Welcome to how to cook that I’m Ann Reardon and today I’m going to show you how to make bright colors out of fondant, how to make black and how to make every color you’ll ever need from only buying 5 Gel colors, you don’t need to go out and buy all of them I have a hundred grams of fondant or three and a half ounces here so to start with we’re going to color this red and we’re going to add just one drop of red and then a bit more and then a bit more so that you can see how much Coloring you need to get bright colors. Now, this fondant is really hard because it’s cold here at the moment So to make it softer and easier to mix I’m gonna put it in the microwave for just five Seconds only. No more for this small amount or you’ll end up with it completely liquid the first thing I do when I’m going to color fondant is wash my hands really well and Dry them and then spray on some spray cooking oil This is just canola oil and rubbing it on your hands means the fondant won’t stick to your skin It also means if you do get any food color on you, it comes off a lot easier Now firstly I’ll show you what one drop of red – 100 grams or three and a half ounces of fondant Turns out like. Add the color to the very center and then fold it over and seal it all the way around the edges Fold it over again and keep folding it until you can just see the color is about to break through there Now if it does break through it’s going to go on your fingers. It’s going to go on the counter so at this stage I like to get a plastic food bag and put it inside And then massage it really well, this helps to not get too much color on your hands, which is important Especially if you’re about to film a video So that’s why I like to put it in the bags like this and keep mixing until you can’t see any more colour Sticking to the bag once it’s all on the fondant and there’s no liquid on the bag Then it’s okay to take it out and massage it through the fondant just using the palms of your hands to get that color really Evenly mixed through and as you can see mixing takes a while So knowing how much color to add in the first place will help you not waste your time Mixing and then adding a little bit more and mixing again adding a bit more and mixing again Now you can see here adding one drop is not going to make your fondant red. It’s a pale pinky color Now to our next load of fondant, I’m going to add half a ml of color Now, I’m using a medicine measuring here to get this accurate and you’re gonna add it to the center of the fondant Just like we did before and again I’m using a hundred grams or three and a half ounces So you can scale up these amounts of coloring according to how much fondant you need When I’m adding more color like this instead of just folding it over I like to mix it in with a fork first and that just seems to make it mix in faster It kind of makes a paste of the fondant color rather than it just being the gel which just bursts out everywhere and it’s just harder to mix it in fold it over get everything off your fork and then you Definitely just need to put this in a bag straight away unless you want your hands to be colored a different color and then keep mixing it and squeezing it and mixing it until no color is sticking on to the inside of the bag and then you can take it out and Massage it between your hands Now you can see that it’s given us a deeper color If you add a few more drops at this stage It will make no difference if you want to have an impact on the color You’re going to have to double the amount of color. That’s right. Not just a few more drops So this time I’m going to add one ml To a hundred grams or three and a half ounces of fondant so you can see what that looks like So one mil double of what we did before mix it around with your fork Fold it over put it in the bag massage it it’s so much easier in fast-forward You keep your hands and your counter clean, and then finally give it a good massage And now you can see we have red fondant So we started with a hundred grams or three and a half ounces of fondant each time Plus gel food coloring and we’re comparing one drop versus half a ml versus one ml So there is your comparison one drop gives you a pale pinky color Half a mil you’re getting a reddish color But it’s still a little bit pale 1 ml per a hundred grams is going to give you that bright deep color So that’s about a quarter of a teaspoon for those of you who are not familiar with mls a quarter of a teaspoon is 1.25 mls so that will give you about this color Half of that will give you this color and one drop will give you the pale one The next thing to consider is what brand of colorings should you buy there are so many today I’m going to compare four of them. There’s Wilton that one’s really well-known This is Progel, Chefmaster and then Artisan now for each of these pink gel food colors You take a hundred grams of fondant and add one mil of food coloring and mix them in and the results you get are Remarkably different one to the other So you can see there if you’re after a really bright pink you’re going to need to go for the Progel or the Wilton. The Chefmaster and the Artisan are Completely different shade no matter how much you add you’re not going to get that bright pink color The other weird thing I’ve noticed with pink coloring is that it tends to fade in the light. So to test these brands I’m wrapping one end in foil to protect it from the light and then we’ll leave that for a couple of hours to see if They fade or not You don’t want to spend hours decorating a cake and covering it and then you end up at the end of the day with it being a different color to what it was when you mixed the fondant Two hours later if we unwrap them the artisan one You can see there is quite a difference between this tone