– You have a ruler? Zero five, so the apple,
you cut at zero five, okay. Zero five by zero five, ah? You’re here. They tell me we’re crazy. It’s big, no? So it’s zero eight, ah? Perfection doesn’t exist. We are always reaching for perfection. If you think one of
your dishes is perfect, in my opinion there’s
always room for improvement, so we always try to make it better. And Mr. Robuchon as well. There’s always something he told us. You reach for perfection but
you think you achieve it, there’s something wrong. It was a dream for me, you know? Coming to France, United States. Work for Mr Robuchon. And be one day the Chef of his restaurant is such an honor. And you know the pressure is like I say to please our guests everyday and to make sure we maintain the quality and the level of excellence. We have a really busy weekend ahead of us. We had the white truffle coming in. We have to work on the duck. We received the fish from France. Caviar is coming as well. Lotta stuff going on. Thank you guys, let’s go. 11:30 to five o’clock is the go time. It’s where for me it’s the
most important time of the day. If we messed up the consommé
with the gelée and the duck it’s too late, 6:30 is too late, you know? It’s not gonna happen. It’s gotta be perfect at 4:00pm. You know Mr. Robuchon when
he was around we had so much respect for who he is and
you know, it’s intimidating. If me or Ronnie miss one, we’ve
gotta get rid of the plate. And it’s a lot of work, you know? Almost. This one is, we can get it back. But sometimes you have
some bubbles of air. I was noticing when we
miss one on the plate. You can tell right away. I always tell the cooks
if they wanna come earlier to practice or it’s fine. But when you put on an actual plate, there’s no more mistake possible. Everything we do here is just
details after another one. Bring after another one. Everything is to be in place in a dish without the guest noticing. Like I said, it’s just an obsession and it just feels good
when you finally get it. It’s the best feeling. The fish, the meat flies
from all over the place. The town here in Las Vegas, know we’re in the middle of nowhere. For me it’s really important
to have a special relationship with a supplier. Ay ay ay ay ay, it’s too small. Here we have a little issue
you know we just received peas and this is not the right size. We’re gonna see if, we’re
gonna call all our vendors maybe somebody has some or we gonna ask all our friend
chef’s around town as well. This is the only way we can
fix something like that, so. The big challenge we deal here
in Las Vegas is bad delivery or something doesn’t show up. There is no plan B. If my fish today doesn’t
arrive the way I want it there’s no way I can get another fish, I need to wait a few days. The peas we’re gonna have
enough for tonight’s service. But tomorrow we decide to change the dish. With my supplier it’s seven
days a week, it never ends. Always have my phone with me. They call me and they know
I will give them an answer in less than five minutes. This batch is specially made
for Joël Robuchon restaurant in Las Vegas. This is exclusivity right there. This is, we are the only one who has this. So this is a perfect
feat for the restaurant. This is only the best caviar in the world. – Thank you chef. – This one is shipment
for when, last week? – Monday. – Monday. So this is our caviar
dish with smoked salmon. We have a bed of creme fraiche and now we putting some parsley dots. The most important is consistency
on the size and space. If one step on the mise en
place, it’s the wrong size, it’s not cooked properly or
it doesn’t taste properly it can really give us a
hard time during a service. Everything we do right now, is for me, for me is the most important. Today we’re gonna receive
some white truffle. I don’t expect a really
amazing quality on it. The quality is decent, but
not good enough for us. The white truffle is
really important for us in the restaurant. The white truffle season, I
mean every season is important. The white truffle is you know, special. That’s what we’re looking for, the pink. It’s a really rare piece. When you cut it you have this
variation of white and pink, it just brings your dish to another level. I know that another chef doesn’t want it, that’s why I want it. This season, the white truffle
is gonna start really strong starting next week. I wanted to try this dish
just to make sure we adjust the seasoning before
we put it on the menu. So right now we’re prepping the potato. And we have some white
truffles crust, some chives, bit of Fleur de sel,
some mignonette pepper. So the frais curls, just freshly cut. It’s important to when we
try the dish to make sure we put ourself as a guest. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a guest if it’s for us to taste, it’s gotta be perfect. This is the final touch, a
little vinaigrette with some sherry vinegar just to bring
a little acidity to the dish. Okay, let’s try. Just disappear, uh? Try this, it’s too weak. This we go on next week. This white truffle is not good enough. The weather needs to go
down in Italy a little bit. Right now it’s going down,
I think if I’m not mistaken it’s like 15 degrees today in Italy. So next week the aroma, the size, everything should be better. So I’m not surprised, I knew,
I knew it was gonna happen. But we gotta go through this
to adjust all the recipes. It’s still good though. So this is a dish that we’ve been working, for right now about a week. We’ve been having some struggle
with it so hopefully today it’s the right day. We stuff it with some
foie gras, tiny garlic and we gonna season it with a secret mix. It’s gonna be roasting
it for about 30 minutes. We’ve been working on this new dish. He’s probably doing three ducks a day. And I’m sure he’s dreaming
about duck every night. We gonna try it but I’m confident. We’ve been working on it for two weeks now and they finally masterized it so I’m really happy with the result. – Feels really good. Feels good accomplishment,
took awhile to get that glaze correct too so really happy. Everything you’re gonna do
here if it’s the ravioli, if it’s the sauce if it’s
cutting a chive, cutting a radish it doesn’t matter. It just has to be perfect. Every single new cooks we
have when they learn ravioli they learn with Gizae,
they don’t learn with me because she will give you
the perfect way to do it. There are some dishes we’ll
never change in the restaurant. The mash potato, it’s the
highlight of the meal I will say every guest will be served
a bowl of mash potatoes with the main course. Mr. Robuchon’s been known
for his mashed potato for 30, more than 30 years now. The recipes been the same,
the potatoes been the same, the butter’s been the same. You what it’s so good and
people ask for a repass mashed potato after
their dessert sometimes. If you wanna make it right,
you have to burn your hand. You have to peel it while it’s still hot. Otherwise the potato gets
too starchy you know? So that’s why there is
three people peeling it and Jonathan has an easy job. All night we take turns, which one is gonna do
the best mashed potato? So you see I won every night
so I stopped competing. Right now next on the line is Steven. – My money’s on Steve
for sure, that’s my dog. – So I definitely won because
I created the competition but I’m the judge at the same time. – I think it’s a tie honestly. But, Chef won. Chef always wins. – 5:30 the service starts and
if we had a good five hours of prep service should be extremely easy. I mean nothing is easy but. Right now everybody is
finishing up the sauces. The mise en place for tonight
so I’ll see you later. (sizzling food cooking) We’re waiting right now
for the first table. The symphony starts now, the music. At the restaurant we trying
to be extremely quiet, always. I think it’s something
Mr. Robuchon told us. It was really important for
him to walk into a kitchen and he wanted to make sure that it was less noise than possible. At the beginning to be honest
with you it was really weird for me, I wasn’t expecting that at all. And a lot of guests when
they come in the kitchen they actually don’t expect
sometime, they think we fake it. But we’re not, it’s just always like that. Everybody’s more focused
and we do a better job. Everybody knows what
they’re supposed to do. Why you talking? – It’s a good environment you
know it’s not like you know screaming and throwing pans and what not. Which I have worked with
and I’ve had that happen. – Order in three, three
course, three (faded out). My goal is protecting
Mr. Robuchon’s legacy. That’s my main goal. Keep growing as a Chef as well.