Hello and welcome to my new video Today I want to make a delicious dessert, from raspberries and Windbeuteln So we need: 1 Cream puff pack about 230g. 1 cream cheese pack, here are 200g 300g raspberries, these are frozen (Rewe BIO) 1 tin of Milkmaid 400g (to buy in every Russian shop or Rewe) and 2 packs of quark per 250g. A total of 500g quark So instead of raspberries, you can also take strawberries. Tastes delicious too. So first of all, I’ll just mix the curd, the milkmaid and the cream cheese together You can do it with the mixer, or by hand. I just do it here with my food processor So now I’ve put maid, quark and cream cheese in my food processor. I’ll mix it all up nicely now Until it gets pretty creamy. The mass I have now thoroughly mixed everything until it is creamy. That’s the way the crowd looks. Nice creamy The puffs now come in the glass bowl. You can tote the puffs frozen, or you can thaw them. (As you wish) Now just get the cream on it. Beautifully distributed on the puffs. [I’m just scratching out the bowl: D] Now everything is distributed nicely. [Distribute: D] [FINALLY OUT OF PRINT] Now come the raspberries on it. [Distribute everything again] As I said, in summer you can also use fresh strawberries. That’s almost done now. I’m doing it in the fridge for 4 to 5 hours now. And then it can already eat. So, my dessert is done, done very fast And is always welcome on our table I put it in the fridge for a few hours and you can eat it as well. ENJOY YOUR MEAL.