NSW Government Schools Study Abroad Your Unique Australian Study Experience G’day and welcome We would like to take you on a
short Australian adventure. Come and discover how great it is
to study at a government school in New South Wales. Sydney is a modern and vibrant city and the gateway to many exciting places in NSW. From the moment you land your homestay family will provide you
with a home away from home and you’ll quickly settle and make friends at school. Experience Australia’s unique, friendly and
multicultural lifestyle. Leonie: When I first met my host family,
it was really great, I have to say. Like my host mum, she was waiting
in the door just with a huge hug. Julia: Well I have two sisters and one brother here
and we have lots of fun together. They are my age so it’s good. Maria: When I first met my host family they were very nice and gave me a big hug and I felt very welcome. While you study, you can enjoy
our wonderful outdoor lifestyle. Come and experience it for yourself. Our schools are world class with modern classroom and library resources. You can choose a variety of traditional and
specialist subjects and when you return home you can receive credit for your Australian studies. Maria: All the other students are very friendly to me and quite interested and they ask questions about Germany and why I came here and they are really nice. Leonie: My experience with the other students
are really great, I have to say. They are all really nice and kind and like they show interest in you and the country you come from, your background, your family, even if they don’t know anybody of your family. Angelo: The teachers in Australia are very friendly. Maria: The teachers are very friendly and helpful and I can always ask them questions if I have questions so it’s very good. You will find our teachers knowledgeable and, above all, eager to provide you with the best education they possibly can. Having the international students at the school
is a really good thing. I was an international student as a student myself so I travelled overseas for two and half years as a student and I can actually appreciate and understand why they would want to do it and the benefits that they get from it. International students improve their understanding of English through conversation and within the classroom, not only in the written form, but we also communicate with them verbally and they work in groups with other students and generally they reach a very high standard of understanding of English. Yeah, it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful, not only for the students, it’s also wonderful for a teacher as well. The Australian students and the international students generally have a really good relationship. We give you the opportunity to improve your English and learn in a friendly environment
with up to date facilities and on the weekends enjoy what our great cities and regional areas
have to offer. We offer students a safe place in which to live and study. Staff support each student so you will enjoy a wonderful educational experience, our great lifestyle and our warm hospitality. Angelo: If anyone is thinking about coming to Australia they should come and enjoy each moment. So there’s your invitation. See you soon!