Today’s bedroom and living room video is kind of checklist video rather than showing the actual cleaning process I have tried to cover every area which require deep cleaning in this video and we tend to forget those areas too to make your own check list, the easiest way to follow is going to each room with a pen and paper and observe closely each corner of the room then note down and make list what should be included in the time of deep cleaning this is the last cleaning video of this Diwali series i will try to put any other cleaning check list on my Facebook or Instagram before starting a quick reminder if you have already subscribed to this channel then do not forget click the bell icon so that you will not miss any videos from this channel lets start with walls alike my kitchen cleaning video tip, always start from top then to bottom we will first remove spider nets or cob webs then wipe down the walls as then accumulate fine dust particles and mildews. before starting your cleaning spread a bed sheet to ease out your cleaning process then clean cable covers and base boards as over the time they accumulate dust as well. clean all the furniture from out side as fine dust deposits there as well and clean back side of the furniture and if you leave in a dust prone area so remember to clean inside of the furniture clean all the nooks and corners of furniture take a tooth brush and wrap around with a piece of cloth then you can reach those hard-to-reach areas. then move furniture and clean under of it before cleaning the window remove all the curtains first i tried to wash them at least 3 times in a year and clean the curtain rod too as they collect dust while cleaning the windows repair glasses or paint window as Diwali is the best time to do so. dust use to sit over the door and inside the gaps so make sure to clean them too first switch boards and then clean fan a easy way to clean fan is to take an old pillow cover and clean, it will be mess free sometimes on the floor few hard stains can be visible make sure to give them a special treatment for that after commons area, for the specific cleaning entryway comes in the first place those shoes you do not wear make sure to discard them and organize your shoe rack if you have already checked shoe organization and entryway organization video on my channel make sure to check that this time give a good cleaning for all your sofas you can also call sofa cleaning service if you have any stains on sofa covers make sure to remove that you can find spider nets under the dining table so clean them too clean all dining chairs corners with the help of an ear bud wash all cushions if they are washable or you can put them under the sun light this is the best way to disinfectant them deep clean all your decor pieces i always use new brush to clean God idols clean all wall clocks specially back of the side I wash all the artificial plants in mild detergent to clean them thoroughly clean all display shelves specially top and side part of the cabinet picture frames paintings also collect dust so remember to clean them too this time deep clean the TV it’s corners collects dust specially back side of the TV has dust particles so make sure to clean them if you use carpet then try to dry clean them for once and vacuum them as well i love this vacuum cleaner you can see it vacuumed fine dust particles vacuum your mattress and if you use mattress protector then wash them or vacuum them too and if you use storage bed then remove and discard all those clutters and vacuum it once storage beds are the best dust collector so do not forget to clean under the bed this time discard all your unwanted and lost paired jewelry and organize your vanity this time sort your clothes organize it and put your winter garments under sunlight and I have shared this check list in word format so if you want you can download or printout as per your requirement i have tried to given all products links in the description box below if you wish you can check them there and wait for the next video as it will be a exciting one