Hi Bold Bakers! So the weather is starting
to heat up here in Los Angeles, so we are going to start making frozen desserts. I have
tons of stuff planned for the summer, but I thought we would kick things off with a
homemade sorbet—that you do not need an ice cream machine to make. So let’s get
started. So to make sorbet my way, it’s really straightforward.
All you need is some fruit, and condensed milk. I’m going to talk you through the
process as I go, just so you can understand why I’m doing what I do. So to make my sorbet,
I’m going to use my food processor, but you can also use a blender. That works really
well too. The first sorbet we are making is a lovely
raspberry flavor. So the main ingredient for our sorbets is frozen fruit. So I have some
lovely raspberries here. And the reason I have them frozen is because it gives you a
really thick texture to your sorbet, which is actually what the ice cream machine would
do. So we’re replacing that by using frozen berries. You can use fresh fruit. The mixture
just doesn’t get as thick, but it will work. Our next very important ingredient is sweetened
condensed milk. Now I like to use the fat-free version because I find it a little less sweet.
So the reason I use condensed milk is because it’s very important that when you’re making
frozen desserts that your sugar is liquid. And by doing that, it will stop ice crystals
from forming and it also makes your sorbet (or your frozen yogurt) very scoop-able. Now
I understand that in some countries you can’t buy condensed milk, but you can make it, and
you can also make a dairy-free condensed milk, and I have both of those recipes on my website.
So on with our lid—so far it’s been pretty easy—and then all we’re going to do is
blend it for around 3 to 4 minutes. You just want to get it really nice and smooth. While
it’s blending, you will notice that it clumps up a bit, but just let it keep going and it
will eventually smooth out. Once you can see that your sorbet is smooth, then take off
the lid, and just look at that: beautiful, homemade sorbet. Look how smooth it is, and
the beautiful, vibrant color as well. Oh, it’s yummy. There’s a little bit of sharpness
for the raspberry; it’s lovely and sweet as well. So we’re gonna get this guy straight
into our freezable container. For a lot of my frozen desserts, I love to use these containers.
They’re really easy, and the link can be found on my website, BiggerBolderBaking.com,
along with the recipes for the sorbet. Fill your container to the top with your frozen
raspberry sorbet. I like to top it off with some extra fresh raspberries to make it look
pretty. To finish our sorbet off, I have these lovely homemade labels, and you can find the
template for this on my website also. And that’s it! Could not be simpler homemade
sorbet. Now it will take about 3 to 4 hours to freeze, but it will last in your freezer
for up to 6 weeks. When you think of sorbet, you think of lovely,
fresh flavors. And that’s exactly what our next sorbet is, it’s cantaloupe and mint.
Into our food processor goes our frozen cantaloupe. Now I actually chopped and froze this cantaloupe
myself, but you can always buy some in the stores. Onto our cantaloupe goes our condensed
milk. As you’ll notice, the sorbets are just made with fruit and condensed milk, so
feel free to use any fruit you have yourself, or any that you prefer. Into our cantaloupe
we’re going to add in our fresh mint. Just scatter it all around there. Now just on with
our lid, and then blend until it’s lovely and smooth. I love to use frozen fruit in
my desserts, because in some countries you sometimes can’t get all fruit, but usually
you can find it frozen, which really helps. Okay, it’s looking nice and smooth, so I’m
going to stop it. And look at that. It’s a really beautiful color. I can smell the
mint coming out of the machine. It’s really smooth, lovely and thick. Oh, yummy, it’s
a little bit creamy. The mint complements it really well. You can use other melons as
well. I don’t recommend watermelon, because it’s very liquid-y, but this works really
well. Once your sorbet is blended, get it straight into your container. Add a sprig
of mint on top for some extra color. And finish it off with your lovely homemade label. Just
look at what a beautiful color that sorbet is, and it tastes fantastic. We’re gonna
pop this guy in the freezer and get started on our next flavor. Personally, I absolutely adore lime in my
desserts. It is such a refreshing flavor. That’s why our next flavor is strawberry
and lime. Just like before, into our food processor, we’re going to add in our frozen
strawberries. Then we’re going to add in some zest of a fresh lime. I can’t get enough
of lime. Usually you would pair it with tropical fruits, which works really well, but if you
have ever had strawberries and lime, it is just out of this world. Also, another little
tip: bananas and lime. Into this, we are going to add in our condensed milk. On with our
lid, and then you know the drill: blend it up until it’s nice and smooth.
I am really excited for the big and bold desserts that I’ve got planned for the summer. So
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Looking good. Beautiful. Give it a little taste, as always. Oh, it’s delicious. Lime
has such a unique flavor. I just adore it. Fill your container with your sorbet all the
way to the top. This is going to make a fantastic treat on a hot day. Place a fresh strawberry
on top. And then grate on some more lime zest for color and flavor. I’m calling this flavor,
“Sublime Strawberry.” Even just the smell of this sorbet is insane. But we can’t stop
here. We’re going to move onto our next flavor. Our next sorbet flavor is a bit of a tropical
double-whammy. It is mango and passion fruit. Pop your frozen mango into your food processor.
For your passion fruit, you can buy purées in-store, or you can use fresh, like I’m
going to do. I just wanted to show you what a beautiful fruit this is. And if you think
it looks good, just imagine what it tastes like. If you are going to use fresh passion
fruit, pass it through a sieve to remove any of those seeds. In with our condensed milk.
Add that lovely sweetness. Another sorbet ready. If you can’t find passion fruit,
you can always just have the mango by itself, or you could add in some lime zest—that
would be delicious. Look what a gorgeous vibrant yellow this sorbet is. Oh my gosh, it tastes
delicious. These two flavors complement each other so well. Scoop your sorbet straight
into your container. As a little added touch, I like to add on some fresh passion fruit
on top. Aptly named, “Passion for Mango,” because that is exactly what I have. We’re
gonna pop this guy in the freezer and get to our next decadent flavor. Our next sorbet is a little bit different,
because it is less fruity, and more rich and decadent. It is chocolate and banana. Add
your frozen bananas into your food processor. I actually slice and freeze my bananas myself
because I always like to have some in the freezer so I can always add them to my recipes.
Next, we’re going to add in our unsweetened cocoa powder. The better quality cocoa you
use, the better, always. In with our condensed milk. That’s a gorgeous sight: condensed
milk flowing down the cocoa powder. I don’t at what point we started to realize that bananas
and chocolate work really well together, but I’m glad we did. Ooh, this looks delicious.
Look at how velvety smooth that is. When you blend up bananas, they get really thick and
kind of silky. That’s why it works really well for sorbet. Fill your container with
your rich and decadent sorbet. I like to place some fresh banana on top, and sprinkle over
some chocolate flakes. This sorbet is called, “Bananas for Chocolate,” because who is
not bananas for chocolate? As soon as your sorbet is frozen, you can
start to scoop. If your sorbet is hard to scoop straight from the freezer, then let
it sit at room temperature for five minutes. Ooh, this is delicious. It’s kind of hard
to believe that just a few ingredients blended together can make such a fantastic dessert.
No matter which one you make, there is a flavor here for everyone. Let me know in the comments
below what your favorite sorbet flavor was. And as always, don’t forget to subscribe
to my channel. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you back here next Thursday
for more Bigger Bolder Baking.