>>COSTA: Coming up, it’s the
Fifth Annual Governor’s Cup Challenge, with
Nashua High School South representing New Hampshire… (cheers and applause) …and Lexington High School
representing Massachusetts. (cheers and applause) That’s next on
High School Quiz Show!
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and welcome toHigh School Quiz Show, and the Fifth Annual Governor’s
Cup Challenge. I’m Billy Costa, your host,
and this is it– this year’sHigh School
Quiz Show
Massachusetts state champions taking on
the winner of New Hampshire’sGranite State Challenge,
and the stakes are high. Now, each state has had two
victories over the past four years. The winner today breaks the tie,
and more importantly claims the trophy until
next year’s competition. Okay, so today’s matchup has Lexington High School
from Massachusetts taking on Nashua High School South
from New Hampshire. And on the Massachusetts team we have Stephen, Colin,
Nick, and Krishna, with alternate Max
on the sidelines, and the coaches,
Kari Darling and Bill Cole. (cheers and applause) And for the New Hampshire team,
we have Nisha, Ankita, Jack, and Ben, with alternate Waithira
on the sidelines, and coaches Gregory Montine
and Neil Claffley. (cheers and applause) Here we go. The competition has four rounds:
a toss-up, a head-to-head, a category round,
and a lightning round. We will begin
with the toss-up round. All answers are worth
ten points, and this is the only round
with no point deductions for wrong answers. So if teams are ready,
good luck. What George Orwell novel begins,
“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were
striking 13”? Yes, Ankita?
Yes. In December 2016, what social networking site
announced it would start putting warning labels on “fake news”? Yes, Stephen?
>>Facebook.>>COSTA: Yes. The Missouri
River is a tributary of what river? Yes, Ankita?
>>Mississippi.>>COSTA: Yes. Nearly all
fossils are found in which of the three major
rock types– sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic? Yes, Nick?
>>Sedimentary.>>COSTA: That is correct. Take a look at your monitors. Pictured here is Honolulu’s
famous Waikiki Beach. It’s located on the south shore
of what Hawaiian island? Yes, Colin?
>>Oahu.>>COSTA: Yes. From the Latin
for “wedge”, what writing system of wedge-shaped marks was
developed by the Sumerians? Krishna?
>>Cuneiform.>>COSTA: Yes. Michael Jackson
released his first four solo albums on what influential
record label based in Detroit? Yes, Colin?
>>Motown.>>COSTA: Motown is right. In November 2016, the U.S. Army temporarily halted
construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline
after months of protests from what Sioux tribe? Yes, Colin?
>>Standing Rock.>>COSTA: Yes. What is the
largest and densest of the four rocky planets
in the solar system? Nisha?
>>Mercury.>>COSTA: No. Massachusetts,
you want to try? Yes, Krishna?
>>Mars.>>COSTA: No, Earth
is the answer. Take a look at your monitors
now– we have a video question from a very special guest.>>Hello, I’m Charlie Baker,
governor of Massachusetts. Here’s my question. Invented in 1856 at the Parker House Hotel in
Boston, what custard-filled pie is the official state dessert
of Massachusetts?>>COSTA: Yes, Stephen?
>>Boston cream pie.>>COSTA: Yes. After publishing
five novels, includingA Passage to India
andHowards End,who stopped writing fiction
at age 45, though he lived
another 46 years? Yes, Colin?
>>E.M. Forster.>>COSTA: Yes. On a standard computer keyboard, what letter is located
between Q and E? Yes, Nick?
>>S.>>COSTA: No.
New Hampshire, Nisha?>>W.
>>COSTA: W is right. Which of the following
cloud types would typically appear lowest in the sky? Is it A) cirrus, B) stratus,
or C) alto? Nisha?>>Stratus.
>>COSTA: That is correct. And now, take a look at your
video screens once again. About 99% of the giant panda’s
diet consists of the leaves, shoots, and stems of what large grass widely found
in China’s forests? Krishna?
