Welcome to 7 Pot Club. I’m Rob. 🎵 I grow hot peppers 🎵 I’m out of the deck on a perfect late summer
day here in Minneapolis. Because of my presence on YouTube and social
media, I interact with spicy food lovers from all over the world. Many of them grow peppers and use them to
make hot sauces, jams, jellies, relishes. Some make them at home to share with family
and friends, and other sell them commercially. I’m a lucky guy, because a lot of these
goodies get sent to me for tasting. I’ve got a nice selection of tasty treats
here today, including some fresh superhot peppers, and I’m going to try them all. First, a shoutout to Marck Jamil who grows hot peppers and watches this channel and in the Philippines. Marck, thanks for watching. Now, there’s a lot to taste, so let’s
get started. I don’t want to just spoon these combustable
consumables into my mouth, so I chose these Carr’s Table Water Crackers as the delivery
mechanism. Their bland and neutral character should make
them the perfect blank canvas for tasting. Tim Myers is founder and CEO of Hot Heads
Official Hot Sauce, based in Carlisle, PA. Also a renowned craft brewer, Tim is a big
supporter of his community and all his ingredients are locally sourced. BTW, Tim I like the shirt. Tim sent us his Hawaiian Express and Rebellion
sauces to try. Cool label designs. Let’s give them a taste! For all these sauces that are sold commercially,
I’m gonna make sure to give you the website information in the video description if you
want to try these out for yourself. We’re going to start out with what I think
is probably going to be a milder sauce. The Hawaiian Express Fresno and Pineapple. Beautiful color. Woah. I hope it’s mild, because I certainly gave
myself a lot of it there. Cheers. Mmm. Delicious. This is the kind of hot sauce you’re going to
eat for the taste and not for the heat. You get a little bit of the Fresno as the pineapple taste kind of melts away, but I think almost anybody could enjoy this sauce. It’s really good. A nice blend of flavors. And it makes me really anxious to try the
habanero and cherry bombs sauce. It’s called Rebellion, so who knows what’s
going to be going on in my mouth here. But hopefully, it’ll be manageable. There you go. Nice little dollop. Cheers. Mmm. I taste something smoked in here, and I’m
guessing that’s the smoked sun-dried tomato, which adds a nice umami taste to go with the
cherry bombs and habaneros. Here, you know, at least for my palate, not a terrifically
hot sauce, but really the kind of tasty sauce that for me works really well on things like
eggs, Mexican food, just basically almost anything. I really like these sauces, and I know he’s
got some even hotter sauces he’s promised to send me that I’m anxious to try. Please check him out. Tim Myers, from Hot Heads Official. Danielle Carrigan grows peppers and veggies
and creates hot sauces at her home in Emmetsburg, IA. We’re going to sample her Smoked Mango Serrano
Chili and Cilantro Garlic Habanero sauces. I’m friends with Danielle on Facebook and
often see photos of her spicy creations, and I’m glad to finally get a chance to try
them. This first one we’re going to try is a Smoked
Mango Serrano Chili Sauce. It’s got a whole lot of interesting sounding
ingredients. 25 Serrano chilis, one Ghost pepper, mango,
smoked paprika, organic coconut oil, yellow onion, carrot, ginger, garlic, cilantro, lime
juice, lemon juice. Wow, that’s a lot of flavors. Let’s see how they all blend together in
this sauce. This has got a restrictor on it. This may… No, here it comes. Oops. My cracker is cracked. Cracked cracker alert. Fruity with the mango. Definitely taste the serranos. Little bit of chili. Other spices. You know It’s a touch of smokiness from the paprika. Really nice. Really nice. Good job Danielle. Now, Cilantro Garlic Habanero Sauce. And unlike a lot of people, I love
cilantro, and it’s not something you usually find in hot sauces. So cilantro, garlic, habanero, onion, carrot
— an ingredient that I really like to use in hot sauces — ginger, salt, lemon juice,
lime juice, some sweetener, little bit of vinegar. These restrictors, sometimes it’s a little
