Hi, this is Sheila, with Succulent Fame, and
today I’m sharing with you how I created this gorgeous succulent basket and I also
want to share with you how I was able to gather all these lovely specimens that I
have, and I also want to share with you how I achieved great success with my
succulent cuttings and how I was able to grow roots on them. So here you go.
I particularly use Bounty paper towel as my base because these are really durable
and they are extra absorbent, so it wicks away moisture. And let’s put some cactus
soil, which is fast-draining. And to start with, this is a crassula ovata, or
the jade plant, or the money plant, which is believed to attract money, thus the
name. And here’s my handy-dandy soft brush with a very useful flat end. So at
this point we have to make sure it’s packed firmly, but not too tight.
This one is the Portulacaria Afra It is also called the Elephant Bush or the
Dwarf Jade Plant. This one is the Crassula Mini PineTree. I’m just gonna put this guy
right here. And this one is the Crassula Ovata
Skinny Fingers, or the Gollum Jade. This cutting arrived three months ago.
Look at all these roots! And this one is also called the Ogre Ears, because of Shrek’s
ears. This one is an Echeveria Elegance, which
has a very lovely rosette shape. Let me just show you this guy’s root ball, as well.
I’m so proud of these guys with all these healthy balls on them. This
baby arrived about three months ago too. See, like with proper care, they do grow
roots real fast. I’m also adding Perlites as I go, because it
would be harder to get into these tight spaces later. And this one is the KalanchoeTomentosa or the Panda Ear. This one has proven to be a very resilient
plant. This one is a tough one. Again, with the healthy root balls. I’m putting this
one on this side. And more of the Perlites and then this one is a Sedum Dasyphyllum, or a form of Stone Crop. Let me just put this tiny guy right
here, and then add more soil, so that we can pack it, again, firmly, but not
tightly, or not too tight. I’m actually using two spoons, two spoon sizes. This
one is the Sempervivum Vlado, with the pink lining, and then again, Perlites…
This one is the Echeverria Ripple. See like how big this root ball is as well.
I’ll be giving you some tips in a bit and these are really important tips that
have helped me a lot with these cuttings. So, I’ve always started with cuttings and
then, I just grow roots on them. And again, Perlites, and more soil. And then, I
also need to make sure that I take out or sweep out all the Perlites out of
the leaves. And this one is my Sedeveria Sorento. I’m going to plant this guy right
here. And put more soil again. This one is my
Euphorbia Tirucalli, or my Sticks on Fire. This one has, like, a
pinkish, reddish hue on it, thus the name Sticks on Fire. This one is
my Naussbaumer sedum. Let me just pack this guy in and then add more of the Perlites…
and then I’m adding another Sedeveria Sorento on this side and then, let me
just sweep out these Perlites out of the leaves. This brush is actually real
soft, so it doesn’t leave any mark. This one is another Stone Crop…we will add more soil onto it…and then my handy-dandy flat end… Let me also show you a photo of a fresh
cutting and how it looks five days with a calloused over
tip. So this is five days after, okay? So here are five important tips that you
need to know about these cuttings while I’m actually trimming this paper towel
off of the basket. So I’m trimming off the excess paper towel. Remember that the
remaining edges will be covered by Perlites, so it doesn’t have to be
perfect. So tip number one…the fastest way to gather an assortment of
interesting succulents is to order online, and you have to order it like an
assorted cuttings, and there is a really good upside to it, which is the fact that
cuttings are definitely sold at an affordable price. So you get an
assortment and a huge array of different succulents at a cheaper price.
Tip number two…I also suggest buying them from reliable sources who are
proven to send healthy cuttings to start with. Tip number three…when you do get
cuttings do not water them for two weeks, especially if you are using the
commercial cactus soil when potting because the cactus soil actually are
slightly damp in the bag already to start with, so after potting…after you if
you’re using the cactus soil mix, you have to make sure that you don’t water
for two weeks. I will also be creating a separate video about the best way to
water these succulents, too. So tip number four…make sure that the cuttings have
callused over before planting them in cactus soil. If you are ordering online,
they may have likely callous over in the mail. You can immediately pot them, but again, no watering for about two weeks. Tip number five…when you first
pot them, they will show signs of drying, and a leaf or two will dry up.
Don’t panic. Please fight the urge to water them when
you see a leaf or two wilting. It’s natural. That’s their way of pushing roots.
So here you go here’s my finished project. You will also hear more tips
about caring for succulents in my next videos. I will also keep sharing
motivational reminders, which I hope will inspire you, and if you have questions or
suggestions, feel free to comment down below, as well. Even if you have questions
about how I create these videos…had a huge success with growing roots… Hi this is Sheila, with Succulents Fame,
let me just share with you how…I was able to gather these lovely specimens…Hi
this is Sheila, with Succulents Fame let me just share… I totally had fun doing this video and I
hope you had fun watching it too, and today, as always, before I go I just want
to share with you that in all human affairs, it’s all about efforts and results,
and the strength of effort is the measure of the result, and this is coming from
James Allen, who is my favorite author, and he’s the man behind “As a Man
Thinketh”, so put great efforts, and you will achieve huge results. This is Sheila
again for Succulent Fame. Thank you!