(upbeat music) – First of all, this looks awesome. – You expect this to look
kinda hard, don’t you? It’s not, it’s soft. It’s soft. – There’s stuff in the middle. – That red bean? It’s like sticky. – Salty, it’s sweet,
it’s crunchy, it’s chewy. – It’s a very interactive
dessert, which I like. You get to pick it up and
play with it, and like squish it, and like pull it apart. It’s fun. (upbeat music) – Dan tut. – Dan tut. – Dan tut. – Oh. – That bite is really,
interesting and fun and new. – Very edgy. – Like you really taste the egg. It doesn’t taste like creamy, milky sugar. – It’s like a mini pie, a mini egg pie. (upbeat music) – It kinda looks like a soup. Like a dessert soup. – That’s weird. I’m not used to having soup for dessert. – This is so good. – It just has an interesting texture. It’s like tea with stuff at the bottom. (upbeat music) – Here’s how I judge things. Taste, adorableness, that’s the end. – D’aww, he’s very jello-ey. – It taste’s like condensed
milk and mango mixed together. – The texture is right in the middle between pudding and jello. – These desserts have an element
of fun, I’m not gonna lie. It’s like it taste’s good, but
then it’s also a lot of fun. (upbeat music) – I see little balls everywhere. – It’s like a little party in your mouth. – It smells bomb. – It’s really good with the mango. Cause the mango is nice and tart, and like the coconut cream is just like, like a little sweet but mostly neutral, so it like balances it
all out really well. – This is like the freshest
dessert of all time. This is the best. – My favorite is the sesame ball, easily. – The black sesame soup was actually really fun, and different. – I really like the dan tut. And I said it right. Maybe. – Sai Mai Lo, is that right? – [Voiceover] Yeah. Yep, that was the best one. That was the best one by far. – The sesame balls are kinda magical. Like they’re kind of
like made out of magic, I think those balls are. – Two thumbs up for Hong Kong desserts. (upbeat music)