I am Hadia. I am student of grade nine. I have observed many students of my age group
who suffering a lot because of there in correct careers so I have make my decision to make
a video and help all my fellow student to select correct and appropriate career as their
future dream. Today we will talk about career in biology
It is essential for the student s of today who will occupy the position of leadership
tomorrow. To have a background and forward looking modern
branches of science. Today because we are looking careers in biology
let me define what biology is it is driven Of two Greek words which is bios and logos
Word bios means life logos means reasoning so altogether it means reasoning off life. Or the scientific study of life is called
biology. There are many careers in biology like horticulture
farming forestry animal’s husbandry. Medicine and surgery and further more because
we are talking about career in biology let me define you
What medicine and surgery is? It is a career of biology it is the profession
that deals with diseases and treatment of human disease. for example, in surgery parts of body may
be repair and replaces even removed. For example, the removal of stone through
renewal surgery and also transplantation of liver and kidney. Both these professions are studied in the
same courses of MBBS after that students can go for specialization. Coming to animal husbandry it is a profession
that deal with animals but it deals with domestic animals for example, cattle, sheep, hen and
further more we can adopt this profession after higher secondary
Education in biology. Coming to the Horticulture it is a profession
that deals with the art of gardening. For example, a horticulture works for the
betterment of organ mental plants and food that we gain from them. We can adopt this profession same like animal
husbandry after the higher secondary education in biology. We will talk about other careers in biology
in my next video until then pl. stay with us and don’t forget
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