♪♪ Yovino: It’s kind of like
everything I love in one little plate. Jenezon: You could’ve put it on
on old shoes and — and it would’ve been good. Finley: Delicious.
I loved everything about it. ♪♪ [ Indistinct conversations ] ♪♪ Sbrocco: Insider tip,
right here. Sbrocco: Hi.
I’m Leslie Sbrocco. Welcome to “Check, Please!
Bay Area,” the show where regular Bay Area
residents review and talk about their favorite restaurants. We have three guests
and each one recommends one of their favorite spots, and the other two
go check them out to see what they think. This week, interior designer
Kelly Finley, arranges a perfect
sushi experience at one of her preferred picks
in San Francisco. And construction supply
sales manager James Jenezon assembles an Italian feast at his neighborhood spot
in Pleasanton. But first,
resource manager Natalie Yovino leads us on an expedition
to Emeryville to explore her esteemed
bar and restaurant with exceptional cocktails
and delightful bar bites. This is
Honor Kitchen & Cocktails. ♪♪ Trupelli: I’m Lara Trupelli. And my husband Gar and I are the owners of
Honor Kitchen & Cocktails. ♪♪ So, the name comes from
the definition of “honor,” which is honesty,
fairness, integrity… Man: Ooh, that’s good. Trupelli: …but really,
it’s about what’s honorable. You know, what we do here
with our menu and our cocktails, inspiring our staff to be
honorable in all that they do, and also honoring our guests. When you walk through the door, we’ve got our Honor Wall
full of interesting items. You’re welcome to take
anything you like. We just ask that you replace it with something of equal
or cooler value. And then, of course,
we have our very popular Honor Bucket of Beer,
with all kinds of beers. Bottle opener, help yourself. We want you to be comfortable
and enjoy yourself right away. Just tell the bartender
to add it to your tab. It’s on your honor. We feel honored
that people choose to come, you know, join us and spend their time
and hard-earned money with us, and we want to make sure we show
them that same level of respect. ♪♪ Sbrocco: Now, Natalie,
Honor Kitchen & Cocktails. Yovino: Yes. Sbrocco:
But I think we need to start with the cocktail part of it,
yes? Yovino: Absolutely. There are so many
wonderful cocktails on the menu. There’s always something
for everyone. If you prefer a dry martini, versus a fruity
sherbet-filled drink, you can have your pick of one,
or any, really. Sbrocco: But there’s also
beer and wine. Finley: I just went
with the wine. And honestly, their
wine selection was very good. It was much more extensive
than you would expect at a bar. And like, I think
the first glass, ’cause I’m sure I had
more than one, was, um, the Gruner Veltliner. And, so, I felt like they actually got
a very good wine list. ‘Cause I think the second drink
was a Pinot Noir and they were both from Sonoma. So, I thought that was —
it was really good. My friend that came with me
did have a cocktail and she loved it. Sbrocco: Yeah? Finley: And she drank
the entire thing, clearly. [ Laughter ] Sbrocco: And did you order
anything to drink? Jenezon: Yes. Um, I was very intrigued
by this whole honor system. There’s a tub of beer
in the middle of the bar full of beer and it’s a good ploy, because if the service is slow, and your waiter’s not back
to bring you another drink, well, you can get up
and get another beer. Sbrocco: That’s right. And you’ve got a choice of beer,
and you can go pull ’em out. Jenezon: And they had
a lot of different ones, so, I was just
really intrigued by that. I had never seen it,
thought about it, so I tried many of them. Sbrocco: It’s the honor system.
Jenezon: It’s the honor system. Sbrocco: So, now we’ve cleared that this is
a cocktail-forward place, let’s talk about
the kitchen piece of it. Yovino: Yes. Sbrocco: What do you
typically order? Yovino: Well, I’m a burrata
superfan, I would say. It came with fresh toasted
crostini bread. It had a delicious
balsamic glaze on it, as well as some
hazelnuts in there. And I love hazelnuts, too. So, it’s kind of like everything
I love in one little plate — carbs, cheese, hazelnuts. Uh, I went with a group
of three girlfriends, and it was gone pretty much
the second it was on the plate. We had divvied it up,
and it was done. And also, we started with
the crispy Brussels sprouts with the onion caramel glaze. They were so crispy
and so well-cooked, and I feel like every time
I try to do it at home in my cast-iron skillet, I can never make them that good. Sbrocco: Well, now, you’re both
shaking your head like, “hmm.” James? Jenezon: That was
a fantastic dish. It really was. But the bone marrow, which you don’t find
on most menus, and our waiter James — Sbrocco: With a great name.
