Today, I’m in a mood to make Chocolates!.. ..and for the same, I’ve already kept the water to boil. As, while preparing Chocolates double boiling method is used. Water is set to boil in a saucepan,.. ..take a pan and place it above. When double boiling, place a narrow vessel below.. ..and shallow above. Now, let’s take the Chocolate. Chocolate bars are easily available in the market. All over available! There are two types,
milk and dark Chocolate. Here, it’s 3 bars of dark and
1 bar of milk Chocolate. Let’s put this chopped Chocolate in the pan. This a pan used.. ..below placed is a saucepan. A steel vessel can also be used instead.
Placing narrow one below and shallow above! The basic idea is to double boil the Chocolate.. ..rather direct boiling or melting. Steam is used to melt it.. ..hence water is kept boiling below which helps it heat. Extreme boiled water is not needed. Switch off the stove and let it melt
only with the help of steam. Microvave or oven can also be used to melt it. The Chocolate is completely melted. It’s visible. Wipe the condensed water beneath the pan.. it shouldn’t drop in the mixing bowl. Melted Chocolate won’t mould if it has water droplets in it. It forms a ball. Let’s pour the Chocolate in the mixing bowl. Now, we’ll pour it in the moulds available here. Various shapes are available in these, any could be used.. ..and you can wrap them. Chocolate is filled in all the moulds. Fill in the various shapes you want and.. ..once the tray is filled tap it. This is done as there shouldn’t be any air bubble or else.. ..even if we freeze the Chocolate it will tend to get soft. Tap like this. Place it in the freezer and below in refrigerator
for 5 mins each. There’s also another tray here, I’ll quickly fill it. This moulds has shape of a shell. Looks nice. White Chocolate is available in the market. Fill its half portion with white Chocolate and
remaining with this mixtured Chocolate.. ..and use a tooth pick to spread a little. This is called marble Chocolate. Now, let’s fill this tray. Keep it in the freezer. 10 minutes later. Let’s take out both the trays from refrigerator. First 5 mins they were in the freezer. Chocolates are ready in both the trays. Now, let’s take the papers. Always tap out Chocolates on a paper or butter paper. We are done tapping out all of them. Now let’s wrap them. While wrapping, place it upside down. Colourful papers are available in the market. If you press it, the design will be visible. Wrap all the Chocolates. There are various ways used for wrapping
and decorating chocolates and.. doing this, you can win anyone’s heart! These can also be offered keeping in the boxes. Petite clutches and wallets are available,
gift chocolates using them. See through boxes are another option. Chocolates are ready to enjoy! But.. ..these are best enjoyed when shared. On 13th of february, all over Maharashtra,
movie Mitwa is to be released. Today, we have the team of Mitwa with us. Swapnil, Sonali and Prarthana. Let’s share these chocolates with them. Hello! How are you? Great! Nice, superb! Chocolates for all of you. Thank you.
-Have the chocolates, taste them. Chocolates are heart shaped. I’ve done that on purpose. So good! Taste the Chocolates and tell me how’s it. Tell me what’s there exactly in Mitwa? Mitwa means a friend, philosopher, guide! Actually, since a year we are saying this and
now it’s time to watch it. So, I think, you and all viewers do watch Mitwa. Definitely, I would just like to ditto Sonali’s thought. Do tell us, what do you think! good bad.. ..your observations about it, post through
comment section of the channel. Subscribe this food channel, and let us know your views. We’re waiting to hear from you. Mitwa means Chocolate heart. As we tempt to eat Chocolates,
the similar tempt is for Mitwa. I’m sure. So watch this film in the theatre on 13th february and.. ..let us know were the Chocolates more tempting or Mitwa! What’s so special in Mitwa? I think as Ruchkar Mejwani is all about making.. ..easy and delicious recipes. So people like me who don’t know cooking can cook and enjoy. Similarly.. ..Mitwa is a tasty recipe of love! It would make you feel to have as such love of your life. So special element is you will feel this movie relates you.. ..your love, someone to love you this way. So, like these chocolates, sweet wishes to you. Viewers.. watch it with your Mitwa! ‘Teri meri yaari’
Mitwa 13th february !