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62 and 95 now let’s get into the video with how to be a boss by Lilly Singh I’m
going back into the brim of nonfiction books and this one is more of like a
self-help kind of like guide book the subtitle for the book is a guide to
conquering life so that’s what a lot of this book is all about I’m a very big
fan of Lilly Singh on YouTube I have been for the past year I kind of knew
about who she was but I didn’t really watch her videos until this past year
and then I decided to start watching your videos to share with her blog
channel and then found her main channel format obviously I knew her as
superwoman but I don’t really watch her videos much before that and I really
liked her mantra of hustling harder and putting in all these the work throughout
the day making herself a to-do list and conquering that so obviously I heard
about Lily’s book from watching her videos and discovered how much I really
really liked her personal voice and when she talks and you can hear a lot of that
throughout the book it’s basically like you’re reading one of her vlogs and I
really appreciate that because it feels very real and it doesn’t feel like she’s
trying to sugarcoat anything just like a lot of the other like autobiographies
are that I read throughout this year on the main cover here you’ve just got Lily
looking like a total badass boss and it just immediately invited me into wanting
to read the book I’ve seen pictures of the book before and I’ve always been
intrigued by it because you just like you’re getting a
powerful woman on the cover of the book so like you know there’s gonna be
powerful stuff in here it’s gonna make you feel empowered especially as a woman
myself I’m like yeah seeing someone looking like this
owning themselves and owning every about what they want to be like look at
that look at that how to be a boss it’s not boss like yo SS to be aw SC and she
defines here on the back of the book which I’m going to read for you guys
boss now on a person who exudes confidence hustles relentlessly reaches
goals gets hurt efficiently and smiles genuinely because he or she has fought
through it all and made it out the other side something I like about the book the
feel of the pages here it’s kind of similar to how Tyler Oakley’s pages and
his books didn’t feel like normal paper pages these feel more like a magazine
but again it’s just like a different aesthetic kind of thing but I really
enjoy about the book I’m glad that I decided to start reading how to be a
boss after I became a fan of Lily on her channel because there’s a lot of things
that I didn’t really know about her before watching her channel and reading
her book is getting more insight into that kind of world but also there’s a
video game analogy that she makes on page 4 and that’s how her vlogs are
formatted now but it’s like she’s playing herself as a character in the
video game of life and I just feel like that kind of just ties really nicely
together with in the first chapter of the book you get Lily’s exact tone of
how she talks it’s very fun and light-hearted but it also feels like
very empowering and like boss ladylike but in like a really
you also had to get the thing that Lily wants to be like a big sister he’s
trying to help you out and that’s kind of the tone throughout the entire book
that she’s telling you things that are her advice for life but it’s not like
she’s like coming from a parental point of view she’s coming from a point of
view as somebody who’s been through those experiences and to me that kind of
feels like a big sister kind of by how to be a boss is one of the most visually
interesting books that I think I’ve read this year because in the way that it
feels like the magazine to me it’s also kind of designed in that way I get these
pictures of Lily that are on each of the pages accompanying the first page of the
chapters that’s kind of like how magazines have photo spreads and along
with like the articles that go along with what they’re talking about and
there’s things like this where it points out specific important quotes that lays
like trying to make it II like this is a point that I’m trying to make throughout
this chapter but as it’s also written here normally how the rest of the
chapter is which I really like it’s just very visually appealing to me as as a
reader chapter eight of the book is called send a GPS deeper and it’s one of
them of more personal chapters I feel like throughout the book because Lily
gives very specific personal stories to connect to the point that she’s trying
to make I’m gonna read to you a little section of it that I boxed off because I
think it’s really really important in this chapter Lily is talking about
finding ways for you to understand yourself a little bit more and saying
that people have all different types of layers when it comes to understanding
our behavior and why we do the things we do I believe each of us has a minimum of
three layers surprise you’re a tiramisu the top layer consists of how we explain
ourselves and our actions to our people this is the easiest layer of the chair
masu to digest because it’s light and fluffy and eats the dessert look pretty
the middle layer consists of how we explain our actions to ourselves this
layer is a bit heavier and deeper and oftentimes you can’t see it from the
outside because it’s just below the whipped cream finally we reach the
bottom layer which consists of the deeply rooted reasons we actually behave
the way we do this layer is the hardest to find because it’s very deep within
your tiramisu and so to push aside all the other layers to
discover it doesn’t always taste the best and definitely it’s not the
prettiest but as the foundation of the entire desert remember when I said I
believe we all have a minimum of three layers
that’s because oftentimes there is a deeper hidden fourth layer that can only
be discovered over time as we grow older experience new things are introduced new
ideas layers start to melt away in the deeper understanding of ourselves is
revealed look he talks about very personal and deep subjects throughout
the book but she turns it on its head so it is told in a more fun and
light-hearted way and that’s the way that Lily is on her channel as well but
throughout the entire book I feel like that helps to meet this not bog you down
with lots of self-help guidance it makes it just feel like it’s a friend talking
again like hey let me give me some advice let me tell you about something
that I know happened to me and how I can how I did and dealt with it and how I
know it can help you there’s so many pieces of advice that are throughout
this book that I know I can apply to my entire life specifically on page 99 she
talks about refueling your hustle and how you need to really take time for
yourself and not overwork yourself with too many things and find time to really
just take a second and understand what you need personally before doing all
these other things otherwise in your nerve burn yourself out when I was
reading that section of the book it made me think about why I say yes to so many
things like there’s a reason why in my last year of college I had like five
jobs well being a full-time student because I was just like I need to do
this this this this and this but that I didn’t take the time for myself to
really like process what I was doing and then it hit a point during my senior
year out just like I need to take a second and refuel Andrea
everything that I’m doing and then figure out where I want to go from there
if you’re looking for something that’s gonna push you and kick you in the ass
and be like hey pay attention this is what you need to do to take control of
things read this book also Lilly Singh it’s just fantastic
go watch her channel 4 comedy videos are hilarious
her vlog channel is also hilarious it’s also dis very inspiring to watch her do
all the crap that she does every single day like act I’m like how in the world
does this woman do all the stuff and I sometimes just one along and build a if
you have read Lily Singh’s book let me know in the comments down below let me
know also leaves a book recommendations in the comments down below as well let’s
know what you guys are reading and if you think I would enjoy them as well I’m
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