Jenezon: With a great name. We — we bonded. We did. He suggested right off,
order extra bread. “It doesn’t come
with enough bread, you should order more bread,
you’re gonna want it.” We did. The bone marrow was fantastic. Sbrocco: Slather it right
on that bread. Jenezon: Your Brussels sprouts
were number two. And I had some people with me that don’t normally
like Brussels sprouts and they’re just like,
“Could we order another one?” [ Laughter ] Sbrocco: And you had
the Brussels sprouts, as well? Finley:
Yes, the Brussels sprouts were by far,
the best thing we ate. I think it was the onion glaze, it had a little lime in it. It had marcona almonds. I mean, I really
had to get my friend from like, almost
licking the plate. I mean, that’s how good it was. And so, that was, by far, our — it was our first dish,
but also our best. For the other appetizers,
we had the corn fritters, which weren’t as big of a hit. Finley: And, in fairness, our
waiter gave us his suggestions, and we decided
to go away from them. Sbrocco: Mm-hmm. Finley: It had very little
corn flavor, so, I mean, we ate it,
and we actually dipped it a little bit
in the Brussels sprouts, so it worked. But it was, like,
the Brussels sprouts were such a star, it made the corn fritters
kind of pale in comparison. Sbrocco: And there’s
a lot of shareable options at this place, right?
Finley: Right. Absolutely. Sbrocco: What did you have next,
James? Jenezon: We had the Bucket of… Yovino: Yard Bird.
Finley: …Yard Bird, yes. Jenezon: Yard Bird,
Finley: Yes, the Yard Bird. Jenezon: The yard birds
were a big hit. I was with a large group. They were gone instantaneously. Sbrocco:
Let’s talk about the yard bird and the fried chicken. Yovino: The fried chicken. My second favorite to burrata. It comes with a beautiful
display of crispy fried chicken with those wonderful
craggily edges that you want when you bite in. The biscuit
that it comes with — Jenezon:
It was a wonderful biscuit. Yovino: I’m just —
I’m telling you. I have pins on my jacket
with carbs close to my heart. That’s where
I keep them all, so… Sbrocco: I keep them
on my thighs. [ Laughter ] Yovino: So the chicken
is always cooked perfectly. I’ve had that dish
probably 10 times. And it is always
consistently fantastic, and I must say the biscuit
is kind of my second star compared to the fried chicken. Sbrocco: Did you have
the fried chicken as well? Finley: Yes, we had
the Bucket O’ Yard Bird, as they call it. We — so I will say,
it was very heavy, right? Because it’s a bucket
of fried chicken, a biscuit. A pretty dense biscuit, but it’s
like slathered in honey, too. And then, you have the salad. It was all very delicious. I actually thought the hot sauce
on top of it really kind of made it sing. And the way — we were
a little disappointed because we asked beforehand, but we only got all white meat,
and we were — we’re all — I mean,
all I wanted was a thigh. Like, I just really,
really wanted a thigh. Sbrocco: Right. Finley: But it was all very,
very tasty because we essentially,
as you said, split it. And we also split the burger. We had the house ground burger,
which was delicious. It had special sauce. The bread — it’s not a brioche,
but it’s a very soft bread. The meat was delicious. And with the fries, it was just a very nice,
you know, light meal. Sbrocco: Bar food.
Finley: Yes. Bar food. Exactly. Jenezon: We had the fries also. They seemed to be regular fries. I mean, nothing really
to write home about. Yovino: Mm-hmm.
Jenezon: But they were good. Yovino: Did you try
the ham jelly with them, though? Jenezon: Yes, the ham jelly —
Yovino: Now that’s the star. Jenezon: Okay,
the ham jelly, though, we fought over and tried
to put it on all kinds
of different dishes. [ Laughter ] Yovino: So you ordered the fries
for the jelly. Sbrocco: That’s what you needed
over there. Finley: I don’t think
I got ham jelly. Jenezon: It was something else.
