hello everyone it is time for another
michael greger dessert from his book how not to die cookbook looks like this and
we are doing the strawberry banana nice cream dairy-free I’ve never quite made
an ice cream like this before because this recipe calls for almond butter and
I think that will make it creamy and delicious so let’s see how it goes so
the first thing that I went ahead and did was to chop the strawberries and
the recipe calls for about a cup and I know that I could have chopped these up
rather than sliced them but I figured that they’re going into a food processor
so it’s probably not gonna matter anyway I just sort of approximated here I
figured if I do more than a cup of fruit it’s gonna be just fine so I’m gonna go
ahead and get started with food processing the four frozen bananas
together and also the two tablespoons of almond butter I always have frozen
bananas and I slice them in thirds so I will need basically twelve pieces and
let’s get that started so I happen to have 13 pieces of frozen
banana instead of twelve so I thought I’m just gonna go ahead and use 13 I’m
sure it’s not gonna destroy the recipe or anything and then I went ahead and of
course added my two tablespoons of almond butter and we’re just gonna
process this right up until it is creamy okay it kind of got stuck here you can
see sort of the almond butter is getting stuck on the sides here I’m just gonna
give this a really quick scrape it is really having a tough time this is
really frustrating okay I’m just gonna keep repeating I’m just gonna scrape and
you know repeat and we’ll see what we come up with just give me a second for
the vanilla extract I’m going to be using my homemade stuff which I
absolutely love it’s so easy to make and basically you half open your uh your
vanilla beans well I mean you open them completely you split ’em right down the
middle and you make sure that the beans go into the bottom of the bottle
and then you top it off with vodka or bourbon or whatever alcohol of your
choice you could probably do an alcohol free version but I decided to use vodka
and it’s really really really good and these make great gifts as well and they
are super easy to make it takes some time so usually like six months in the
making but once you have it it lasts forever
super super yummy all right so I think I finally got it except for I think that I
blended my strawberries into everything a little bit too much but it looks
pretty good so let’s give it a taste and see what happens
all righty here goes nothing looks good smells good that’s delicious
this is an excellent recipe I’m not sure if the nut butter is necessary but I do
feel like it adds an extra layer of creaminess but if you wanted to do it
without a nut butter it would be just fine I’m sure this is really really good
I’d probably throw some cinnamon in there too that’s just me some people
might not be too much of a fan but give this a whirl
super good I’m going to have a little bit right now I’m gonna freeze the rest
up and it’s delicious all right everyone give this video a
thumbs up I hope you really liked it and I will see you all on the next one
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