>>Bamboo.>>COSTA: Yes. What fictional
character describes himself as “a bear of very
little brain”? Nisha?
>>Papa Bear.>>COSTA: No.
Massachusetts, try? Colin?
>>Winnie the Pooh.>>COSTA: Yes. In 1901, just minutes after
taking off a red carnation he wore almost all the time
on his lapel as a lucky charm, what U.S. president was shot
by an assassin? Ben?
>>McKinley.>>COSTA: Yes. What Midwestern
state has more miles of shoreline than the entire
U.S. Atlantic Seaboard? Krishna?>>Michigan.
>>COSTA: Yes. In 2016, President Obama
awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to what woman
who wrote the computer code used for the Apollo
moon landings? Nisha?>>Margaret Hamilton.
>>COSTA: Yes. Take a look at your
video screens. Here comes your next question,
special guest.>>Hello. I’m New Hampshire governor
Chris Sununu. Here’s my question. What New Hampshire native
won the National Book Award forThe World According to Garp,and also won an Oscar
for the screenplay adaption of his novel
The Cider House Rules?
And Colin?>>John Irving.
>>COSTA: That is correct. We move on. Mycology is the study
of which of the following? Is it A) fungi, B) viruses,
C) trees? Colin?
>>A) fungi.>>COSTA: Yes.
Sir Edmund Hillary appears on the five dollar bill
of what nation, his native country? Nick?
>>New Zealand.>>COSTA: Yes. In 2016,
at an all-star ceremony at the Kennedy Center
in Washington, D.C., Bill Murray was awarded
what distinguished prize for American humor? Yes, Nick?
>>Smith Prize.>>COSTA: No.
New Hampshire, give it a shot? (buzzer sounding) Mark Twain Prize. And we move on. What Scandinavian capital
is located on the islands of Zealand and Amager, near the
entrance to the Baltic Sea? Yes, Nick?
>>Copenhagen.>>COSTA: Yes.
Math question. I pick a number
and divide it by three. Then I subtract 58
from the result and get two. What was the number I picked? Yes, Ankita?
>>180.>>COSTA: Yes. Which group–
insects, mammals, or fish– makes up the largest percentage
of the world’s animals? Yes, Krishna?
>>Insects.>>COSTA: Yes.
InSome Like It Hot,Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are on the run because they’ve witnessed
what real-life Prohibition Era massacre? Yes, Colin?>>St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.
>>COSTA: Yes. The islands of Zanzibar
and Pemba are believed to have once formed
part of what continent? Nisha?>>Africa.
>>COSTA: Yes. What star ofThe Shining
andThe Departed turned down the role
of Michael Corleone inThe Godfather
because he thought the role should go to an
Italian-American? And Krishna?
>>Nicholson.>>COSTA: Yes, Jack Nicholson. By definition, numismatics is the study
or collection of what? Yes, Ankita?>>Coins.
>>COSTA: Yes. Ticino is an Italian-speaking
canton of what country? Colin?
>>Switzerland.>>COSTA: Yes. The Japanese, who
were skilled code breakers, were confounded by what
Native American language used by U.S. cryptographers
in World War II? Yes, Krishna?>>Navajo.
>>COSTA: Yes. What was the first name
of Hardy in the comedy team Laurel and Hardy? Yes, Colin?
>>Oliver.>>COSTA: Oliver is right. Which amendment
to the U.S. Constitution established the
direct election of U.S. senators
by the people of the states? Yes, Colin?
>>17th Amendment.>>COSTA: Yes.
Rapa Nui is the Polynesian name for what island
in the South Pacific? Yes, Colin?
>>Easter Island.>>COSTA: Yes.
What Italian composer wrote theWilliam Tell Overture,famously used as the theme
music forThe Lone Rangerin radio, television, and film? Colin?
>>Rossini.>>COSTA: Yes.
And in 1904, the U.S. took over construction
of the Panama Canal. What country had begun
its construction in 1882? Krishna?