It was. You could have put it
on old shoes and ate it. It would have been good. Sbrocco: Did they miss anything
that you normally get? Yovino: I think — Sbrocco:
Or did they cover the gamut? Yovino: I think with
the Brussels sprouts — I mean, I got the burrata,
so you didn’t have to. But I suggest going back for it.
Finley: It was high on the list. Yovino: And I also ordered
the meatballs for the table. Finley: Okay. Yovino: Which I thought
were fantastic because they weren’t your typical
meatballs in a red sauce. They were kind of almost
in a pot-roast gravy. So it was that nice,
really meaty, savory flavor. Jenezon: Right.
Yovino: I absolutely loved it. That was actually my first time
trying it. And I would absolutely
order it again. Sbrocco: Wash it down
with a bucket of beer. Jenezon: There you go. On the honor system. Sbrocco: On the honor system. Alright, well,
this is your spot. Give us a quick summary. Yovino: Alright. Well, if you’re looking
for excellent cocktails and great elevated bar food, Honor Bar’s your place to be. Sbrocco: And James?
Jenezon: I agree. It was everything
that I expected. It was a bar with food,
and it was good, and it was lively,
and it was fun. Sbrocco: Okay. And Kelly? Finley: And I agree with James. It’s a bar that has
really good food, and it’s probably
a great place for happy hour if you’re in the neighborhood. Sbrocco: If you would like to
try Honor Kitchen & Cocktails, it’s located on
Powell Street in Emeryville. The telephone number
is 510-653-8667. It’s open every day
for dinner and drinks, happy hour
Monday through Friday, and brunch on the weekends. And the average tab for dinner
without drinks is around $30. And remember, you need
to be 21 or over. ♪♪ ♪♪ Sbrocco: James’s spot is
Pleasanton’s best-kept secret. A neighborhood trattoria, a local dining spot
without pretense that’s the kind of
family-owned restaurant you might come across
in Italy.Graditoto
De La Torre Trattoria. ♪♪ Woman: Thank you, ma’am. De La Torre:
Everything is made here — all of our sauces,
dressings, deserts. So I think we’ve really
stayed true to our core. We’ve stayed true
to being Italian. I’m Leigh De La Torre, owner of De La Torre’s Trattoria in Pleasanton, California. We have a lot of regulars
that have been here. They have followed us
for 27 years, and we want to
make them feel welcomed and be happy that they’re here. Woman: Delicious. De La Torre: You know,
just to kind of come in and have a good,
home-cooked meal. The specials that
we are really known for — the lamb shanks
are really popular here. Sea bass in parchment paper,
calamari, steaks. We have a ravioli
special of the day. We have a risotto
special of the day. So if you’re hear in the fall,
you’re going to get a lot of the butternut squash ravioli,
risottos. If you come in the spring,
it’s gonna be lighter like a seasoned vegetable
ravioli. So, my late husband
was the chef, and he established
all the cuisine. It’s family generations
of recipes handwritten, and we follow those recipes
to the “t”. Italian food is what we do, and I would think
that it’s friendly staff. It’s not pretentious
and truly Italian food. And how you would
find food in Italy is very close to how
you would find things here. ♪♪ Sbrocco: Now, James,
you are a long-time patron of this place,
aren’t you? Sbrocco:
I am. Over 20 years. Sbrocco: 20 years.
Jenezon: Yeah. Sbrocco: And when you go in, is there a dish that you
start out with every time? Or do you mix it up? Jenezon: Well, they start with
the bread and the bread sticks, which are just phenomenal. We always have the calamari. I don’t think we’ve ever been
without ordering the calamari. It’s that good. Sbrocco: Did you have
the calamari? Yovino: We sure did. The rings were cooked
absolutely perfectly. I’d say the tentacle part
was a little over. Jenezon: Uh-huh. Yovino: But overall, it was a really great way
to start the meal. It’s not overly breaded, not that heavy,
heavy bread coating you might find
on a fish stick. Jenezon: You can taste
the calamari. Yovino: Yes, absolutely.
