– [Missy] Ollie, what’s wrong with you? – I don’t feel good, mama, moo! – [Missy] Moo! Oh, my gosh. Do you not feel good either, Fin? (Fin whining) No? Meow! Oh my goodness, you
turned into a kitty cat? ♫ This is our life ♫ This is our fight ♫ This is who we are ♫ This is our dream ♫ This is our team ♫ Shout among the stars ♫ Take this shield and we’ll be fine ♫ Take this hand and watch us shine ♫ This is our life ♫ Let’s live it ♫ Live it forever – [Missy] Good morning. – Good mornin’! – [Missy] Alright, I
think I got a good one. Good morning! – Good mornin’! – [Missy] It’s time for school, huh? Hi Peyton!
– Hi. – [Missy] Your mommy was smart and gave you a little sweater. I put him in shorts. It’s a little chilly today. – Yeah. – Good morning, June. Did you have a good night’s sleep? Oh hi, Paris. Good morning, Paris. I just dropped Ollie off at school, and then I ended up
dropping Fin off at my mom’s before I dropped Ollie off at school, because me and Kelsey
are going to the gym, and Bryan is just still
not feeling very good, and nights and mornings
tend to be the worst time. Oh, you’re just being so gentle petting! So I thought I’d give him a little break while I go to the gym. But what’s cool, is
that today me and Kelsey are going rock climbing. We’re going to a different
gym than we normally go to. We’re gonna go to a rock climbing gym, and we are so excited! The kids are all taken care of, you’re gonna stay home with Papa? Does that sound good? (baby cooing) Yeah, and Paris? But anyways, we are super excited. Alright guys, we are at the rock gym, and this place is so cool,
I’ve never been here before. We can even rock climb
alone, ’cause they have these handy-dandy little,
I don’t know what they are. Yeah, and look at this. We have the whole place to ourself. It’s so fun!
– Yes! – So, I’m gonna set up the camera and show you guys our climb. This is gonna be our first climb, so it might be kind of slow. – Okay, so like he was
saying, the five-five is the easiest, besides the VO. – [Missy] I think so,
well the VO is like– – [Kelsey] For the bouldering? – I think so.
– We don’t know. – [Missy] So I’m doing easiest, you’re doing a little bit harder. – Okay so, it goes like– – [Missy] Oh actually, that
looks really hard, Kelsey. (Missy laughing) You can do it? – I have no idea. I can try.
(Missy laughing) – This might take us
awhile, but we’re excited. Alright, let’s see how we do. (upbeat electronic music) You guys, I got really scared
to jump, I couldn’t do it. – You did it, though. – I had to just make sure
that I wasn’t gonna fall, though, watching Kelsey. Alright, we’re gonna switch because I got the really easy side. She got the, I feel like, very hard. Look at these little,
tiny things to hold onto. That’s like nothing,
that’s like a finger grip. (exhausted exhale) – I’m already dead. Like, dead. I’ve done one run, and I’m dead. (Missy laughing) – So we’re gonna go again, and we’re gonna try and
switch it this time. So, we’ll see how we do. (upbeat electronic music) I could not even close my hand. – [Kelsey] I know, right? – I can barely hold this
camera, I’m like shaking. My hand’s a claw. Did you watch Friends,
where Chandler’s hand turned into a claw? That’s my hand. Good morning, Fin! Did you have fun with Mimi and Papa? – Yeah. – Yeah? I just got to my parents, and oh my gosh, my arms are so bad. It was really, really fun. It was definitely a
different kind of work out, ’cause normally we get
done with our work outs and we usually run, and we
work on a certain thing, and so it’s definitely different. My arms are in so much
pain, I can barely hold up the camera, it’s like ow! Like, I can finally close
my hand, ’cause earlier I was like, I can’t close it. Alright, say bye bye, Mimi and Papa! – Bye Mimi and Papa! – Awww, that was a full sentence! Good job, bud! You’re gettin’ so good. So, I had a little bit of a mix up. I left my keys with Kelsey,
and so my dad is now driving me quickly to Rite Aid
because I just got a call, Bryan is in desperate need of medicine. – You are so absent-minded. I left my phone at home, so
I can’t go anywhere, okay. – I know. Yeah, I left my keys, my dad
took me, he left his phone. We’re just very much related, and– – We’re not gonna set
anything down in this store. (Missy laughing) – But anyways, Bryan – Wait, where’s Fin?
