(upbeat music) – I want to make something sexy. Can I say that? Can I say that? So if it’s not good let me know. – Today we’re at two Michelin star Jungsik and we’re going to hang
out with chef Eunji and she’s gonna show us the whole process of her famous dessert
the black truffle cone. A truffle is special, like a delicacy. They smell very like salty,
earthy, not a lot of places know how to make a dessert
made out of the truffle let alone know how to execute well. Cause this is usually on
pasta or on duck or ribeye. Not what someone would
think of for dessert. – I worked with lot of
savory cooks and chefs. I learned a lot about
spices or the peppers and the ingredients. I love to use the savory
ingredients to pastry. – The philosophy behind
the dessert tasting is going from essentially
like a palate cleanser, light clean fresh and then
moving towards stronger flavors. – Yes, exactly. There are not lot of restaurants
doing the dessert tasting. So I want to show like more desserts and then more colorful flavors. (upbeat string music) This is the last course of
the dessert tasting menu. Only have for the truffle season. – Okay so this is very special. – Yeah. We are using the fresh
truffles and then truffle paste fillings and truffle
juice for truffle cream and then truffle ice cream. So we’re gonna make the
base of truffle cone. First of all I just looking around to find the nice cone stand. But I couldn’t find it I
said why not I can make it. Yeah. – Amazing.
– Make my own. – What kind of chocolate are we using? – I’m using the dark chocolate
from Paris from Veluna but any kind of chocolate we can use it. Turns like the texture of clay. – I have very hot hands. Mine melt instantly. – Wow! – Yeah. (laughter) – Okay, yes, yeah! – This is me all the time. – So this one is for
making the waffle cone. This is tempered chocolate
making the branch texture. – This is deja-vu for me. – Okay now we’re gonna color the branches. – [Rebecca] Some more
texture, more flavor. – [Eunji] I will put some
coverature in the cup. And fill with the chocolate. – [Rebecca] So this is a
pretty chocolate heavy dessert. – [Eunji] Yeah. We’re gonna put the cacao nibs. – [Rebecca] To make it
look like the ground? – So now we’re gonna make
the chocolate waffle cone. And we’re using the scale
because everything should be scaled for the same amount. – Yeah I love this. – We use brown butter,
cacao powder, flour, there is truffle juice in there, inside of the truffle cone base. – Nice. – When I was young I
want to be a pastry chef. – How old do you think you were? – 14? – So what did your
parents expect you to be? – Be a doctor or lawyer. I want to make them know like my dream is to be a pastry chef. I need your support. – Yeah. – I decided to move to France
to learn and work there. – Did they end up giving you the support? – Yeah. – Holy smokes. It’s not tight enough. She’s like no. It’s not tight enough. What you’re making here
is a lot of curve and flow and you’re like building
up to the prized moment of the dessert. – We’re gonna make the truffle cream. – Okay. (rock beat music) – It smells so good. (rock beat music) – Heavy cream and icing
sugar for making chantilly. You want to taste it? – Yeah! Oh my gosh! That is really good! – This is the last course
of the dessert tasting menu. The truffle cone. First truffle slice in the bottom. When they finish the cone,
they have a truffle flavor. – Very thoughtful. – Truffle ice cream. Truffle cream. Chocolate caramel. Second truffle slice. Truffle ice cream. Truffle slice at the top. Fleur de sel. – Cheers. I have all this expression. Where’s yours? This is so good! The saltiness really
makes the truffle shine. I enjoyed when I got through the ice cream and I got to the under that
first layer of the truffle underneath, it makes sense
why this is the last course. I mean the chocolate,
the truffle, it’s like mind-blowingly good. – If I can define my style of dessert is use the Korean ingredients
with the French techniques and also American flavors influence. – It’s been so cool to
be back here with you. – It was my pleasure. Thank you. – Thank you. Look at you, making a mess. (upbeat music)