Sbrocco: You can taste it. What did you start with, Kelly? Finley: So we actually started
with the burrata. Sbrocco: Oh, see? Finley: Because I’m
a burrata lover as well. And in fairness, I think they call it
a sliced tomato dish. Or it’s like a tomato dish that happens to have
burrata in it. And it’s sliced tomatoes,
burrata, a little bit of arugula,
and a balsamic glaze. And, so, the burrata was fresh. The tomatoes were lovely. The balsamic glaze
was very thick. Like it had clearly
been reduced down. But you know what happens
when like chocolate or caramel gets on ice cream? That’s what would happen
to, like, the glaze in your mouth
or on the fork, and so it was just really thick,
and it was delicious. Sbrocco: And you just
lick it up like that? Yovino: We went for
the antipasto plate as well. Sbrocco: Oh, you did? Yovino:
You can’t go wrong, really. So we shared
that among the table. There were eight of us, So that was quite a —
Jenezon: Wow. Sbrocco: That’s a big party.
Yovino: We filled up — you know, the Yovinos —
we really fill a room, so — Sbrocco: Yovino! Yovino: Yes, so we got
the antipasto plate, and it was great. I think I ate all of the olives. The kids weren’t too into it, but they loved the bread. To your point,
those breadsticks — my niece cracked one in half, and half of it flew
across the room, so the server was wonderful
and picked it up, so… Sbrocco: Well, this is
a busy place, isn’t it? Yovino: Absolutely.
Sbrocco: Right. Yovino: Yes, we did make
a reservation. I think there’s no way
to go without one. Jenezon: No. Finley: It’s actually
a really cute place Ii a strip mall. But they have
a nice, little barrier, so once you’re inside, you don’t remember
that it’s in a strip mall. Jenezon: You don’t think
that you’re still back there in a shopping center.
Finley: Exactly. I felt like I was in, like,
a neighborhood spot. Sbrocco: Right. Finley: I loved
everything about it. Sbrocco: And with a menu
of that size, where should we direct people
in terms of our main — Jenezon:
The specials menu. Sbrocco: The specials?
Jenezon: The specials menu. I don’t, basically,
ever order off the menu. Sbrocco: Hm. Jenezon: They don’t even hand me
one anymore. Sbrocco: Insider tip right here.
Jenezon: They don’t. They have a list of specials, which usually, always
three or four fish dishes, but then a lot of wild game. Finley: Yes. Jenezon: So I’ll always be
willing to try something new. Sbrocco: Did you have anything
off the specials list? Yovino:
Not off the specials list, But I did have the spaghettini
with meatballs. The sauce was really delicious. The meatballs were perfect. I hold my mom’s meatballs, you
know, to the highest standard. Sbrocco: Yeah.
Yovino: But they came — maybe edged her out
a little bit, but hopefully
she’s not watching. Sbrocco:
Yeah, she might not be watching, so don’t worry about it. Jenezon: We order them
on the sides. Sbrocco: And what did
your group have? Finley: We ordered off
the special list, after we ordered
the first pasta dish, and I had
the fresh egg pappardelle. And it had — I think they
call it the sirloin tips? Jenezon: Yeah. Finley: But it was…delicious. The sirloin tips
were cooked perfectly, and they were like —
it was full of sirloin, too. The pasta was cooked perfectly. I’m a sucker for fresh pasta. And I literally ate it
the next night almost cold. Like, I mean, it was so good. Sbrocco: So the portions
are generous? Finley: The portions
are very generous. Sbrocco: Did you have… Jenezon: Pappardelle
with sirloin tips is what I had. It was the first time I had
seen it on the specials menu. And going there for 20 years,
they change it up. Like I said, I said it was the best dish
I’ve ever had there. Finley: I know my friend
that was with me, she ordered the short ribs.
Sbrocco: Yeah? Finley: And it came on like
a bed of mashed potatoes, and it also had
a great gravy. But it was super tender
and super flavorful. Sbrocco: What about drinking? Jenezon: It’s kind of a family
tradition to have Chianti. Sbrocco: Just a carafe of
Chianti, the house Chianti? Jenezon: Yep. Us bringing the kids
from being little babies to the point where now
they’re old enough that we could all share it —
it’s kind of our tradition. Finley: I feel like because it
was such a neighborhood place, I feel like you have
to order the house wine. So I started
with the house wine, and then I switched, I believe,
to a Pinot Noir. Yovino:
That’s what I had as well. Finley: Yeah, I know they had
a lot of Montalcino wines, but because we were
doing it by the glass, I couldn’t really
engage with the bottle. Sbrocco: Right. You’re not going to get
a Brunello di Montalcino just to drink
by yourself a bottle. Finley: No, no, no.