and that one so it’s definitely faded Just over two hours and that’s quite a big difference in two hours. If we look at the Chefmaster one, that is also faded Progel that color is actually pretty steady It’s slightly less but not really noticeable. And then finally the Wilton one There’s a very slight difference but it’s not really noticeable I have had Wilton pink that came in their color-right set fade Really badly before but the colors that are in the pots seem to be more stable I haven’t noticed this problem with any other colors so far just with pink Let me know if you’ve had any colors fade on you. Now before we move on from pink Lots of people have asked me can I use liquid food coloring instead of gel food coloring? So for this I’ve added one ml of the Queen rose pink liquid coloring to a hundred grams of fondant. And yes It works fine to color it pink but you can see it’s not as intense as the gel coloring was Also, it can make the fondant a bit sticky So with this one, I added a teaspoon of extra icing sugar to stop it sticking everywhere So, yes, you can use the liquid color You’ll just need to use more of it to get a brighter color and too much liquid will make your fondant sticky but to fix That you just need to add more icing sugar to your fondant Now to make black fondant lots of people struggle with this one again It’s the amount that you need to add you just need to add one ml of black gel food coloring per 100 grams or three and a half ounces of fondant and Mix it in how I showed you if you don’t add enough you’ll end up with grey and not black so most people just start adding a little bit and they add more and more and more and more and you’re mixing and mixing and Mixing and if you just add the right amount at the beginning, it’ll be a lot less frustrating Now for all your other colors, you only need five colors of gel coloring to get everything So you’ll need black and for that I used artisan midnight black magenta or a deep pink and I used the pro gel pink for that a Bright yellow, I made that using artisan sunshine yellow again it’s 1 ml per 100 grams or 3 and a half ounces for all of these and Cyan which I made using artisan Azure blue Now we can mix those together to make every other color except for red. So you’ll need to buy red as well Let’s mix some colors. Now. If you have two parts of yellow and you add one part of cyan you get this nice bright green color It’s really nice and fresh there if you want more of a yellowy green Then just add two parts yellow to a quarter part of cyan and mix mix mix You know that mixing takes the longest and you have a nice Caterpillar green there If you mix two parts of pink and one of cyan together, what do you think? You’ll get I Hope you said purple because you get a really deep purple If you want a lighter purple, you can just add white to lighten that down the important thing to know here Is that mixing pink with cyan makes purple, but if you mix red with cyan, you won’t get purple I’ll leave that one there and show you what I mean. If we have one cyan with two Reds. Here we go Let’s mix them together mix mix mix. What do you think? We’re gonna get you can probably see there We are not getting purple we’re getting like a dirty grey brownie color and that’s why you need your pink or your magenta color as your base and Not red Just like in your printer you start with cyan magenta yellow and black to make all of the colors to make orange take two yellows and one pink and mix them around together mix mix mix and boom a nice clean bright orange So what if you want brown well for that you’ll need two parts yellow one pink and half a cyan and don’t worry I am going to write all of this down for you as a chart on how to cook that.net With drops and teaspoons. So if you start with white fondant How many drops of cyan how many drops of yellow will you need to add to make these colors? What do you get if you mix two say in with one yellow? quickly think of your predictions before it mixes Yes, you get a nice aqua green I hope you got that one right – and what if I wanted more of like my skin tone color? There are so many different skin tones, but I’m gonna try and make my skin tone for that We’re gonna need some pink some yellow and a teeny bit of cyan and mix those together Now it’s too dark So I’m going to add some white to make it paler and a bit more white and that gives me a pretty good base Color that looks pretty similar to my skin color if we just used some powdered food coloring to add some shading That would be pretty spot-on So with just the five gel colors cyan pink black yellow and red You can make every color that you need. You don’t need to buy lots of other colors All of these ones are just made mixing those gel colors together. There’s no other food coloring here So I’ll put a chart on the howtocookthat.net website for you that tells you exactly how many drops or teaspoons of each color you need to add to make each of these colors and Remember if you don’t like the taste of fondant You can also add clear essences to flavor it so peppermint essence and lemon essence Work really Well fondant just tastes really sweet if you imagine eating any of your lollies your M&Ms any of that candy without Flavoring it would just taste really sweet and you wouldn’t like it And if you add a flavoring to it, it will be good but they don’t add flavoring to it before you buy it because it might not go with your cake flavor so you can Depending what flavor cake you do flavor your fondant to go with it I hope that helps you in your cake decorating endeavors Click here to go to my channel here for 70 Russian piping tips here for crazy chocolate balloon bowls and here for my Winnie the pooh cake Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday *upbeat music*