>>France.>>COSTA: France is correct. And…
(timer sounding) …that is the end
of round one. The score right now, Massachusetts 250 points,
New Hampshire 90 points. Let’s hear it, folks. (cheers and applause) Okay, up next is
the head-to-head round. We’re going to take a break,
a breather. I have a question. Before we get to that,
I just want to point out that this is a rematch
of the same schools from last year’s
Governor’s Cup. So that’s very cool. Nashua High School South, welcome back to
High School Quiz Show.
And Nisha and Ankita, you guys are sisters.>>That is correct.>>COSTA: That’s another cool
fun fact. That’s what you call a fun fact. All right, I’ve got
the question. We’ll start with Massachusetts
and Stephen, and here it is. What is your biggest source
of state pride, and why? Basketball was invented
here in Springfield, and became a national sport.>>COSTA: Okay, and Colin?>>Just kind of going
off of that, I’d have to say the success of all of our
Boston sports teams over my lifetime. I’ve just kind of grown up
watching them win championships, so that’s been cool.>>COSTA: Big time sports town.
Nick?>>My source of pride is
New England style clam chowder, and just by the way, Manhattan
style clam chowder tastes bad and is fake.
>>COSTA: Okay. Krishna?>>My biggest source of
state pride is a world-renowned institution founded right here
in Massachusetts, Dunkin’ Donuts. (laughter)>>COSTA: There you go. Over to New Hampshire,
and Nisha, how about you?>>I think Phineas Gage
is my biggest source of state pride. He really made some important
contributions to psychology.>>COSTA: All right. And Ankita?>>I’d have to say
Granite State Challenge,
and especially our host
Jim Jeannotte.>>COSTA: Okay.
And Jack?>>Going a bit
in a different direction, I have to say Alan B. Shepard,
first man in space. First American in space,
I should say.>>COSTA: Yeah.>>Important man.
>>COSTA: All right, and Ben?>>I would have to say our two current senators
and former governors, Maggie Hassan
and Jeanne Shaheen.>>COSTA: Okay, it’s time to go
head to head. And that means Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, you’re all coming down,
so let’s go. (cheers and applause) We are about to go
head to head. I have the New Hampshire team
to my left, and the Massachusetts team
to my right. Want to shake hands
to get things going here? Why not? As a reminder, in this round
you get ten points for correct answers. Incorrect answers are going to
cost you ten points. You can buzz in at any time. The clock is set at 90 seconds. And here we go. What prominent abolitionist
is best known for her novelUncle…yes?>>Harriet Beecher Stowe.
>>COSTA: Yes. What U.S. state lies closest
to Russia?>>Alaska.
>>COSTA: Yeah. What city is home to Wrigley
Field, the second oldest… yes?>>Chicago.
>>COSTA: Yes. What term refers to a poem in which the first letters
of each line spell a word? (buzzer sounding)
>>Acrostic. A beautiful girl named Odette
is turned into a white bird in what Tchaikovsky ballet? Yes?
>>Swan Lake.>>COSTA: Yes. What metallic
element has the chemical symbol Ti? Yes?
>>Titanium.>>COSTA: Yes. In 1747, what
Founding Father conducted a series of groundbreaking
experiments with ele…>>Ben Franklin.
>>COSTA: Yes. Who had a fever of about 103
while dancing the title number in the filmSingin’ in the Rain?>>Dick Van Dyke.
>>COSTA: No, Gene Kelly. What seven-letter word
refers to the scientific name for the skull? Yes?
>>Cranium.>>COSTA: Yes. What leader of
the Beat Poet movement wrote…>>Allen Ginsberg.
>>COSTA: No, Jack Kerouac. What U.S. state makes up
nearly half the total geographic area of New England?>>Maine.
>>COSTA: Yes. Who carried the American flag
for Team USA at the opening ceremonies…
yes?>>Michael Phelps.
>>COSTA: Yes. Name the Roman counterpart
to the Greek goddess Aphrodite.>>Venus.
>>COSTA: Yes. What U.S. president vetoed
the Clean Water Act in 1972?>>Nixon.
>>COSTA: Yes. Name the largest body of water
traversed by the Tropic of Cancer. Yes?
