now future storm trucker weather forecast with meteorologist Mike herd Friday still expected to be the hottest day this week it may be the hottest day this summer so far for southwestern Montana projected highs during that mid to upper 90s six that is your record high for Friday of 96 degrees going way back to 1928 West Yellowstone could be in the upper 70s so again we’re going to be close to record high levels you could see some tide could see some new records in there but extreme heat building tomorrow and again into the day on Friday so here’s your forecast statewide highs for tomorrow as you can see central and northern Montana could see triple digit heat including Missoula south not quite as hot but still expect to widespread 90s throughout the day tomorrow take a look at Friday more widespread triple digit heat likely across state of Montana and very close to it in the southern half of the treasure state as well so the next two to three days are gonna be extremely hot for Montana and complicating the heat is a strong high-pressure Ridge it’s creating a lot of stable stagnant air across Montana much of the western half of the country and that’s trapping a lot of pollutants down in the valley floor and that’s an ongoing issue but upstream we still have a change the pattern that’s still expected by the end of the weekend into early next week so a smoke tracker show these areas in orange smoke from fires in Canada dropping down into Montana smoke from fires in the Pacific Northwest in the western US moving back up in a southwesterly flow into our direction as well so it’s a little more noticeable today and it’s gonna be an ongoing issue heat advisories are up across northern Montana Thursday into Friday again because of the triple digit heat and really complicating the pattern will be a dry cold front Friday Saturday that’s gonna bring some stiff surface winds on top of this heat and low relative humidity this is a critical fire weather event this is the time that we usually end up causing some fires so you got to use extreme caution when your outdoor activities coming up Friday and Saturday afternoon to avoid any accidental fire starts so there’s not going to be a lot of change or a variety in the weather pattern Thursday into Friday high pressure dominating hot and dry is the base forecast but an approaching cold front and upper-level low that will begin to move into the Pacific Northwest on Friday and that will catch up to Montana by Saturday and again ahead of this front a lot of extreme heat and a lot of wind especially on Saturday so as you look outside it’s hot it’s 88 degrees right now we may get closer to 90 we still have another hour or two well we could still go up a degree or two for temperatures but mol see sunny skies it is a touch on the hazy side you can see the highlands are a little obscure 80s in 90s right now here locally but widespread 90s across eastern and northern Montana and it’s closer to 100 degrees right now off towards the Spokane area so tonight hazy under clear skies 40s and 50s but tomorrow temperatures are up in a big way 104 Missoula 98 for the state capital upper 80s for anaconda low 90s for buttes mid 90s are possible down there in Dylan Claire hazy light winds lows mostly in the 40s and 50s higher elevations a few degrees cooler and tomorrow were up into the 90s for most locales but still higher elevations could be in the mid 80s light winds very hazy through a better part of your Thursday so the extended forecast low to mid 90s are possible for the next two days but a cold front moving in Saturday ahead of the front still likely to hit 90 degrees but increasing winds again that’s why there’s a fire Weather Watch likely to be upgraded to a red flag warning and the days to come well high in that front look at the cooldown we’re back down into the low 80s so a nice drop on those highs starting Sunday and that will continue throughout most of next week 40s and 50s at night but mostly dried not a lot of rain in the extended outlook here Dylan or scuse me anaconda first the upper 80s tomorrow mid 90s on your Friday and then slipping into the 80s by Sunday Monday Tuesday lows in the 40s and 50s and now Dylan mid-90s for possible Thursday Friday and then we fall back into the 80s a late weekend early next week 40s and 50s at night so hot and dry for the next couple of days that’s gonna increase fire danger but when we start to see surface winds increasing 30 to 40 miles per hour that’s when the fire danger goes way up think there might have been a time when we didn’t think we’d see the hundreds in the low 90s but I mean we’re there now and it’s kind of scary yeah thank goodness only for a couple of days it’s not a long-duration event thanks good all right Nick Petra Tony’s in with sports and today it’s the naming of the Bobcat captain there are three of them body the hardest workers on the field find out who they are [Music]