Hi, I’m Ashlee Marie and today I am making 5 different kinds of sweet rolls; the classic cinnamon roll, a caramel pecan, a pumpkin with maple, an orange roll and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. We have a lot of comfort food on the channel already and a lot coming up and holiday food coming. So, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss anything and let’s get started. Because we are making so many different kinds of dough, we are going to start with a basic cinnamon roll dough and then I am going to show you some variations off of that. So, first things first. I am using yeast, but I am not using instant yeast. I don’t really enjoy instant yeast. So, because I am using regular yeast, we need to proof it. So, I have the yeast. I am adding sugar so that is going to help it proof and then we are adding warm water. Now you don’t want this to be too hot or it will kill the yeast or too cold or it won’t proof; so you want it to be between 110 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit and we are going to let this sit for 5 minutes. Our yeast is nice and active and poufy and it is time to add everything else. So, we are now going to add some warm milk, also about the same temperature. We are not trying to make our yeast go to these extreme temperatures. Then I have some melted butter that I actually let cool a little bit so that it wouldn’t again be too hot and kill the yeast. And then an egg, some salt and some more sugar. Then we are going to mix that all together. Once it is all incorporated, it is time to start adding the flour and we want to add about 1 cup at a time and then incorporate it, then add the next cup, incorporate it. You get the idea. Now with any good dough that you want to be light and fluffy, you don’t want to overwork this with a lot of flour. Now this recipe can have anywhere between 3 1/2 cups to 5 1/2 cups. It is kind of depending on where you live and how comfortable you are working with sticky dough. So, right now this is at 4 cups and it is still really sticky, but, you know it is not too sticky. It is not too bad, so I am going to add another 1/2 cup and see what I think. Now, this dough, I am really happy with. It has cleaned off of the sides, you don’t have to scrape anything, and it is still sticky, but it is much more pliable so 4 1/2 cups was perfect for me. Now it is time for the first rise. We want this to double in size. Now if your house is between you know 70 and 90 degrees it should take about 60 minutes in a nice warm home. If your house is hotter than that, it will actually go much faster. If your house is colder than that, obviously the opposite, it will take a little bit longer but the importance here is the doubling in size not the amount of time. Take a towel and get it damp and cover up your pan with it and let it rise that way. Now the dough we just made, will make most of your sweet rolls. Classic cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, orange rolls. I have a couple of variations for some extra options. For example; we are going to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls. During the liquid stage after we add the milk, the melted butter, the eggs, all of that, we are also going to add some pumpkin. Mix that in. Look at that beautiful color. Now the other addition that we are going to make to this dough is the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg. Now because of the extra liquid from the pumpkin, you are going to want to make sure at the very end you make up for it by adding some extra flour. Just add 1/4 cup at a time until you hit that sweet spot, when the dough is not only pulling away from the sides but starting to ball up together. It should still be sticky, but not too sticky. And for our second variation of the dough itself, we are making chocolate dough. So, what you want to do is make the dough all the way up to the flour stage. We’ve done the yeast, the milk, the sugar, the eggs, all of the liquids and now we are going to add half the flour, mix it up real good, then we are going to add some cocoa powder and then add the rest of the flour. Now cocoa powder is not only a little bit more of the dry ingredients, but it also tends to dry things out a little bit more, so you are actually going to use a lot less flour. So, I ended up only using the 4 cups and it is perfect. So, don’t add any extra flour to this. In fact, always add a little bit less flour than you are used to and then test it out and see. Like I said, it should be sticky, but also you should be able to clean it up easily. And while the dough is rising, it is a great time to prepare the fillings. If you are making the caramel pecan rolls, it is great time to make the caramel sauce. I am going to start with the butter and then add in some corn syrup and then 2 kinds of sugar; we have granulated sugar and brown sugar. We want to bring this to a boil and we want to let it boil for just a couple of minutes just long enough that it is not grainy anymore. We are trying to melt all of that brown sugar and sugar. Then we are going to take it off the heat and let it cool for 5 minutes and now we are going to add the whipping cream to our warm sugar, stirring constantly and once that is all stirred together, you are going to have this beautiful caramel sauce. Now it is time to make the classic filling. Now this is cinnamon and sugar. Now personally, I like to use 2 kinds of sugar. I like to use lightly pack brown sugar as well as granulated sugar in addition of course to the cinnamon. Get all the big chunks of brown sugar out and that is it for the classic. Now for the citrus roll filling. We are actually just going to use white sugar for this and then the zest of an orange. This is my favorite zester because it zests it