Sbrocco: I mean, I would. Yovino: Maybe, yeah, you know.
Jenezon: Yeah, yeah. Sbrocco: Alright, deserts. Yovino: Oh, dessert. We got the cannoli. Jenezon: Oh, the cannoli’s
fantastic. Yovino: We had to. Actually, my mom ordered it
and was very disappointed that, when she passed it around
so everyone could have a taste, nothing came back to her.
Jenezon: Oh, no. Yovino: So it was
absolutely fantastic. And the tiramisu was exactly
what you would expect. Jenezon: Yes. Yes. Yovino: It was
definitely homemade. Tasted so fresh and flavorful
and a little boozy, so we liked that, too. Jenezon: Tiramisu always
with a glass of port. Yovino: Ooh. Finley: Well, we did get
the chocolate gelato, which was fantastic, and then my friend got
the raspberry sorbet. So they were all empty by the time we left,
to say the least. And I think
they’re all housemade. They were very, very good. Sbrocco: Alright.
Wrap it up for us. This is your spot. Jenezon: The quality is proven
by the taste. There’s never a bad dish. Everything about it —
it’s a neighborhood secret. Sbrocco: And Natalie? Yovino: I think it’s a great
spot to bring a family and get fed very well
for a great value. Sbrocco: And Kelly? Finley: It’s a great
neighborhood spot, and I wouldn’t hesitate to stop
again if I’m in Pleasanton. Sbrocco: Alright. If you would like to try
De La Torre’s Trattoria, it’s located on
West Las Positas Boulevard in Pleasanton. The telephone number
is 925-484-3878. It’s open for lunch and dinner
Monday through Friday, dinner only on Saturday. And the average tab for dinner
without drinks is around $30. ♪♪ Post your favorite food shots
on Instagram with the hashtag
#bayareabites and have a chance to see
your food picks on the show. ♪♪ ♪♪ Sbrocco:
Kelly’s place is known for its commitment
to sustainability, sourcing
the freshest ingredients to create seasonal dishes. If you’re looking for sushi
in San Francisco, look no further
than Ichi Sushi. Man: [ Laughs ] ♪♪ Tim Archuleta: Ichi Sushi
is known for omakase, which is chef’s choice. Man: Beautiful. Tim Archuleta: This is
a really pretty fish. We specialize in carrying
Japanese fish. Yeah, so this
is our fish from Japan. Erin Archuleta:
Everything is sustainable. We’re thoughtful
about our sourcing. We love our neighborhood
and the planet, and we want
to keep it that way. Keep it healthy. Tim Archuleta: I started
making sushi in 1996. Then we opened
this restaurant in 2010. Erin Archuleta: We started
when we were first dating, which is also sort
of a crazy test, and now we’re married
more than 10 years. So it worked out. Tim Archuleta: True. We also are very adamant
about not serving extra wasabi and soy sauce on the side. You just lose
the flavor of the fish. You’re not actually getting
any of my craft that’s actually
put into the product. You’re just tasting soy sauce
on the side. Sushi was always meant
to be simple. It was never meant to be
convoluted with a ton of sauces. Woman: Now that is delicious. Man: How’s it going, man? Tim Archuleta: I’m very proud
of our restaurant. When I was first hired
by my main sensei, the guy who taught me
pretty much everything I know, he told me liked
hiring non-Japanese chefs because they have
to work harder. So I wouldn’t really say that
this restaurant is better than the other
Japanese restaurants out there, but I would say that we do work
really, really hard to make the best quality product
we can. Woman #1: Cheers.
Woman #2: Cheers. Woman #3: That was so awesome. Sbrocco: Now, Kelly, this used
to be your neighborhood spot, right, before you moved? Finley: Yeah, so,
I lived in Bernal Heights, and it opened,
I believe, in 2010, and it was this little known
secret that — you know,
the space is really small. You had like eight seats
around the bar, and this was when omakase really kind of came
to the States, right? Sbrocco: Which is sort of
a tasting menu, right? Finley: Yeah, so it’s
a tasting menu where the chef gets to choose.
