And in the movie there is this book which is called book that’s his name Welcome to mr. Knee treats I’m Missy and today I am sharing how I made this hocus-pocus Spell book pull apart cupcake cake as my final Halloween treat this year One of my favorite Halloween movies is hocus-pocus and in the movie There is this book book is one of the main characters needed to complete the spell of the three witches to stay alive forever But the spell book had been taken and the Sanderson sisters and needed it back before sunrise and then I turned to dust forever you already know all this that is why you’re here to learn how to make one yourself but in cupcake form So let’s move on to this tutorial get rid of those witches forever first You need to bake 24 cupcakes using your favorite recipe you’ll need a 9 by 13 rectangular cake board to attach the cupcakes to Flip each cupcake upside down and pipe out a circle on the bottom This is going to create suction to keep the cupcakes in place while transferring them Push all of your cupcakes together until they are nice and tight and then you are ready to frost the top squeeze a little bit of frosting in between each of the cupcakes to avoid any gaps and Then start frosting your cupcakes I first cover them individually and then fill in the space in between them. I Went back and smooth everything out to give it a nice smooth solid cake appearance like it’s one piece Once complete I put my cupcakes on my turntable, which you absolutely do not need I just find it easier to work on all Sides with one and then I started using some great buttercream and a piping bag fitted with tip number 12 and piped out two lines going down the left side of the cake and Then smooth it out Next I piped out a wavy line of the same grey all the way down the center gray line. I Top that off with a snake head at the end. I Then covered the two opposing corners with grape frosting and then smooth them out I basically cover the top and bottom corner cupcakes in gray to create the snake on each corner I used a toothpick to create the swirl And then piped over those lines Breaking at the end for it to appear as though the snake is coming up through the center and over I found my Center going down through cupcakes and then drew a square on the edge Then I drew out two half circles meeting in the middle, which it kind of resembled a light bulb to me I then went through and filled in the square and outlined the rest. I Flattened the line you’ll see why later and then grabbed my light brown Buttercream and squeezed out a big ball close to the edge of the loop I used an offset spatula shape the eye into more of an almond shape and then moved on to the stitches I used my toothpick again and drew on the lines using an online photo as inspiration for what direction they needed to go and Then went back and piped over those lines with my tip number twelve and light brown frosting. I Swapped out my tip number 12 for a tip number three and piped out little lines going across the larger lines to bring the stitches together I Used white buttercream fitted with tip number three and piped out the white of the eye smooth it over and Then added a gray iris The real color is kind of up in the air as I saw so many different colors of his eye online So I just went with what was easiest and readily available. I think the gray looks pretty good. I used black with a tip number three for the pupil The dots along the flat and line around the eye and added two eyes for each of the snakes Finally I added a dot of gray frosting for the buckle and our hocus pocus Spellbook cupcake cake was complete. If you liked this tutorial, please give me a big thumbs up If you have any questions, leave me a comment and if you’re new here Don’t forget to subscribe as I upload a new video twice a month I love you guys, and I’ll see you next time when we make another trendy treat together. Happy Halloween