Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen it is Barry here, today I am showing you how to make some awesome homemade
candy apples they are so so good and the only restriction is your creativity my friends
so lets show you how to make these, hit pause on the video now write all of these ingredients
down, nice simple recipe for you to do so you can just crack on and make them lets do
it. So what you want to do with your bamboo skewer
is insert it into your apple of choice, I went for a nice pink lady today which can
be used in different contexts I�m sure my favourite apple is a golden delicious if you
are interested, let me know your favourite apple down below if you want to talk apples
that is fine. So put them on a tray with some baking paper, leave them there for the moment
and now we will make our filling which is the dangerous step in to the saucepan combine
your water with the sugar now that is quite a lot of sugar right there I am not going
to lie in fact it is like the whole population of sugar, but that is why it is sticky and
naughty indeed my friends so lets just go with it then we are going to add in our corn
syrup if you cannot get hold of corn syrup it is quite hard to get hold of in the UK,
I am using this as a pointing stick, use some golden syrup or liquid glucose now liquid
glucose is a little bit thicker so use slightly less, any questions let me know down below
I will try and answer them stir them together over a medium flame, at first it will be quite
cloudy but what you want to do is dissolve that sugar so keep going with that heat you
really want to do this with a thermometer you want to get it up to 300F and once it
is at the point you want to take it off the heat, it is going to be really bubbling and
dangerous so be super careful! Let it stand there briefly before tipping
in the cinnamon and mixing it through now that will give it a really Autumn spicy feel
in there so so good, I am going to love it like squirrels in the tree, leaves falling
off the tree you know what I mean that warm and cosy autumn feel but anyhow we can now
add in our food dye this is where you can personalise it, I have seen a lot of people
doing black ones or even glitter ones I just went for a little bit of food dye to really
darken that up mixed it through and it is time to dunk our apples. Dunk your apples
very carefully into the pan before resting on the tray be very careful with that it will
be hot you can double dunk it if you want and then guys you can slam on your creativity
hat. Do whatever you want I melted up some chocolate
giant food style, put some nuts on one, some shimmery glitter on the other nuts on a solo
candy apple white chocolate with some bannoffe pieces and also dyed my white chocolate orange
to make a shimmery nutty one too but it is completely up to you what you want to do,
and I hope you agree they look pretty darn gorgeous.
Guys that is naughty I just took a bite out of this one they have that candy surrounding
the apple very sticky and naughty the sweetness when you bite into them and I went for the
chocolate nut one which looks like Justin Timberlake with the curly hair blonde thing
going on so that is it then guys if you do have a go, send me a picture @myvirginkitchen
do invest in a thermometer makes it so much easier. Give this video a thumbs up, subscribe
and comment, I am now going to eat the Justin timberlake apple. Cheers!