Sbrocco: Right. Finley: And when you add
in the fact that they really try to
only source sustainable fish — most of the time,
you don’t know the fish, so you always get
something unique. You have to have them pronounce
the name three or four times because you won’t remember it. And so it was just this spot that I would go to
almost once a week. And they just really
welcomed you in, and the people
from down the street, from the different restaurants
on Mission, they would come in after hours. It would become a big party. Sbrocco: They really are
passionate about, as you said, getting the freshest fish
possible from Japan. Finley: Yes. It reminds me of
when you’re in Japan. You know, so when you go
to like the fish market in Japan and the fish melts
in your mouth, right? And that is what,
when you go to Ichi, it’s the same kind of fish, and, you know, they have a ban
of soy sauce almost like… And so — and so — Yovino:
The chef has prepared it exactly how it’s meant to be.
Sbrocco: That’s right. Finley: And it’s —
the first time you hear that, you’re like,
“That’s presumptuous”, right? But no, they have dressed
each piece of fish so lovely that you don’t need it. And it’s just —
for me, it was one of the first
experiences like that. And then,
the warmth of the space and how great the waiters are. Sbrocco: And did you feel
the same way when you went? That — it’s small, but…
Yovino: Absolutely. It’s small.
We had a reservation. I was lucky to make
a reservation on Wednesday for a Saturday night for five.
Sbrocco: Mm-hmm. Yovino: And we were seated
right away. It was great. The service was some of the best
service I think I’ve ever had. It was so attentive.
Not overbearing. It was just absolutely perfect. So this will come as a big shock
to everybody in the room. I am not a sushi person. But I went with a group
of people who were. Jenezon: Right.
Same here. Yovino: So two of them ordered
the omakase menu, the more moderately priced one. I know you can really go wild… Jenezon: [ Coughs ] Yovino:
It still was a little bit more than a typical night out. Sbrocco: His wallet’s
a little lighter right now. Jenezon: Yes. Sbrocco: And what
did you start with? Yovino: The cucumber salad. That was the clear winner with the tahini and the sesame. It almost tasted
like peanut butter, that tahini was so fresh
and so flavorful. And also the miso soup
was absolutely amazing. I don’t know how you can
possibly make it any better than how
they serve it there. Sbrocco:
And what did you have, James? Jenezon: I started with
the Wagyu beef, which was very, very good. I loved it. I felt that the portion
maybe was a little small. Sbrocco: It’s Wagyu beef. Jenezon: I know. I know. Yovino: I had that
for my entree. Jenezon: Okay. Yovino: Yes, I had that as well
as the crab salad on top of the pickled cucumbers. Jenezon: The crab salad
was amazing. Yovino: Me and James and I have
similar tastes here, so… Jenezon: It was on
a bed of seaweed, correct? Yovino: Mine was definitely
a very thinly sliced cucumber. Jenezon: Yeah.
Yovino: Almost pickled. They were very vinegary
and tart, but complemented
the crab so well. Finley: Right. Sbrocco: And when you go,
do you do the omakase menu? Finley: I do the omakase. So we actually got
three or four appetizers. We got the oysters, which had
a little caviar in it, which was delicious. And luckily, my friend didn’t
eat oysters, so I got two. And then, we had
the scallop taco, which was a really nice
group of scallops, and they had
a little roll with it. But the taco was a seaweed. Like, you know, a seaweed
that you snack on, and you made a little taco out
of it, so that was delicious. Woman: Oh, my God.
It’s so good. Finley: So the way
they serve you, at least at the bar,
is you have a nice banana leaf. Yovino: Mm-hmm. Finley: And they put
one piece of fish, and it’s like glistening
from the yuzu sauce or the ponzu
and the Meyer lemon salt. And they explain to you
what the dish is. And one of them
is baby yellowtail. And then it had a ponzu sauce with a little bit of
green tea salt, maybe, that really makes the fish sing, and it doesn’t get overpowered
by soy sauce, which I love soy sauce, so sometimes
I kind of want a little bit, but I will not get in trouble
and ask for it. [ Laughter ] So, yes, essentially,
when you do omakase, they just put fish
after fish after fish, and it’s amazing, so… Sbrocco: And you can
do rolls as well. Finley: Yes.