(timer sounding) The Pacific Ocean would have
been the answer there. But that does end round two. Taking a look at the scores,
Massachusetts right now, 300 points, New Hampshire
120 points. Great job, teams. (cheers and applause) Next up is the category round,
with the following categories: Eight Is Enough,
Stranger Things, Date Night, Let There Be Latkes, The Obama
Years, and Stairway to Heaven. Each category has five
questions, with increasing point values. Now, players you can confer
with your teammates, but once you do buzz in,
we’re going to need your answer, you can no longer confer. New Hampshire, you’ve got
a little ground to make up. You get to choose
the first category. What’s it going to be?>>Let’s do Let There
Be Latkes.>>COSTA: Questions about
holiday foods. For ten points, Latkes fried in oil
are served during Hanukkah, a holiday celebrating
the miracle of a small amount of oil lasting how many days
to light the menorah? Yes, Colin?>>Eight.
>>COSTA: Eight is right. You’ve got the board, Massachusetts.
>>Eight is Enough.>>COSTA: Jumping to
Eight is Enough. New category. All answers are
eight-letter words. And for ten points, difficult-to-reach reserves
of oil and gas can be reached with
hydraulic fracturing. This controversial drilling
technique is also known as what? Stephen?
Fracking is right. Category, Massachusetts?>>Let There Be Latkes
for 15, please. Muslims traditionally
consume milk, water, and dates to break their fast
during what holy month of prayer and fasting? Nisha?
>>Ramadan.>>COSTA: That is correct. You’ve got the board,
New Hampshire. Category?>>Let There be Latkes.
>>COSTA: For 20 points. Many Italian-American families
celebrate Christmas Eve with a multi-course
dinner called the Feast of the Seven what? Yes, Colin?
>>Fish.>>COSTA: Yes, fish, or fishes. And Massachusetts,
you’ve got the board. Category?
>>Let There Be Latkes.>>COSTA: 25 points this time. Sweet foods including
balls of dough tossed in sugar are traditionally served
in India during what Hindu holiday known as
the Festival of Lights? Nisha?
>>Diwali.>>COSTA: That is correct. You’ve got the board,
New Hampshire.>>Let There Be Latkes.
>>COSTA: For 30 points. Pancake breakfasts are part
of Pioneer Day celebrations for Mormons on July 24. On this day in 1847,
what Mormon prophet led settlers into
Salt Lake Valley? Yes, Jack?
>>Smith.>>COSTA: No, Massachusetts? Colin?
>>Brigham Young.>>COSTA: Brigham Young. And now Massachusetts,
you have the board. Category?
>>Do the Obama Years.>>Obama Years, please.>>COSTA: The Obama Years. This is a new category
for the round– questions about President Barack Obama, our former president. For ten points, Barack Obama
was born on August 4, 1961, in what U.S. state? Yes, Ben?
>>Hawaii.>>COSTA: Hawaii is right. New Hampshire,
you’ve got the board.>>The Obama Years.>>COSTA: This time
for 15 points. “I have come here to bury
the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas.” Obama said this as the first
U.S. president to visit what communist country
in 88 years? Nick?
>>Cuba.>>COSTA: Cuba is right.
Massachusetts, you get the board.
>>Obama Years for 20, please.>>COSTA: Late in the evening,
May 1, 2011, President Obama addressed the nation and
announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by
U.S. forces in what country? Yes, Jack?
No. Massachusetts, Krishna?>>Pakistan.>>COSTA: Pakistan is right. Category, Massachusetts?
>>Obama Years.>>COSTA: 25 points. Under the Affordable Care Act,
also known as Obamacare, children can stay
on their parents’ health insurance plans
until they turn what age? Nick?>>26.
>>COSTA: That is correct. You’ve still got the board,
Massachusetts.>>Obama Years for 30.>>COSTA: In May 2016,
Obama became the first sitting U.S. president
to visit Hiroshima. And in December 2016,
who became the first Japanese leader to visit
Pearl Harbor? Yes, Krishna?