difficult to get the stuff out of the bottle. Just make sure we have a healthy dollop there. Mmm. I really see why people like Danielle’s
sauces. She sells out immediately whenever she makes
a batch for sale. This one actually has a little bit of a kick
to it, mixed with all of those flavors. Danielle, you’re really good at making hot
sauces. Keep doing it. I’m anxious to try anything you come up
with. Eric Dye, otherwise known as Old Man Easy,
hails from Music City, USA — Nashville, TN. He has an amazing pepper garden. I really enjoyed the video tour of his garden
he recently published on YouTube, and I’ll provide a link in the description. Eric sent us a jam and a sauce. Let’s take a taste! When I first became acquainted with Eric,
it’s because I saw a tweet where he posted a photo where he was wearing his orange 7
Pot Club t-shirt, which of course immediately endeared him to me, and I’m really anxious
to actually taste some things he’s made with his own peppers. First we’re going to try this sauce. Heavy on the Hab Mango Habanero Sauce. It’s another sauce with mango and pineapple,
but this time they’re both in the same sauce. Habaneros, bell peppers, carrots, vinegar, brown sugar,
spice. Small batch, big love it says on the bottle. Give this a shake. It’s a really nice, balanced flavor. I love the two kinds of fruit, delicious habaneros. A nice kick, but not overpowering. This is the kind of sauce I could see myself
having with dinner tonight. And now, this is something that kind of scares
me. Most of the time, when I have tried jams or
jellies made with superhot peppers, it’s combined with other fruit. But in this case, this is as far as I know
a 7 Pot jam, and the only fruit in here is 7 Pot Peppers. So this is going to be a new experience for me. Here we go. That’s very interesting. You don’t expect all these food items made from superhot peppers to be this sweet, like a jam or a dessert item, but it really works in this
case. First you get all the sweet, and then you
get the rush of the 7 Pot Peppers. And this is really, really good. This could be my go-to on my breakfast toast,
as least until I finish the jar. So, Eric, great job. I really enjoyed this, and thanks a lot of
sending these to me. Here’s Jim Kingman, representing 7 Pot Club
on a recent cruise to Bermuda. You may have noticed a pattern. Four makers in a row wearing 7 Pot Club shirts. I’m really honored. All of these fine folks purchased these shirts
and posted these photos without any prompting from me. Makes me feel really lucky to have such supportive
viewers. Jim lives, works, gardens, and cooks in Leominster
(LeMONsta), MA. Jim sent us a whole box of good stuff, but
we only have time today to sample two items, his White Ghost Pepper sauce and Pineapple
Coconut Jelly, also with White Ghost Peppers. Really intrigued to try this White Ghost Pepper
Hot Sauce, because it’s really just mainly peppers with a few spices and a little bit
of vinegar. Fermented peppers, salt, onion, garlic, white
wine vinegar. I love white ghost peppers, so this is right
up my alley. Let’s try it out. Cheers. You know, sometimes when you try a hot sauce
that mainly contains one kind of pepper, that’s what you really want to taste is that pepper,
and you really get that white ghost pepper taste here. Just a little fermented to give it that smooth
taste, and it’s really delicious. Great job, Jim. And now, it’s been hard for me not to want
to try this earlier. The Pineapple Coconut Pepper Jelly with White
Ghost Peppers. I love coconut. It’s not an ingredient that you often find
in jellies, especially mixed with pineapple and hot peppers. In this case, the white ghost peppers, again
just like in the sauce we just had. Let’s put a healthy dollop on there and
check it out. I’m kind of new to a lot of these hot jellies
and jams. I really like what I’m tasting. I like getting that rush of the fruit in the
beginning. In this case, the coconut and pineapple. And then you get the ghost pepper. And there is ghost pepper in there. I’m telling you, I’m feeling it in the
back of my throat. I really, really like this. Jim, I think everything that you have sent
me that I’ve tried is just delicious. You do a great job. Thanks s lot for sending it to me. These next two items didn’t come in the
