Today we’re making instant chocolate
pudding mix. [music] I’m CMColeman and today we’re going
to make instant chocolate pudding mix but that
is one of those things that yes you can go out and buy it no problem but I like to make things from scratch
and, this instant chocolate pudding mix is so
simple, and I can have it laying around my house. It does use a product that you normally,
probably don’t have around their house, however it’s really cool and I suggest
you try it. I’ll leave a link to how to get it down in
the description, but is a clear jel And this is the instant clear jel. Iit’s
just basically a modified corn starch. Really simple. It doesn’t not , it does not
need to be heated up to thicken things up. And so it makes a really simple,
specially for pies, or puddings, just like this. So let’s get
started. I have two cups of my it clear jel. Remember this is instant. I going to put it into my food processor, and watch the dust. Everywhere. Now, this is two cups the raw sugar and then
I’m going to run this for about 30 seconds to a minute til it’s all mixed up. [machine noise] All right. Now this is a fine powder. You know we’re going to do now? We’re going to wait five minutes for that powder to settle down before we go
on to the next step. It’s been five minutes, and now the
container has cleared. and we can add our one cup black chocolate. We’re going to pulse this until it is an even color. [machines noise] Alright once everything is uneven
color. Once again we’re going to let this sit
for five minutes. So that way the chamber can clear out all that power
and believe me there’s a lot of powder. So we’ll back in five minutes. It’s been five minutes and you can see that now the chamber is clear. Hopefully. Now I’m going to live out on
the edge, You should probably spoon yours in. Take your time. Me, I’m going to try it daringly. Very
carefully. Once you have it in the jar, Just seal it up. Label it “pudding mix”. Then you have your pudding mix. all ready to make your putting so let’s
try making us some pudding. All right let’s make some pudding. I
have 3/4 cup of our pudding mix. 2 cups of milk. I’m using cashew milk
but you can use whole milk, whatever kinda milk you want. Using a
whisk, or spoon, or whatever, just whisk that up. If the consistency of you’re pudding doesn’t come out as thick as you like, spoon in, by the
tablespoonful more, a little bit more of the mix. and then you’ll have a nice thick
consistency pudding. We are going to spoon some into our bowl. That’s actually really good. I mean this is really, really good. It tastes like instant pudding. I’m
actually sort of amazed by how great this is. Now this is one of those recipes you can keep on hand. We’re going to use it to make some other things with but, trust me this chocolate pudding is
really, really good. I highly recommend that you make it. If this is your first time here, remember to subscriber. There’s a little button down there. That you can click to subscribe.
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