– is in desperate need of medicine, and I feel
so bad, so, here I go. (bright music) Alright, I am home and I have made him an entire emergency kit. He’s got bananas, and
applesauce, and graham crackers, and all kinds of medicine,
and cough medicine, and drinks, and ice
cream, ’cause you know, who doesn’t want ice cream? I’m gonna go give this to him now, and hopefully this makes him
feel just a little bit better. I forgot tissues. I gotta give him these tissues,
and then hopefully he’s set. Alright Fin, what are we doin’ now? Say, we’re gettin’ Ollie! (Fin babbling) Say Ollie! – Owwie. – Ollie. – Yep, we are gettin’ Ollie right now. Oh, somethin’s wrong with his shoe, and we are excited to see him. Oh, hey. – [Fin] Hey! (Missy shushing) (gentle music) – Alright, just got home with the boys, and they both fell asleep in the car, so they are just a little bit grouchy. They are needing some
extra little cuddles, and maybe a little bit more rest before we do anything else. But, we have actually quite
a bit of fun planned today, so I’m hoping they snap out of it. I’m hoping they snap out
of it so we can have fun. Okay? – No! – No, I don’t wanna have fun. You wanna have fun? Nope. Ollie, what’s wrong with you? – I don’t feel good, mama, moo! – [Missy] Moo! Oh my gosh! Do you not feel good either, Fin? (Fin whining) No? Meow! Oh my goodness, you
turned into a kitty cat? You guys turned into farm animals? – Moo. – [Missy] Oh no! Ah! They’re runnin’ out of the house! This kitty cat seems to be exhausted. Look at this kitty cat! Meow! And a cow. Oh my goodness! (playful music) You guys, they’ve been saying
they didn’t feel good all day, and I cannot believe that they
actually turned into animals. A little cow and a little kitty cat, and I gotta say, they’re
pretty stinking adorable. Ollie is just running around
the yard eating the grass, and little Fin is acting like a kitty cat. Aww! Look at this cow eating all our grass. You’re gonna ruin our grass! I have one question for you; got milk? And look at miss farmer June! She’s got all her little
animals and she’s pettin’ them. You guys are so cute! If you guys wanna see
how she wrangles them all and their cute little skit
over on Steps to Wander make sure you guys go check the I card. It is so stinkin’ cute,
and they’re all just like, actually little farm animals
hanging out with farmer June. You guys are so cute. I think Ollie, he’s really taken
on his role very seriously. – [Man] He’ll only moo. – [Missy] Yeah, he only
moos and eats grass. – [Man] And shakes his tail. (Missy laughing) You’re a real cow! – That was so much fun. They are still dressed
up in their little cow and kitty cat costume, but
I did was to say, guys, that since Ollie is gonna
be out tonight, aren’t ya? You’re gonna be out partyin’ tonight? We are gonna do our
advent calendar right now. So as you guys know, we started
doing this advent calendar, or is it an advent calendar? I don’t know, it’s a Halloween calendar. The boys are gonna pick out
their little candy for today. Yay! Okay, get the number three! No, not that one! Oh well, I’ll just fill it. Oh, at the top, the top! Oh, good job, yay! Alright, we’ll just put this one in here. (Missy laughing) Alright, since Fin got
to pick the candy out, we got the colors, an Ollie
gets to pick the color. Red, and Fin gets orange. Yay, what do you guys say? – Thank you.
(Fin babbling) (Missy laughing) – Look who’s up guys. It’s daddy, the boys missed him so much. He’s come out of his
cave for a little bit. – Yeah, just for dessert. – [Missy] Did you miss daddy, Fin? (Fin laughing) They missed him. – Guess what?
– What? – Papa gets to take care of me! – [Missy] Yeah! – Papa’s takin’ him to
the little hoe down at– – I know, we’re so bummed. We’re bummed because Bryan is so sick that he just can’t take
Ollie to the dad’s night. Such a bummer, but luckily we’ve got Papa. He’s a pretty good dad to me. So, he is gonna go hang out with Ollie. (Ollie babbling) – They’re real excited, he’s gonna go out tonight and have fun. But yeah, Bryan’s up, we’re
havin’ a little family time right now, but I have to
tell Bryan a little story. Earlier today, me and Fin
were sitting on the couch, and me and Fin found something very disgusting sitting on our couch. – [Bryan] What’d you find? – Do you wanna see what we found? It’s okay, I trapped it in here so that you can see it specially. – Oh my god. Oh my gosh, that’s scorpions. Oh my god, and they’re alive? – [Missy] Yes. – Why are they so small?
