I guess today’s video is all about my
participation in a collaboration started by the good folks over at true family
homestead sherry and Darrell are like really good people they approached me
about participating in a collaboration where various homesteading YouTube
channels put together a video about their
favorite holiday dessert the only problem is I don’t personally really
make any holiday desserts I don’t make many desserts in general but I really
didn’t want to participate I really didn’t want to support the good folks at
– family homestead so I said yes and so I decided to try to put together this
video I’ve been on this kick about reading a lot about both the indigenous
people of New England as well as the poi people who really started to settle here
in the 17th and 18th centuries really trying to get a sense of well how did
they live what were the things that they did so during the winter people would
eat a concoction that cougar was comprised of maple syrup cow’s milk and
pumpkins and so they would stew the pumpkins in the cow’s milk and add the
maple syrup for a little bit of sugar and flavor that to me sounded kind of
intriguing those are all staple foods that they would have had throughout the
course of the winter you know you’d always be able to
generally get some milk from your cow and you know pumpkins last a really long
time when stored properly and maple syrup is something that lasts forever so
I could easily see them being able to prepare something like that
the way the book wrote about it it was like this awful gruel that people would
have to eat but when you think about it especially in our culture right now you
know what’s more prized than you know raw dairy milk maple syrup and
pumpkin-flavored stuff so I figured I’d give it a try so I was in my kitchen
cooking away working on stuff trying to make a video even though I’m horrible at
making cooking videos I’m generally a very clumsy person particularly when it
comes to cameras I’m extremely clumsy and so while I was working and chopping
up my pumpkin and trying to roast it and doing all the stuff you’re supposed to
do I knocked my camera off of the table that I had it sitting on and it fell
down about Ghana now five feet and hit the floor my heart skipped a beat well that’s really unfortunate so I was
really worried they demolished my camera and I wouldn’t be able to make more
YouTube videos for all you guys and and that really bummed me out because more
important than participating in some dessert collaboration is now being able
to participate in a community and be able to connect and communicate with
people and and so I realized that I would have missed that a lot and then
this I took it one step further in thinking about it I realized you know
the most important ingredient in any holiday meal or any holiday dessert
isn’t how pretty it is or how fancy it is or even how good it tastes it really
comes down to your ability to connect with other people while you’re enjoying
it so I guess this is my long-winded way of saying as you’re making any of your
holiday desserts or any of the things in your holiday meal you know don’t lose
sight of the main reason that you’re having that meal and don’t lose sight
that it’s about connecting with those people that you love and care about so
because I’m generally clumsy and because I’m pretty clumsy with electronics
especially I’ve developed some skills on how to repair things especially cameras
over the years and so I went to work and I was able to fix the camera and so the
video you’re watching right now is being recorded on that broken camera so if you
look here right the lens is a little bit dented you know it’s not in great shape
like a much much value on ebay but that’s okay because I really like this
camera but uh yeah clearly it it’s hurting a little bit so
unfortunately I’ve only had this story about the busted camera and some sort of
weird pumpkin milk concoction oh and as a side note the milk stewed pumpkins
with maple syrup tasted pretty good it was kind of weird the texture was like
spaghetti squash cereal if you can imagine it and the sweetness of the
maple syrup really brought it all together so yeah that was our recipe if
you want to see the other videos participating in this collaboration
watch this playlist up here or feel free to check out one of our videos down here
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