mail. I got them at our neighborhood farmer’s
market directly from the source — our friends Peter and Carmen who have a farm in Shakopee,
MN. They grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables,
and produce canned goods including pickles, jams, salsas and relishes. Sometimes they use our peppers in some of
their spicier creations. Today we’re going to sample a jam and a
relish. Here we’ve got a Raspberry Jam. I’ll admit I kind of know what to expect
here. I’ve had this many times before. One of the first spicy jams I ever had. It’s got that fresh taste of homegrown raspberries,
and then the peppers. This is great. I really like to eat this on peanut butter
sandwiches. Peter and Carmen’s stuff is always good. Now this is something. I saw a picture of this they posted on Facebook. And they say this is really hot and they’v really
wanted me to try it, and I really wanted to try it. So this is a relish. You can see the consistency of it. It’s got peppers, onions, vinegar, sugar,
salt. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Now this is hot. This is the hottest thing I’ve eaten so
far today. This really is triple X hot. This is the kind of thing that people like
me that really like hot food really like. Peter and Carmen do such a tremendous job. Thanks guys! Jim Morrow, AKA Jimmy Pickles, lives in Pittsburgh. So we’ve got two Pennsylvanians represented
here today. Jimmy grows hot peppers and sells seeds. He’s come up with a really effective way
to ensure that all his plants are isolated, eliminating the risk of accidental cross pollination. Jimmy sells seeds for over 70 varieties, some
of which are exclusive to him, and he sent me three beautiful peppers that I’ll taste
today. All right, all right, all right. Now we’re getting serious. Now the real fun starts. Now we’re not eating peppers mixed in with
other stuff. We’re just actually eating peppers. I’m just going to take a small bite of each
one of these. I want to be careful with these, because I
believe that Jimmy isolates all of his peppers and I want to save these seeds and plant them
next year. So we’re going to start out trying the Pumpkin
BBG pepper, cross of Red Bubblegum with Minorcan Datil. That sounds kind of scary, so here we go. Wow. Very fruity. A little bit of I don’t know, astringent
taste, but in a good way. Building heat. Starts in the front of the mouth and goes
toward the back of the throat. Very very nice pepper. A lot of seeds in there I that can save to
plant. We’ll eat a cracker in between these to
kind of clear the palette. Heat’s still building. But we gotta move on. Here we go. The Primotalii pepper. Cross of a 7 Pot Primo with a Fatalii. It’s actually got kind of a Fatalii shape,
but a little bit of the look of the 7 Pot Primo with the tail on the end. This is scaring me just looking at it, but
I’m going to give it a taste. Mmm. Much richer taste. The red peppers are always definitely richer. Not as fruity, much hotter. Hot. Hot. Hotter. Hot. Wow. Wow. That’s a serious pepper. I really want to grow these next year. Let’s eat a cracker and keep going on. Finally, the M.A. Yellow WartyX. Cross between Trinidad Scorpion, 7 Pot Jonah
and Ubatuba Cambuci. I’m not familiar with that last one, but
I sure am with the first two. And any pepper that has the name warty in
it just kind of sounds dangerous, so… This is the last thing I’m eating today,
and I can feel the last one in my ear. You know it’s hot when you start feeling
it in your ears, so I don’t know what’s going to happen after I try this one. Here we go. Mmm. That’s got that sweet, sunny yellow pepper
flavor and really really hot. I’m glad I saved these for the end of the
episode, cause I wouldn’t have been able to taste anything else if I’d eaten them
first. Excuse me while I eat this cracker. Wow. I was doing pretty good until I nibbled on
those peppers. I definitely think I’ve consumed my daily
minimum requirement of capsaicin for today. Everything I tasted was delicious, and I want
to thank everyone who went out of their way to send it to me. Your creation are all amazing. Thanks a bunch. If you enjoyed this video, please give it
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