– Two baby scorpions. – In our couch? – On the couch, just
sitting there hanging out. Chilling. I literally tore this place
apart, flipped everything upside down, vacuumed everything. – Look at ’em. – I haven’t found
anymore, there’s just two, but I’m kind of scared,
like where is the mom? – I’ve never seen scorpions anywhere, and then all of a sudden we
see those two in the garage, and then these two are smaller than those. – I know, those are babies. I’m freaking out, I literally
torn this place upside down. I just called our pest
guy, so he will be here in a few days, so that’ll help, but I’m definitely traumatized. Now, first thing you have to know is that these are not deadly. They will give you a good
sting, and they’ll hurt, and they’ll probably feel
worse than a bee sting. But, they’re not deadly,
so that’s good to know. Second, that’s just
disgusting, I don’t know. I’m hoping they just got
brought in maybe on like a towel or something, and then
they just jumped off. That’s what my hope is,
I’ve cleaned everything up, so hopefully we don’t
see any more around here. So gross. (upbeat music) Alright, where you heading? (all laughing) So, where are you heading, baby? – To my school! – [Missy] Yeah, and who’s coming with you? – Papa! – [Missy] Are you so excited? – Yeah! – Alright, well just so you know, you do have a curfew, so you
better be home on time, okay? – Okay. (Missy giggling) – [Missy] Fin doesn’t want him to go. (Missy laughing) – I’m gonna miss you, Fin. I promise I won’t be mean. I don’t walk right. – [Missy] You’re so cute, bud. I’m gonna miss you, too. Aww. (laid back music) (Ollie squealing) – [Papa] What do you got there? Alright, want me to get him off? (Ollie panicking) (crowd chattering)
(laid back music) – Is it your bedtime? (Fin babbling) He’s so excited, ’cause he
has his Halloween outfit on. (Fin yelling) Halloween! It is time for bed. Me and Fin are all cleaned
up and ready for bed, Ollie is out late tonight, and it’s so weird not having him here, but it is always fun
to have a special night every once in a while which just Fin to read him books and have a special time. I did wanna show you guys Fin’s bed. If you guys didn’t know,
he can officially climb out of the mattress sitting on the floor. It is a pretty far
climb, but he just climbs right up and climbs right out. And it made nap time basically impossible, and bedtime very difficult, so I had to go ahead and get a net. And I’m super bummed about it, because it does make bedtime
a little bit difficult because I basically have to put him it, and then I have to zip him up, and usually is like,
what are you doing, mom? What are you doing? He tries to get out, and it’s so horrible. I hate it, and another reason
why I hate it is because we have Nest cams all over the room as you guys probably
know, and I can’t see him. I basically can’t see
him, I can only hear him through this monitor and hear
him through the Nest cams, and it’s such a bummer,
because I love checking on them throughout the night, making
sure that they’re good and sleeping good, and in a good position. So, if anyone has any
suggestions for that, let me know, because I
am definitely bummed. It’s just a big, white net. He is sleeping good in it, though. It has solved our issue,
at least for bedtime. Nap time does seem to be a
little bit more difficult because he doesn’t really
wanna go to bed anyways, and then when I go to zip
him up into it at nap time, he’s like, get me out of here! And I’m like, no, take a nap! If you guys have any suggestions, let me know down in the comments. But it is bedtime. I try and get him to bed by
7:30, and it’s 7:15 right now. So I think that’s pretty good. Let me know down in the comments, though, what time do you guys usually go to bed? Do you have a bedtime? I definitely have bedtime for the boys. I like to get Fin in bed by 7:30, and Ollie in bed by eight o’clock. I usually try and be in
bed by like midnight. I know it’s a little bit late, but that’s what I like to do. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. Alright, say, give the
video a big thumbs up! Yeah! – Halloween! – Halloween, happy Halloween! Say, leave in the
comments happy Halloween! (Fin grunting) And say, we’ll see you guys tomorrow! Say, bye! – [Fin] Boop. (upbeat music)