s surface. At this point,
the magma becomes known as what? Yes, Ayan?
>>Lava.>>COSTA: Yes, lava is correct,
so now Andover you’ve got the board back, category?>>Ted Talks for 15.>>COSTA:
Okay, for 15 points, Ted Talks. What baseball legend
was the last major league player to reach a .400 batting average
in a season? Yes, Reetahan.
>>Ted Williams.>>COSTA:
Ted Williams is correct, you’ve still got the board,
Andover.>>Ted Talks for 20.>>COSTA: For 20 points:
what U.S. senator from Texas initially denied
his Canadian citizenship, despite the indisputable fact
that he was born in Calgary, Alberta,
on December 22, 1970? Yes, Frank?
>>Ted Cruz.>>COSTA:
Ted Cruz is right. You’ve still got the board,
Andover.>>Ted Talks?>>COSTA:
Ted Talks for 25 points. In the finale
of theMary Tyler Moore Show,who is the only major character
not to be fired, even though he was widely
perceived as the cause of the6:00 News’
low ratings? (buzzer) Ted Baxter the answer there,
and Andover, you’ve still got the board.>>Finish the category.>>COSTA: This time
for 30 points, Ted Talks. What English poet
and children’s writer faced death threats from
some feminists who blamed him for the suicide of his wife
Sylvia Plath? (buzzer) Ted Hughes is the answer there, and you’ve still got the board,
Andover– category?>>Hot Rocks.>>COSTA: Hot Rocks,
this time for 15 points. Known as “Europe’s
ticking time bomb,” what active volcano in Italy
has erupted many times since 79 A.D.? Yes, Frank.>>Mount Vesuvius.>>COSTA: That is correct,
and you’ve still got the board, Andover– category?
>>Hot Rocks.>>COSTA: Hot Rocks this time
for 20 points. What bowl-shaped
volcanic depression is named after the Spanish word
for “cauldron”? Yes, Andrew?
Yes, and now Lincoln-Sudbury you’ve got the board– category?>>Hot Rocks.>>COSTA:
Hot Rocks, 25 points. From the Greek meaning
“weak sphere,” what highly viscous,
mechanically weak region below the lithosphere
is where most magma is produced? Yes, Reetahan?>>The mantle.>>COSTA: No, Lincoln-Sudbury,
do you want to try it? (buzzer) The asthenosphere is the answer. Lincoln-Sudbury, you’ve still
got the board– category?>>Hot Rocks for 30.>>COSTA: 30 points
at stake here, Hot Rocks. Three times taller
than Mount Everest, Olympus Mons is the tallest known volcano
in the solar system, and it’s located on what planet?>>Mars.>>COSTA:
Mars is correct, Reetahan. So Andover,
you’ve got the board, you’ll need a new category
though.>>Dress Code for ten.>>COSTA:
Dress Code, new category, questions about fashion. And for ten points:
tradition holds that white should not be worn
after what American holiday? Yes, Megan.>>Labor Day.
>>COSTA: That’s correct. All right, you’ve got the board,
Lincoln-Sudbury.>>Echo Chamber.>>COSTA:
Echo Chamber, new category. All answers are words
that repeat. For ten points:
“A View to a Kill,” the only James Bond theme
to ever reach number one in the U.S., was released
by what British new wave band? Yes, Dana.
>>Duran Duran.>>COSTA:
Duran Duran, Simon Le Bon. You’ve still got the board.>>Echo Chamber for 15.>>COSTA: Okay, roughly
translated as “first born,” what island in French Polynesia
was used as a U.S. military base during World War II? Yes, Reetahan?>>Pago Pago.>>COSTA: No, Lincoln-Sudbury
you want to try it? (buzzer) Bora Bora is the answer there. So Lincoln-Sudbury, you’ve still
got the board– category?>>Stick with it.>>COSTA:
For 20 points, Echo Chamber. What R&B song recorded
by the Kingsmen in 1963 is notable for its
indecipherable lyrics and for being featured
in the filmAnimal House?(buzzer) “Louie Louie.” And you’ve still got the board,
Lincoln-Sudbury– category?>>May I Have a Word?>>COSTA: May I Have a Word? This is a new category. Correctly spell
the following words. For ten points:
a person who starts a business. Spell entrepreneur. Isabel.>>E-N-T-R-E-P-R… …E-N-E-U-R.>>COSTA: That is correct. And Lincoln-Sudbury,
you’ve still got the board. My, I was so afraid of that one.
(laughter) Category?
>>Stick with it.>>COSTA: You’re going to stick
with it, May I Have a Word? for 15 points. Worthy or deserving of notice– spell noticeable. Yes, Alex.>>N-O-T-I-C-E-A-B-L-E.>>COSTA:
And that is correct. Andover, you’ve got the board,
category?>>Stick with it.>>COSTA:
Oh, it’s like a spelling bee. For 20 points: a steady increase
in loudness or force. Spell crescendo. Yes, Ayan.>>C-R-E-S-C-E-N-D-O.>>COSTA: Yes, and Andover,
you’ve still got the board. Category?