really fine and it collects it all afterwards. Try and make sure you get all of that zest broken up. You don’t want like a big chunk of zest. So, I find that it is actually easier to work it in with my fingers than the fork sometimes. For the chocolate cinnamon roll, we are actually going to add some cocoa powder to the sugar and a little less cinnamon but still some. Pour the dough out onto a floured surface. Once you have the dough rolled out, we are going to take some butter that has been softened on the counter. Now softening in the microwave is not the same as leaving it out to soften. But in a pinch it will do. But I prefer to get mine out when I am getting all the other ingredients out to make the dough and then it is ready in time. So, what we want to do now is take this and spread it all over the dough and I also want to say, you can try to do this with a spatula or a brush. You can use melted butter, but I prefer doing softened butter and doing it with my hands, because it is easier to spread all the way to the edges with my hands and get evenly because you can feel it. I mean I am okay getting my hands into my food and the reason I don’t melted butter is because it is just never enough. It is not going to hold as much filling as you know a nice pat of softened butter is going to do. And by pat, I mean an entire stick. We are going to take our classic filling and spread it out. And again, hands are already dirty, why not make them dirtier. Spread it all the way to the edge. I recommend using it all. Yes, it is a little thick, but it is divine. Totally worth it. Tastes amazing. Next up, we are going to roll this up and a lot of people are going to roll up from the long side, but, I roll up from the short side because this is going to give me 12 inch and a half tall cinnamon rolls and this is going to give me a lot of tight tiny spirals. Now if you prefer yours more doughy and less spirally, that’s fine. Just don’t roll it out as thin. This is 1/4 of an inch thick. It is like 16 inches by 24 inches. Next, you want to take some floss that doesn’t have any flavor, just a plain floss. Now we are going to lift up our roll and put this at about the halfway mark, cross it over each other and pull. And what that does s it keeps your roll nice and round but slices right through it. Alright, we are going to do another halfway one, so it is quartering this and then you want to cut each of the quarters into thirds and place them in a 9 by 13 pan and I use one that is lined with parchment paper just to make it easier to pull out later. And then you want to let these have their second rise. You want them to get nice and soft and poufy. They should fill up all the gaps in the pan. It should take about 60 minutes. Now let’s get into our variations. Now for the caramel pecan variation, we actually roll it out the same, do the butter the same and do the filling the same until it gets to this point. Before rolling it up, you want to take a half a cup of pecans and spread a quarter cup all over our dough and then we are going to take that caramel sauce we made earlier and we are going to pour about a cup’s worth, about a half of it along the bottom of a 9 by 13 pan. Take the last quarter cup of those pecans and sprinkle that over. Now usually when it comes to putting the cinnamon rolls in, I usually keep the pretty side of that bottom end piece on the top, but because we are actually going to flip this over it is done baking, we want the pretty side to go down, so the ugly side of this swirl is actually going to be on top. For the second variation, we are going to roll it out and butter it just like we do with the regular, but this time we are going to add the orange sugar mixture and then just roll it up like the others. For the fourth variation, it is the pumpkin dough and it is exactly the same as the first one. Butter, cinnamon sugar mixture, roll up, done. For the final variation, it’s the chocolate cinnamon rolls, we are going to roll it out, butter it and spread the chocolate cinnamon sugar mixture all over it and then as a variation, we are going to add a bunch of mini chocolate chips. They are going to be like little bursts of chocolate as it comes out. You want to bake these as 375 degrees for 22-25 minutes, kind of depending on your oven. Now at the 22-minute mark, when you go open your oven, it should be golden on the top and when you tap it, it should bounce back. If it doesn’t bounce back when you touch it if it kind of shrinks or it just presses in and doesn’t bounce back, that means it is still raw on the inside and it needs to cook longer. If it bounces back, that means it is done. Now it is time to make all the toppings. Now there are a couple schools of thoughts when it comes to cinnamon rolls. There is cream cheese frosting, or there is just powdered sugar icing. Now, there is no right or wrong here, except that icing is wrong and cream cheese frosting is right. They all start out with the same base. I am just going to make one big ginormous batch of cream cheese frosting and then we are going to separate out what we need for the individual recipes. Now we are going to make 3 different variations on our frosting. We have our traditional frosting. We are going to add some maple, some chocolate and some citrus to these other bowls to make all of our different variations. So, for the maple, we are going to add some mapleine and this is a maple extract that you can make your own maple syrup out of actually, but I use it to flavor whipped cream, frosting and stuff like that. You just want to stir this in nice and smooth. It will be a little bit darker and it will smell amazing. Now for the chocolate, you can do this 2 ways. You can either add cocoa powder like we are doing today just because it is easy and fast, or