Namaste! Welcome to
Ruchkar Mejwani with Archana! ‘Jalebi’ can be tagged as the queen of sweets! And we really love it when Jalebis
are served at a party! Although we never attempt to make Jalebis at home.. we worry if they will turn
out okay or not? Now you don’t need to worry as
today I will show you how to prepare ‘Jalebis’. Sugar syrup is a must while preparing
sweet recipes like Jalebi. So let’s begin with sugar syrup. I have taken around half a kg of sugar. And we will add water half the
quantity of sugar.. ..around half a bowl of water Let’s switch on the stove. Let’s add some saffron to it.. ..half a tsp of cardamom (elaichi) powder.. ..and some yellow (edible) color. Let’s boil everything.. ..and prepare one thread consistency
sugar syrup of it. Meanwhile, let’s heat the ghee. We need this type of shallow (fry) pan. Either take a shallow kadai or a pan
or else, fry pan would be the best option. Till then, let’s prepare the batter. So, let’s take a cup of maida (all purpose flour).. ..after that, 3 tbsp of gram flour.. ..3 tbsp of curd.. ..and 2 tbsp of hot ghee. Now, let’s mix everything well. Let’s add a pinch of yellow (edible) color.. ..and now, some water.. ..a little bit at once. Make sure there are no lumps
(in the mixture).. ..smoothen it well. Let’s add some more water. Make sure the consistency (of the mixture)
is neither too thick nor too thin! Let me show you. The consistency of the mixture must be
similar to the one we use for making dosas. The batter should be like this. You can see how smoothly it is falling. This batter is supposed to fermented overnight.., let’s keep this aside and use the one
I already prepared and start making Jalebis. But before that, let’s check on the sugar syrup. The last drop falls down forming
a thread like this.. ..which shows that one thread consistency
sugar syrup is ready. Now, let’s switch off the stove. Let the syrup cool down for a while. The mixture looks like this after it’s fermented. Now, let’s fill it in a sauce bottle. The ghee is nicely heated,
let’s start making the Jalebis now. I am using a steel skewer here.. flip the Jalebis as we can’t use a spatula
or a spoon. Make sure they turn crispy from both the sides. Now, let’s put them in the syrup. Let’s dip them nicely in the syrup. Now, let’s prepare the remaining Jalebis. Let’s take out the Jalebis dipped into
the syrup. And our Jalebis are ready! These Jalebis are as simple to prepare as they
appeared to you (in the video).. ..but only if you try them and I know
you will.. I can rightly say that looking at you! And to learn such sweet recipes,
keep watching Ruchkar Mejwani!