>>Abe.>>COSTA: That is correct.
You’ve still got the board, Massachusetts. Category?
>>Stairway to Heaven.>>COSTA: New category
for the round. Questions about people who
passed away in the year 2016. For ten points, what Hollywood
icon who starred inSingin’ in the Raindied
just one day after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher? Jack?
>>Debbie Reynolds.>>COSTA: Yes. You’ve got
the board, New Hampshire. Category?>>Stairway to Heaven.
>>COSTA: For 15 points. What U.S. senator and astronaut
made history in 1962 as the first American
to orbit the Earth? Ankita?>>John Glenn.
>>COSTA: Yes. And you’ve still got
the board, New Hampshire.>>Stick with it.
>>COSTA: Stairway to Heaven for 20 points. Who is best remembered
for playing one of America’s favorite TV moms, Carol Brady, onThe Brady Bunch?(buzzer sounding) Florence Henderson, the answer. New Hampshire, you still
have the board. Category?>>Stick with it,
Stairway to Heaven.>>COSTA: For 25 points. David Bowie adopted
many personas over his career, including Ziggy Stardust
and Major Tom. But what was
the legendary rocker’s original name at birth? (buzzer sounding)>>COSTA: David Jones
is the answer. And New Hampshire,
you’ve still got the board.>>Let’s finish
Stairway to Heaven.>>COSTA: For 30 points
this time. What revered comedian
who pioneered cringe comedy was the creator and star ofThe Larry Sanders Show,a
fictional late night talk show? (buzzer sounding) Garry Shandling the answer. New Hampshire, you’ve still
got the board.>>Stranger Things.>>COSTA: Stranger Things,
a new category. Questions about the supernatural
in literature. And for ten points, the motif of the headless
horseman has been around since the Middle Ages. What American author wrote about
a headless horseman inThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow?Yes, Stephen?
>>Irving.>>COSTA: Washington Irving
is correct. Massachusetts?>>Stranger Things for 15.
>>COSTA: Okay. For 15 points, what Stephen King
novel takes place at the Overlook Hotel, an isolated, haunted resort
in Colorado that transforms its winter caretaker
into a madman? Colin?
>>The Shining.>>COSTA:The Shining.You’ve still got the board,
Massachusetts.>>Stranger Things
for 20, please.>>COSTA: An unnamed governess claims to be haunted by a ghost
that may or may not be real in what psychological
thriller by Henry James? Yes, Colin?
>>Turn of the Screw.>>COSTA: That is correct. You’ve still got the board,
Massachusetts.>>Stranger Things
for 25, please.>>COSTA: The three witches
inMacbethbear a striking resemblance to what
female figures in Greek myth who weave
the fabric of human lives and then cut the threads
to end them? Yes, Ben?>>Fates.
>>COSTA: Yes. And now, New Hampshire, you’ve got the board. Category?
>>Stranger Things.>>COSTA: 30 points at stake
here, teams. InMiss Peregrine’s Home
for Peculiar Children,
what terrifying creatures
spawned from the Infamous Experiment of 1908
seek to destroy all peculiars? (buzzer sounding) Hollowgasts, or Hollows. And New Hampshire,
you’ve still got the board. You’ll need a category.>>Eight is Enough.
>>COSTA: Eight is enough, for 15 points. What February birthstone is a
transparent variety of quartz that ranges in color
from light lilac to deep purple? Jack?>>Amethyst.
>>COSTA: That is correct. You’ve still got the board,
New Hampshire.>>Eight is Enough, please.
>>COSTA: 20 points. In optics, what term refers
to the range of different colors produced when visible light
passes through a prism? Yes, Nisha?
>>Spectrum.>>COSTA: That’s correct.
You’ve still got the board. Category?>>Eight is Enough.
>>COSTA: 25 points. What gas functions as a hormone
in plants, triggering aging responses such as
fruit ripening and leaf drop? Yes, Krishna?>>Ethylene.
>>COSTA: That is correct. And now Massachusetts,
you get the board.>>Eight is Enough.