>>Stick with it.>>COSTA: May I Have a Word?
for 25 points. To obstruct or delay
legislative action, especially by making
a long speech– spell filibuster. Yes, Isabel.>>F-I-L-I-B-U-S-T-E-R.>>COSTA: And that is correct,
Lincoln-Sudbury, you’ve got the board back–
category?>>We’ll stick with it.>>COSTA:
Why not, for 30 points. Lacking spirit or zest–
spell lackadaisical. Isabel.>>L-A-C-K-A-D-A-I-S-I-C-A-L.>>COSTA:
And that is correct. Lincoln-Sudbury,
you’ve got the board, but you will need
a new category.>>Echo Chamber.>>COSTA:
Echo Chamber for 25 points. “Our life is frittered away
by detail.” Henry David Thoreau wrote
this in chapter two ofWalden,in which he states what two-word
motto for leading a happy life? (buzzer) “Simplify, simplify”
is the answer. Lincoln-Sudbury, category?>>Echo Chamber.>>COSTA: For 30 points:
in Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operaThe Mikado,Nanki-Poo is a wandering
minstrel who’s in love with what schoolgirl? Yes, Isabel?
>>Yum Yum.>>COSTA:
Yum Yum is the correct answer. You’ve still got the board,
Lincoln-Sudbury, new category though.>>Dress Code.>>COSTA:
15 points, Dress Code. In 2015, what French
film festival came under fire for its policy on high heels,
after women in flat shoes were turned away
from a red carpet premiere? Yes, Ayan.
>>The Cannes Film Festival.>>COSTA:
Cannes Film Festival is correct. Andover High,
you’ve got the board back.>>Dress Code for 20.>>COSTA: Under the sumptuary
laws of Elizabethan England, only the nobility could wear
expensive fabrics like silk and satin. What color silk was reserved
strictly for the royal family? Yes, Ayan.
Purple is correct. You’ve still got control
of the board. (bell rings) No, you don’t because that’s
the end of the category round. The score right now: Andover High School, 240 points. Lincoln-Sudbury, 325 points. Make some noise for both teams. (cheers and applause) Okay, here we go, the final
90 seconds of game play onHigh School Quiz Show.We call it the lightning round. You get 20 points
for each correct answer, incorrect answers will cost you
20 points. The clock is now set;
teams, good luck. What U.S. vice president killed
Alexander Hamilton…>>Aaron Burr.
>>COSTA: Yes. What is the chemical symbol
for the noble gas xenon? Yes, Ayan.>>Xe?
>>COSTA: Yes. What U.S. state is nicknamed
the Bluegrass State? Yes, Ayan.>>Kentucky.
>>COSTA: Yes. Dante wroteThe Divine Comedy
while he was exiled from what Italian city
of his birth? (buzzer) Florence. What U.S. constitutional
amendment deals with presidential disability
and succession? (buzzer) 25th amendment. The Pocono Mountains are located
in the northeastern part of what U.S. state? Yes, Reetahan.>>Idaho.>>COSTA:
No, Pennsylvania. What number is expressed
by the Roman numeral XL? Yes, Ayan.>>40.
>>COSTA: 40 is right. What James Joyce novel
is written as a modern parallel to Homer’sOdyssey?>>Ulysses.
>>COSTA: Yes. What gland produces HGH,
human growth hormone?>>The pituitary gland.>>COSTA: Yes. What present-day country
is the site of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo? Yes, Ayan.
>>France.>>COSTA: No, Belgium. At the 2015 Grammies,
what American singer won Album of the Year
forMorning Phase?Yes, Reetahan.>>Beck.
>>COSTA: Beck is correct. Which U.S. state has the largest
economy in the nation? Reetahan.
>>California.>>COSTA: Yes.
More than 50 languages, including Russian and Bulgarian,
are written using what alphabet? Yes, Andrew.>>Cyrillic.
>>COSTA: Yes. In 1453, what city fell
to the Ottoman Turks and was renamed Istanbul?
Yes, Ayan.>>Constantinople.
>>COSTA: Yes. Derived from the Latin
for “hair,” what extremely… (bell rings) (laughter) All right, the winner this week
onHigh School Quiz Showis Lincoln-Sudbury Regional
High School, with a score of 365 points. And the runner-up,
Andover High School, 360 points. Congratulations to both teams. (cheers and applause) Lincoln-Sudbury is going to move
on to play in the quarterfinals, so please be sure to be
back here next week forHigh School Quiz Show.Check outHigh School Quiz Show
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