With less than 25 calories per meringue kiss, these will satisfy that sweet tooth. I am Mary Ellen Autry, registered dietitian and diabetes educator with The Austin Diagnostic Clinic (www.adclinic.com). The beauty of this recipe is you can change the flavor to anything you want. You can make resberry, banana, strawberry, vanilla. We’re making a meringue. I’m going to crack my four eggs. After I make the meringue, I will divide the recipe into two parts. For the holidays I want green and red meringue kisses. You want to make sure that only the white is on the bowl. The meringue will not work if part of the yolk gets in. I am starting to beat the egg whites. I want the egg whites to be foamy. When the egg whites reach the foamy stage, I will put in cream of tarter. Now I will add in 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tarter. This will help to stabilize the egg whites. Now that cream of tarter has been mixed into the egg whites, I will add in sugar. I have a cup of sugar and I will add it one tablespoon at time. The meringue looks good.
Now I am ready to add flavor and color. I have red food coloring.
I will try mixing tree drops in here. I am also going to add 1/2 teaspoon of raspberry extract. Now my meringue is ready to put on a pan. I have already pre-lined a pan with parchment paper. This is about half of the recipe. You can see I am making a lot of kisses out of this. I am about halfway through the raspberry kisses. I do not want to put them too close on the pan. They will end up touching each other. They do not expand very much, but this is a nice spacing. You can change the flavoring. You can even try rum flavoring with this if you like. The store I shop at has strawberry, banana and chocolate. You can use your imagination. Now I am ready to put my meringue holiday kisses into the oven. I am baking them at 225 degrees. They will stay in the oven around an hour and a half to two hours. My meringue kisses are done when they pull easily off of the tray. These are fun to take to a holiday party. Kids love them — they are a nice little treat. I ended up making about 40 kisses from this batch. [www.adclinic.com]