>>COSTA: 30 points. In normal spiral DNA,
the bases form pairs between the two strands. Thymine pairs with adenine,
and guanine pairs with what? Yes, Colin?>>Cytosine.
>>COSTA: That’s correct. Only the one category left. It is Date Night– questions about key dates
in history. For ten points, the French Revolution began with
the storming of the Bastille on the morning of July 14,
what year? Nisha?>>1814.
>>COSTA: No, Massachusetts? Nick?
>>1789.>>COSTA: That is correct. Date Night for 15 points. During the Civil War, the South
suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Gettysburg
in July of what year? Yes, Nick?
>>1863.>>COSTA: That is correct. Date Night for 20. A group of rebellious barons
forced King John of England to sign the Magna Carta on June 15 of what year? Yes, Ankita?
>>1512.>>COSTA: No, Massachusetts?>>1215.
>>COSTA: Yes. And Date Night for 25. Communist leader Mao Zedong
declared the creation of the People’s Republic
of China on October 1 of what year? (buzzer sounding)>>COSTA: 1949. And Date Night for 30 points. The Elizabethan Era
began in 1558 when Queen Elizabeth
came to the throne, and ended when she died
on March 24 of what year? Yes, Nisha?>>1603.>>COSTA: 1603 is right
for 30 points, New Hampshire. (timer sounding) And that is the bell
ending the category round. The score right now, Massachusetts 605 points, New Hampshire 205 points. How about it? (cheers and applause) Okay, we are heading into the
final 90 seconds of gameplay. It is the lightning round. Now, you get 20 points
for each correct answer. Incorrect answers
will cost you 20 points. The clock is set. Teams, good luck,
and here we go. During what war
did British troops set fire to the White House
in Washin… yes?>>War of 1812.
>>COSTA: Yes. What U.S. state is the setting
for the novelThe Great Gatsby?Yes, Nick?>>New York State.
>>COSTA: Yes. Around 500 B.C., Buddhism
was founded in what country?>>India.
>>COSTA: Yes. In the International System
of Units, the letter K stands for what base unit…
yes, Jack?>>Kilogram.>>COSTA: No, Kelvin. Virgil’sAeneidtells the story
of what legendary queen of Carthage? Yes Colin?
>>Dido.>>COSTA: Yes. Name the only
U.S. president to remain a lifelong bachelor. Yes, Colin?
>>James Buchanan.>>COSTA: Yes. In the new
Star Wars movieRogue One,who plays a female soldier…
>>COSTA: Yes, Felicity Jones. Humans normally have how many
parathyroid glands? (buzzer sounding) Four. In the Harry Potter books,
who’s the oldest child in the Weasley family?
>>COSTA: Yes. What country is the location
of the ancient fortress city of Machu Picchu? Yes, Nick?
>>Peru.>>COSTA: Yes. Which planet
in the solar system is the most oblate, or flat? (buzzer sounding) Saturn. A chart-topping album
of country music was released in 2016 by what longtime leader
of Aerosmith? Yes, Nisha?>>Steven Tyler.
>>COSTA: Yes. In both area and population,
what is the largest country on the Scandinavian Peninsula? Yes, Nick?
>>Sweden.>>COSTA: Yes. Migrant workers
named George and Lennie appear… yes?
>>Of Mice and Men.>>COSTA: Yes. In 1541, what
Spanish explorer became… yes?>>Balboa.
>>COSTA: No. Hernando de Soto would have
been the answer. But that ends the round. It also ends the Governor’s
Cup Championship. And the winner, the champion, is Massachusetts. (cheers and applause) …with a score of 765 points. New Hampshire the runner up,
225 points. Congratulations to both teams
for another great Governor’s Cup. And by the way,
another great season. This wraps up season eight
ofHigh School Quiz Show.And by the way, a special thanks
to all of this year’s players, coaches, and schools. And to those of you watching
here at home, we’ll see you again
next year right onHigh School Quiz Show!(cheers and applause) Check outHigh School Quiz Show
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