you can melt some chocolate and add that, but you have to melt the chocolate, let it cool so it is not too hot and then mix it in. It is a little bit more of a step, but personally, I think it actually tastes a lot better and it is my preferred way of doing it when I am not making 5 dozen rolls in one day. Just saying. And then finally, the citrus. We are going to add the zest of an entire orange and then we are going to add about a tablespoon of fresh orange juice. Now because we are adding more liquid, we are going to have to add a little more powdered sugar too, so about 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup extra powdered sugar and just stir that in. Now our frostings are done and we are ready to put them on our finished cinnamon rolls. And here you go, classic cinnamon rolls, all done. Now it is up to you if you want to frost them, while they are fresh out of the oven and warm and let that frosting melt down into all the cracks or if you want to wait until it is cool and so then the frosting will kind of stay well, frosting like. Classic cinnamon rolls, done. Now let’s move on to our variations. Oh man, these orange rolls smell so good and look at the crystallization of those sugar crystals on top. Now let’s add this frosting to it. One more roll done. Our caramel pecan rolls are out and while this is still bubbling, we want to get this out of the pan. Taking a large cookie sheet covered in parchment paper, and I am putting it over the top and don’t forget to use your hot pads, because this pan is still really hot; and flip. Look at all that caramel bubbling and oozing. Yum. Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, that looks good. Now you can serve and enjoy these caramel pecan rolls just as they are. They are fine or you can add sugar upon sugar upon sugar and add some of the cream cheese frosting to it then take that extra caramel sauce and drizzle that on top as well. Done. Alright maple cream cheese added to our pumpkin cinnamon rolls and these are done. And the last of our variations is the chocolate. Alright, let’s top this off with some chocolate cream cheese frosting. And finished. I feel like I have conquered something making all 5 recipes in one day, did take a little bit more than I thought it would. It is a lot easier to make a triple batch of one recipe than it is to make 5 different recipes. Even though it was a little time consuming for me today, I hope that you guys can see that this is actually something that is really easy to do and it is great to make for your own family or for company. I love food that I can like prep and this is one of those that it is great to prep. You can make the dough, let it rise, roll it out, do the filling, spin it, chop it, put it in the pan. Once you get to that stage, I cover it with plastic wrap and you can freeze it and save it for another time. Just bring it out to thaw and then cook it once they are thawed and while they are thawing, they will rise, or you can stick it in the fridge and the rise time will be cut and it will rise really slowly. So, I like to make them the night before, out them in the fridge and the next morning pull them out. They have risen and then put them right into the oven and bake them and they are good to go. This is a great way to go for things like Christmas morning when I don’t want to get up early but I want to have nice warm cinnamon rolls in the morning. So, anyway now comes the part of the video where I get to try everything. My reward. Yeah. Alright we are going to start with the classic cinnamon roll. #[14:10.5] You guys. I mean what is there to say. It is a cinnamon roll. It is divine. Alright, probably took too big of a bite. Let’s try the caramel pecan. Now this is just like the classic except that we have added a butt load of caramel sauce, it has soaked into the dough and then of course the crunchy toasted pecans so. Yeah, we have some extra caramel sauce. This is so good. Alright, pumpkin. You know, I love the maple cream cheese frosting, but I am a little obsessed with maple. The pumpkin flavor is definitely coming through but it is a little bit light. I would be wary to add anymore though because of the balance of baked goods. But yeah. It is good. Perfect for this time of year. And citrus. You know, usually that was a really big bite. Now I am a huge fan of all things citrus, but I tend to not love them in baked goods, but I love this. This is good. Alright, now for the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I was originally just going to make those first rolls, but I felt like I needed something that was just a little bit more kind of out there and let’s face it, you know nothing screams Ashlee like chocolate, so I went a little overboard. I went chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I don’t know why more people don’t do this. This is good. And now my mind is exploding with possibilities. I think I like the roll, but I think the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate is a little bit too much, so I think next time I am going to try it with a different frosting like my marshmallow frosting or peanut butter frosting and I think maybe I will drench it in some caramel sauce. I have some, we’ll get that. Now in the comments down below, let me know what your favorite variation of sweet roll is. I will say, I loved all of these, but my number 1 favorite is maple bacon cinnamon roll. I know, you are not surprised. I am obsessed with maple bacon pretty much anything. But it is the perfect bite. You get that breakfast meat and the breakfast bread and the breakfast sweets all in one place. It is really good. Anyway, thumbs up if you like comfort food. Don’t forget to subscribe, we have a lot of great recipes coming up in case. And thanks for watching.