Sbrocco: It’s a hand select. Yovino: Absolutely. Sbrocco: And what about
the mushroom roll? Jenezon: The mushroom roll
was very good. Something different. We had someone with us that is
an anti-mushroom person… Sbrocco: What?!
Jenezon: …For some reason. Sbrocco: How can you be
anti-mushroom? Jenezon: And she tried it,
and she loved it. She wasn’t sure
that we had changed her, but possibly,
maybe again next time. Yovino: Well, and they have
a sake-marinated miso cod… Finley: Yes. Yovino: …that you can order
as well. Finley: They have a pork. It was in a mustard glaze that they serve
at the end of even omakase, which was delicious. Sbrocco: Did you go
for a glass of wine? Yovino: I did go for a glass
of — you know me so well. Sbrocco: I —
I know her already. Yovino: Yes, I had
a glass of rosé. It was absolutely lovely.
Finley: The sparkling rosé? Yovino: Sparkling rosé.
Finley: Mm-hmm. Yovino: So it was great — light to go with
the light dishes. Sbrocco: What did you —
what did you have? I was intrigued by not
having sake very often, so my daughter and I both had
a sake-tasting flight. And he came out and told us
all about it and explained all
the different complexities, how they were going
to taste, et cetera. And we shared those, and we had a fantastic,
fun time learning something new. Sbrocco: Well,
and that brings up service. As you said, great service. Jenezon: They could not
not help really quickly because it’s so small. They’re standing
right behind you. The chef’s right there. Everything —
the bathroom’s right there. Yovino:
They heard your thoughts, so they came right over. Jenezon: I mean,
there’s a sign on the wall that says like,
“Maximum occupancy 49.” Yovino: 49.
Jenezon: Oh, you saw it, too? Yovino: I took a picture.
Jenezon: So did I. Finley: Can 49 people fit
in there? Jenezon: No. No.
Yovino: No. Sbrocco: Well,
this is your spot. Wrap it up for us. Finley: Ichi Sushi is
a great neighborhood spot with delicious sushi
without all the pretense. Sbrocco: Alright.
And James? Jenezon: Very good restaurant. Expensive, on the high end. Not maybe for a big party
of a lot of people. Maybe better for a date night. Sbrocco: Alright.
And Natalie? Yovino: And I agree with James. It’s a great place for
a date night or a celebration with friends. Definitely a special-occasions
spot. Sbrocco: Alright, if you would
like to try Ichi Sushi, it’s located on Mission
in San Francisco at 30th. The telephone number
is 415-525-4750. It’s open for dinner
Monday through Saturday. And the average dinner tab
per person without drinks is around $70. I have to thank my great guests
on this week’s show. Natalie Yovino
who brought us to a place where distinctive drinks abide at Honor Kitchen & Cocktails
in Emeryville. James Jenezon who helped us
discover a neighborhood favorite serving classic Italian fare at De La Torre’s Trattoria
in Pleasanton. And Kelly Finley
who shared one of her beloved Mission District
hangouts, Ichi Sushi. Now we really want to hear
about your experiences at any of the restaurants
we’ve been talking about. So keep in touch with us
on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Or, better yet, post your
favorite food shots on Instagram with the hashtag #bayareabites and have a chance to see
your food pics on the show. And don’t forget
that you can watch any of the shows on our website
at kqed.org/checkplease. It’s where you’ll find links
to the restaurants and where you’ll find my notes
on the wines and libations we’re drinking today. So join us next time when
three more guests will recommend
their favorite spots right here on
“Check, Please! Bay Area.” I’m Leslie Sbrocco,
and I’ll see you then. Cheers. All: Cheers. [ Glasses clink ] ♪♪ [ Cellphone ringing ]
Finley: It’s like a — you know, an extra virgin
olive oil and garlic… Sbrocco: We’re gonna stop
the show right now. [ Laughs ] James. Let me answer that. Who is that?
Let me talk to them. Yovino: You’re gonna hand it
over to Leslie? Sbrocco: Hello. Hi, Robert. Good. You’re on the show
right now for “Check, Please Bay Area” so we’re gonna have
James call you back, okay? Thank you. Bye. [ Laughter ] I’ve never answered the phone
on set. That’s awesome. Yovino: [ Laughs ] ♪♪